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10 Reasons to Take a Babymoon

Are babymoons worth all of the buzz, money spent, and time off work? We think yes, and are sharing our reasons to take a babymoon.

Updated April 25, 2024 Opinion

A new fad of taking a “babymoon” has hit the Western culture hard, and we’re all about it! If you don’t know what a babymoon is, it’s a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born. Deciding to buy into the fad and go is step one. And then figuring out where and what to do and then for how long . . . That’s the fun part.

There is so much buzz around this new “moon” we get to take, but where and when did this start? I don’t hear our parents or grandparents talking about their babymoons, so what’s the deal?

The term babymoon appears to have been coined by the British author and childbirth educator Sheila Kitzinger in her 1996 book The Year after Childbirth. But how she originally conceived of a babymoon wasn’t as an extravagant vacation planned before the baby arrived, but for after delivery. Babymoon: A time spent at home with just mom, dad, and baby to bond and get used to each other, arguably not very romantic, but important nonetheless.

Why You Should Take a Babymoon

Are babymoons worth all the buzz, money, and time off work? I think so! Here is why.

1. You Won’t Get This Time Back

This is a time you will never get again. You are now going to have children for the rest of your life. While I firmly believe in continuing to take vacations alone with your partner after children, the hassle of child care on top of pet care and time off work is just an added stress that makes vacations a lot trickier and a lot less carefree.

2. An Opportunity to Rest

Taking time out of the daily grind to be with your partner and get away somewhere to relax and recharge is good for the soul. Read some pregnancy and birth books, or maybe even some books that don’t have to do with delivery or baby routines. Enjoy sleeping when you can, wherever and however you can.

3. Invest in Your Relationship

If you are taking a babymoon with your partner, be engaged while you have this time together. Even infants who don’t do a whole lot other than sleep and eat still drastically change the dynamic of the relationship, and putting in some good quality time before having a baby really brings the romance back at a time when the world as you know it will be turned upside down for a while. You will have to find a new normal.

4. Try New Things

New food, culture, town, maybe just a new outfit! Whatever it is, do it because you can. It’s fun to try new things, perhaps something you’ve always wanted to do and never found the time, and now time seems a little more precious, so you do it now. Get out of your comfort zone and make new memories.

5. Take Time to Plan for Baby and Postpartum Life

With uninterrupted quality time, this would be an excellent opportunity to nail down a name, who will be in the delivery room, what to do in case of an emergency or even small things like who takes what nighttime feed or what kind of paternity leave you have planned. Getting the details nailed down while you’re not distracted will make coming home feel refreshing.

6. Use the Time Away to Communicate Honestly

Share intimate things that have gotten pushed aside with the excitement around the pregnancy. If there have been hurt feelings, make it right. If there are some fears one or both of you have, share them. Nothing can be fixed if they aren’t communicated. Bringing a baby home can cause unaddressed problems to the surface, ones that you might not even know you have. So, if anything is under the surface that you DO know about, work through them now so they don’t become a stumbling block later.

7. A Chance to Take Maternity Photos

Get beautiful maternity photos done! I can’t think of a better way to remember your babymoon than with professional photos you can cherish forever.

8. Treat It as One Final Splurge

This is one last fun adventure you two can splurge on before diapers, wipes, and doctor bills take all your money!

9. Because People Love Them

No one is ever sad they went; it’s an excellent opportunity, even if it’s a very simple and low-key getaway.

10. Because You Can!

Whether this is baby number one or baby number 10, taking time away with your partner is important before adding another human to the family dynamic. Refocusing attention on each other and not on the busyness of life will keep romance and communication alive. Putting in the work of going and connecting will always pay off.

The time before having a baby is so exciting. Everything feels like a “last time,” and in a way it is. This won’t be the LAST vacation you take (hopefully), but it will be the last one before this baby comes, making it all the more special.

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