15 Things to Do while Waiting for Labor to Start

15 Things to Do while Waiting for Labor to Start | Baby Chick

15 Things to Do while Waiting for Labor to Start

You are, let’s say, 37-ish weeks pregnant, and at that point of pregnancy where every moment feels like a lifetime. Every ounce of you is uncomfortable, and not much is fitting anymore. You need assistance just to put your shoes on. Your car seat has to be pushed back to drive, which then makes the peddles too far away from your feet. You can’t help but wishing for your labor to start. I cried roughly every day in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Don’t lose hope! Here are some things that you can do that will help keep you busy while you wait for labor to start.

15 Ways to Keep Busy while You Wait for Labor to Start

1. Meal Prep

Put some food away for after baby arrives. If your swollen little footsies can handle it take a day and put some freezer meals together and put them away for the perfect evening meal when cooking just cannot happen.

2. Sexy Time

It may or may not be an old wives tale that says having sex induces labor, but I do know it has been said having an orgasm helps soften the cervix. Don’t think too much about this though, it all sort of resembles national geographic at this point.

3. Get a Massage

Sweet lord, I could have laid on that table all day. Enjoy an hour of someone rubbing your back and just take time to do literally nothing.

4. Mani/Pedi

There is something about having my hands and feet pretty that make me feel like a new woman, especially when the ol’ feet are hard to get to nowadays. Having fresh nails is one less thing to worry about when people will soon be all up in your lady bits.

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5. Travel

Go on a trip, alone, with your spouse, with a friend. Whatever. Enjoy a last adult trip before your newest traveling companion joins you!

6. Nest

Clean, Clean, Clean. Bathrooms, random closets, places people will probably not see. These spots will be neglected for awhile most likely so go crazy nesting. Scrubbing on your hands and knees would be great for getting the little babe into the best position.

7. Organize

Do a final sweep of baby’s room and make sure everything is where you want it, and easily accessible for any help you will be having come. Making sure diapers and wipes are in a convenient location and the swing, bouncy seat, and boppy pillow are within eye shot and assembled.

8. Sleep

Sleep, and then take a nap. Take all the time you can sleeping and relaxing. Take the other kids to the sitter and don’t feel guilty for taking some time to just relax while waiting for labor to start.

9. Prepare for Breastfeeding

Research and attend a breastfeeding support group. The world of breastfeeding can be super overwhelming and finding a local support group for you will be helpful when the need arises!

10. Memorialize your Pregnancy

Take maternity photos! Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing even if you aren’t feeling that way at the time, you will want to remember these moments before the baby comes.

11. Start your Baby Book

Crack open that baby book and fill out the first few pages. Enjoy reminiscing on the cravings, the sleepless nights, the day you found out you were pregnant and put those memories onto the pages before you forget in the commotion of diapers and feedings and sleep deprivation.

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12. Prep your Postpartum Wardrobe

Check your wardrobe out. After delivery you might not be in your pre-pregnancy clothes just yet, but you might be too small for the maternity clothes you were wearing at the end. I liked to buy “normal” clothes just a size bigger so that I had some options while my body was trying to figure out what it was doing. Also-leggings and yoga pants, my bestest best friends ever.

13. Buy a belly band!

Seriously, stop what you are doing and go buy one right now! I had two c-sections and I only had the band after my second one. I could totally tell a difference in how my stomach went back down and the support I felt I had during recovery. It was amazing.

14. Read

Read a book, magazine, whatever while waiting for labor to start.

15. Enjoy your Alone Time

Sit in the baby’s room. Look around, take it all in. Shortly there will be a little bundle in the bassinet and life will be so different. So beautifully different. But for now, take a moment and breathe in where you are right now.

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