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25 Reasons to Love Your Pregnancy

If you're currently expecting, here are 25 serious (and not-so-serious) reasons to remember why you should love your pregnancy.

Published July 14, 2016

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a person’s life, but pregnancy can also be difficult (for some more than others). Morning sickness, round ligament pains, sciatica, insomnia, heartburn, and more! I hear all these things and then some quite often from some of my clients. They are sooo ready to meet their baby. And I get it; pregnancy can be long and tough. If you’re expecting and having a tough day, here are 25 serious (and not-so-serious) reasons to remember why you should love your pregnancy.

1. Surprising Your Friends and Family

Some of the thrills are planning how to tell your partner you’re pregnant and announcing your pregnancy to family and friends. Surprising them with this exciting news is the best! It’s also fun to surprise them again if you decide to find out the gender. Even if you choose to wait and not find out the gender, surprising them after your little one is born is quite a treat. Remember these days when days get tough.

2. Hearing That Heartbeat

There is nothing like hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time and realizing that you are growing life inside of you. Every time you hear that heartbeat, your heart might flutter or skip a beat because your love is deepening, and you are falling increasingly in love with your child.

3. Feeling Baby Move For The First Time

Feeling your baby move for the first time, baby kicking at night, and their sweet little movements and flutters will soon be memories you will cherish forever. I’ve heard many women say they miss the feeling of their baby moving inside them during pregnancy. There is nothing closer than that bond between you and your child.

4. Your Hair

Those changing hormones of yours are causing your hair to become thicker, longer, and stronger. Pregnancy is the perfect time to experiment with your hair. Grow it out, try a new hair color or a new style. Pamper yourself! Your hair is gorgeous when you’re pregnant!

5. Your Boobs

Your boobs become fuller and (in my opinion) look amazing! Of course, I understand this is a curse for some and a blessing for others, but seriously, your rack will never look better. Especially once breastfeeding. Ha!

6. Getting Pampered

Never again will there be a time when so many people around you want to help. You can cut lines, doors will be opened, people will want to bring you pregnancy gifts and food, things for the baby, and more! Take advantage of it all and accept all of the help and pampering. Say yes to all the kind offers people make, and don’t feel guilty for accepting the help. Remember, this will not last.

7. You Don’t Have To Suck In

Most of us have to think about sucking in while a picture is taken or angling ourselves in a more flattering pose. But when you’re pregnant, you no longer have to worry. You get to rock that bump! Once you start showing in pregnancy, all you need to do is put your hands under or around your growing baby belly, and viola! All of a sudden, that little bump is now considered adorable. Everyone else is hiding their food baby. 😉

8. Your Relationship Grows

This is a significant time in your life when you and your partner can grow in your relationship. You both have created something together that you are now growing inside of you. This little baby is half of you and half of your partner, and this baby will forever be a part of your lives! It truly is a miracle. Soak in the love and the excitement. Talk about what you look forward to as parents and share your feelings about the process. This is when your relationship can reach new heights!

9. Good Parking Spots

Expecting mothers only parking

Not all shopping centers and grocery stores offer these amazing “expecting” parking spots. But when I see them as I drive by, it makes me smile. I know those parking spots are making a mama’s day, saving them a few extra steps on their poor, swollen pregnancy feet. Enjoy these simple luxuries in life while they last.

10. Eating for “Two”

When you’re pregnant, you get the excuse to order a second or an extra scoop. No one will judge you for it. It’s for you and baby. You don’t have to obsess about every pound that you gain. I will say, though, don’t go too crazy with the sweets, but do enjoy your increased appetite and not have to feel guilty for it.

11. Blame Things on Pregnancy Brain & Your Hormones

When will there be another time when you can blame things you’re frustrated with, feel extra emotional, or forget something on your pregnancy hormones or pregnancy brain? Probably not until you’re pregnant again, if you decide to get pregnant again…but let’s not go there. Lanie said that it was nice to be able to “blame my crazy rage moments/uncontrollable tears during otherwise lame commercials on hormones.” That comes with the territory of being pregnant. And when you still forget things after baby is born, you can blame it on mommy brain. 🙂

12. Heightened Senses

Your senses become much more sensitive and heightened when you’re pregnant. Colors seem brighter, smells are stronger (hopefully, you are smelling more good things than bad), flavors are richer, and touch is more sensitive. Appreciate and enjoy your new sense of awareness.

13. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Some women feel super turned on and sexy when pregnant, while others feel the opposite. Both are normal to feel, and both are okay. Whenever you get in the mood, though, I will say sex can be hot during pregnancy! (Literally and figuratively. ha!) Since conventional sex may be uncomfortable with your growing bump, now is the time to spice things up! Get crazy and experiment with different positions and foreplay. You may discover new things that you and your partner can continue to enjoy even after the baby is born.

14. Shopping for Two

Shopping For Two tee

Pregnancy gives you an extra reason to head to the stores if you love shopping! (Or at least online. 😉 ) You are now shopping for two! You have to register for your baby registry, choose a nursery theme, shop for the items that friends and family won’t give you, and some of the cute things you just can’t pass up. Many moms say they have more fun shopping for their kiddos than shopping for themselves, so that’s something else to look forward to!

15. Making New Friends

This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends! Go to a prenatal yoga class, a childbirth class, support groups, etc. Making new friends who have a little one due around the same time as you makes things more fun!

16. Feeling “Clean”

When I asked one mom what she loved about being pregnant, she said, “I loved feeling ‘clean’ because I wasn’t adulterating my body with booze or other bad stuff.” This made me laugh out loud and made my day. So enjoy feeling so fresh and so clean!

17. Get Out of a Ticket

Just think, if you ever get pulled over for a ticket while pregnant, you have an easy way to get out of it. Fake that you’re in labor! Obviously, be far enough in your pregnancy to make it believable. And I’m totally kidding. Or am I? 😉

18. Guilt-Free Naps

It’s hard work growing a baby. It really is! Pregnancy takes a toll on your body, and it can be exhausting. Wanting to take a nap or two (or four) throughout the day is normal. Be sure to tell your hubby that! So enjoy these guilt-free naps! They will be harder to come by when your little one arrives.

19. All the Attention

You will have so many people look at you, want to touch your belly, ask you what you’re having and when your baby’s due date is, etc. Some women love the attention you get when you’re pregnant, and others aren’t as crazy about it (especially belly touching). It’s good to remind yourself that these people are just trying to share their excitement for you and be a part of it in a small way. So get excited with them! And soon enough, all the attention will be shifted to your baby, so soak in the glory while it lasts.

20. New Mini-Wardrobe For You

I did mention before that you are shopping for two now. That includes you! It’s fun to shop for some new things for your closet without feeling guilty. Find some cute maternity pieces that will make you feel beautiful. And there are ways to find some affordable maternity clothes that won’t break the bank. So shop on, mama!

21. Be Connected

Being pregnant is an incredible feeling. One mom said that she loved how she felt “extremely connected. Connected and was at peace with my body, connected with the new life that was developing, and a new level of connection and deepened love for my husband. Pregnancy just intensifies all of those feelings.” I couldn’t agree more!

22. Naming Your Baby

Naming your little boy or girl is a fun part of pregnancy. You have the honor of choosing a name for this little person. This name will forever be a part of their identity, so look forward to that fun process. If you’ve already gone through the naming process, keep reciting your baby’s name, feel your bump, and connect with your child. Recognizing that you are naming a mini-you, someone who will be a part of your family tree forever, is a humbling thought. You are making history and helping shape the future.

23. It’s Not Easy For Everyone To Get Pregnant

I know that many people say this, but it is true. I have worked with many couples who have been trying to get pregnant for years. Some are successful, and others aren’t. When they do become pregnant, they celebrate every day, every ache, every step of the process . . . and that is ultimately how we all should feel at the end of the day. Certain days might not be easy, but pregnancy is still a gift. Another mom said, “I loved knowing that as a woman, I could carry and grow life; it was empowering.” I agree. I am woman. Hear me roar!

24. This Isn’t Forever

This might sound obvious, but I know there are some days when it feels like pregnancy will never end. I promise you, though, you won’t be pregnant forever. It may feel like it, but this too shall end, and you will soon have your baby girl or boy in your arms. 🙂

25. Pass On the Love

This reason to love your pregnancy isn’t necessarily a reason but a reminder to share the joy you feel. Pass on your excitement and love for your growing child to others, and ask other women what they love about pregnancy. Hopefully, this will continue to be passed along, and more women will rejoice in their pregnancy and remember to love the journey.

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