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Pregnancy Bed Rest Care Package Ideas

Pregnancy bed rest can be hard for an expecting mom. Here are 14 amazing care package gift ideas that will help her tough it out!

Published June 26, 2020

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Finding out you need to go on bed rest while you’re pregnant can feel really daunting. When all you want to do is work on the nursery, or if you have other kids to care for, you may instead be confined to your bed at home, or at the hospital, for a myriad of reasons and conditions.

Even though this can be hard to get through, it is absolutely possible with a little help and support along the way. While physically being there to help a pregnant friend or family member on bed rest may be the best gift, another great way to show you’re thinking about them is to create a pregnancy bed rest care package.

So what do you put in a bed rest care package? There are tons of things that can be helpful. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 14 most useful items to add to a pregnancy bed rest care package.

Best Gifts for a Pregnancy Bed Rest Care Package

Body Pillow

If they don’t have a pregnancy body pillow yet, now is definitely the time to get them one. Pregnancy pillows make lying down a million times more comfortable, something necessary when you’re on bed rest for weeks, or even months.

woman lying down with a pregnancy pillow
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Self Care Kit

Make them feel a little brighter with a little freshen up kit full of self-care products. Grab a bottle of their favorite lotion, lip balm, baby wipes (get her collection started!) a brush, and most importantly, some dry shampoo!


This may be a little old school for some, but there’s something really satisfying about picking up a physical magazine and reading through it, cover to cover. Grab the latest issue of her favorite magazine and add it to the care package, or gift them a subscription.

Audible Subscription

Audible has a massive selection of audiobooks, which are perfect for women who want to multitask while on bedrest. And believe it or not, it can also be hard to hold books or kindles while you’re lying down since the blood can rush from your hands quickly. Grab them an audible subscription or gift card, so they can let their favorite books play in the background. Or, add a pair of headphones to the care package so they can listen solo!

Audible and headphones

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A Pregnancy Journal and Baby Book

For moms stuck on bed rest, this can be the perfect time to work on a small project. Grab them a baby book to start documenting their pregnancy and baby’s first year.

Promptly Journals
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Insulated Mug or Water Bottle

When you can’t get up every hour to add more ice to your water or throw your decaf coffee in the microwave again, having an insulated mug or water bottle, can keep your drinks cold or hot for hours on end, and be a huge help.

Yeti insulated mug and water bottle

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Blanket with Pockets

Another fun, useful item to help her through pregnancy bedrest? A wearable blanket with pockets! This might be something every mom should have, because what mom doesn’t want to curl up in a blanket on the couch and not have to get up to grab anything? Add lotion and chapstick to the pockets for an extra touch, especially if she will be in the hospital for bed rest, where the air can cause a lot of skin dryness.

Woman sitting on a couch reading a book while wearing a wearable blanket with sleeves.
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A Dinner Tray/Lap Desk

A lap desk can be used as both an eating tray and a desk for an item like a laptop. These are great for making mealtime and working easier and more convenient. Be on the lookout for a desk that also has a place to hold a cellphone upright, as an extra measure of convenience.

Lap desk
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Manicure Kit

Let her glam herself up a bit with an at-home manicure kit. You can check your local nail salons to see if they sell mani/pedi kits, or build her one yourself with just a nail file, nail polish, an exfoliator, and lotion! If you know mom is feeling sensitive to stronger smells — like that of nail polish — grab a nail art kit or nail stickers. Etsy has a ton of cute options to choose from that are easy to apply.

Manicure kit
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Knitting Kit

Knitting is an easy activity to do from bed, and a great way to pass time. Grab her a knitting kit with instructions or a pattern for a baby blanket so she doesn’t just knit a hundred socks or scarves.

Knitting kit
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Adult Coloring Books

Let her act like a kid again with an adult coloring book. These are a great way to reduce stress and simply take your mind off of things.

Pregnancy coloring book
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Puzzles never go out of style and are an easy way to pass the time. For a little something extra, grab her a 3D puzzle!

Peacock jigsaw puzzle
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Entertainment Subscription

If she is missing out on a streaming subscription, grab her a month’s subscription to a service like Netflix or HBO to make sure she’s able to catch up on all the must-watch shows and movies.

Robotic Vacuum

Lastly, if you are going for the ultimate care package and have no price limit, though pricey, a robotic vacuum could be a massive help for a mom on pregnancy bed rest.

robot vacuum
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Being on bedrest can really suck. But receiving one of these gifts from you lets her know that you are thinking of her and that you want her to be as comfortable as possible. She will be so grateful.

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