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Why You Should Take a Babymoon Before Every Baby

pregnancyPublished August 28, 2020

by Rachel MacPherson

Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Nutrition Coach


Even going down the block to a playgroup with a baby in tow can take Marie Kondo levels of organization for planning and packing. Before you have to deal with diaper bags and baby gear, take the opportunity to get away and relax with your significant other. Babymoons are cocktail-free vacations. But they are still a fun and relaxing way to get away and unwind before the arrival of your new edition. Here is why you should take a babymoon before each baby.

A Babymoon Will Help You Reconnect with Your Partner

Many couples experience stress and difficulties following the birth of their first child. This is especially true for couples whose first child is born within the initial five years of marriage. Your baby’s early development is affected by the quality of parent relationships. So it’s smart to boost your chances of maintaining a healthy loving bond. Research into the benefits of travel reveals that couples can improve communication, reduce the possibility of getting a divorce, and strengthen bonds by taking time off to be together. Traveling together can also increase your sense of well-being in the relationship.

Unfortunately, the U.S. has one of the lowest average vacation days per year for workers coming in at 14. Only Japan and South Korea have fewer. Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, and Denmark have 30 paid vacation days on average. Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, India, Norway, and Sweden get 25. Sadly, many Americans don’t even take their full vacation days due to concerns about the economy and their job security. Many studies show work dissatisfaction due to long hours and few breaks with increases in stress at home while trying to balance family, pleasure, and quality time.

Leisure time can increase contentment and reduce stress while also increasing relationship satisfaction. Hectic family routines can cause high levels of stress and dissatisfaction. Traveling and spending time together away from these hectic routines enhances feelings of togetherness. Researchers have shown that couples who vacation together have closer, more intimate bonds and are happier. Divorce rates are even lower among those that take trips and time away together.

You’ll Have More Opportunity to Get Outdoors and Be Active

Getting outdoors, going for walks, and exploring a new place is a fantastic reason on its own to go on a babymoon. Walking is the ideal form of exercise during pregnancy. Yet most women don’t get enough of it. Research shows that the reason for this is usually a lack of time. Getting away somewhere without a busy schedule can provide ample time for activity, especially outdoors. Walking can help prevent and alleviate fatigue, back pain, and nausea, as well as reduce stress.

Although exercise is recommended during pregnancy, it is essential to be careful about overheating if you are traveling somewhere with a toasty climate. It might be best to choose a destination that is relatively mild to avoid any risks of overheating while still enjoying the ability to go for walks and explore the outdoors.

Melt Away Stress with Maternity Spa Treatments

It’s a good idea to check your destination for nearby pregnancy-friendly activities such as prenatal massage. Some resorts even have onsite maternity spa service, midnight snacks, daily breakfast for two, and other perks as part of their babymoon package. Massage therapy can improve circulation and quality of sleep, improving energy, and vitality. Even chronic back pain and anxiety can be beat with therapeutic prenatal massage.

As if being away with your loved one on vacation wasn’t enough to put you on cloud nine, massage can actually alter your state of mind. Hormones associated with relaxation and stress change for the better during and after a massage. Enjoy those hormones working for you instead of against you for once! Be sure to look for a certified massage therapist who has training in working with pregnant women. A prenatal massage therapist should have a table with a hole in it so you can safely lie on your stomach or the proper pillows for comfortable side-lying.

Other safe spa treatments for pregnant women include skin treatments such as facials, body scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. Just make sure that if you are getting a polish, the place is well-ventilated, so you’re not breathing in fumes. Some spas will have non-toxic polish choices. Toxins in polishes that you should be careful of include dibutyl phthalate, toluene, and formaldehyde. If this concerns you, you can bring your own toxin-free nail polish.

While spa treatments are mostly safe while pregnant, stay away from saunas and hot tubs. Also, avoid any facial treatments that include toxins, such as chemical peels that contain beta hydroxy acid.

Tips for a Healthy and Safe Babymoon

Whether you choose a prepackaged babymoon holiday or you design your own, there are a few things you should know before planning your trip. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say that if your pregnancy is healthy and you don’t have any complications, occasional air travel is safe. As long as you observe the same precautions for air travel as the general population, flying while pregnant is considered safe up to 36 weeks gestation.

Medical concerns like edema or venous thrombotic events are extremely rare, even in pregnant women. But if you’re concerned, pack support stockings and get up to move around every once in a while. Avoid wearing tight or restrictive clothing, and be sure to drink lots of water. Be aware that although most commercial airlines allow pregnant women to fly up to 36 weeks of gestation, some restrict pregnant women from flying internationally and even earlier stages of pregnancy. Some airlines require proper documentation of gestational age for proof. Check with the airline that you choose to be sure not to encounter any rude surprises.

Now you have the info you need for why it’s a good idea to take a babymoon before every baby! All that’s left is to start planning your getaway. Happy travels, mamas!

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