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Best Gifts for 5-Year-Olds

gift guidesUpdated June 30, 2022

by Catherine Lessman

Early Child Development Specialist


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When purchasing a toy for our children, we always ask ourselves the question, “Are they going to play with this?” By the time our children reach the age of 5, they have found many subjects that interest them. Maybe they are in love with dinosaurs or Frozen-themed toys have taken up your entire house. We may find ourselves as parents trying to weed out the toys that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the toy box or caving in and buying just more of the same.

When buying toys or play items for children, sometimes going back to the basics is what they all need. Developmentally, by the age of five, your child should be able to speak in simple sentences, count beyond 10, and recognize most shapes, letters, and numbers. Their gross and fine motor skills have grown to a point where they need some more challenge. Imagination skills are thriving at this age, and self-care and independence are important to them. Purchasing toys that help our 5-year-olds feel like they are big kids and model behavior we are always trying to teach is helpful as well.

I have rounded up some of my top picks of the best toys to purchase for your 5-year-old to help foster all of these exciting developmental milestones!

Best Toys For 5-Year-Olds


Outdoor Play

Walkie Talkies

Archery Set

Tree Swing

Bounce House


Walkie Talkies: This simple toy will give endless hours of fun. If you have a house of multiples, this toy is great for most ages. Allowing siblings to play together and maybe even do it peacefully!

Archery Set: Expand their outdoor play with this archery set that will surely help them make the mark.

Tree Swing: This new way of swinging from a backyard tree is fun and fits more than one child!

Outdoor Inflatable Bounce House: There is no need to rent one when you can bring your own bounce house to your backyard.


Quiet Time Toys

Sensory Bin

Mindfulness Cards

Hey Clay


Tabletop Sensory Bin: Creating a sensory bin is a great way for your child to calm down and have some quiet time.

Mindfulness Cards:  These simple cards will allow your child to recenter and relax during quiet time independently.

Hey Clay: Take modeling dough to a whole new level and different themes with these kits.


Puzzles & Games

Connect Four

Wooden Brain Teaser

Tumbling Tower Game

Busy Idea Cards

Outfoxed Game


Connect Four: This old school game, which we used to play as children, teaches about strategizing and predicting, taking turns, and working with others, to name a few.

Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser: This puzzle will help your child learn patience, all while expanding their mind.

Tumbling Tower Game: This colorful take on Jenga will be a hit!

Busy Idea Cards: These interactive cards with various games will keep your child guessing for the next activity.

Outfoxed Game: This game works on being cooperative, a skill most 5-year-olds are building on.


Arts & Crafts

Tabletop Easel

Wiki Sticks

Gem Keychain Kit

Easy Bake Oven

Arts & Crafts Library


Tabletop Easel: This tabletop easel is perfect for on-the-go crafting and more.

Wiki Sticks Starter Kit: Let their imagination soar and with no mess!

Gem Key Chain Making Kit: This kit will be so fun to use to decorate their school bag and more!

Easy Bake Oven: This more modern design will be fun to reminisce with your child.

Jumbo Arts and Crafts Library: This kit includes any material you need to create a masterpiece, allowing their creative juices to flow!



How Things Work

Awesome Jokes Every 5 Year Old Should Know

Be Kind

I Spy Everything

The Kissing Hand


How Things Work: This book will help answer all their questions when exploring and more.

Awesome Jokes Every 5 Year Old Should Know: They will be hit at the lunch table with this book.

Be Kind: The perfect book to help promote social-emotional awareness.

I Spy Everything: This book is excellent for on the go or makes reading time more of a game.

The Kissing Hand: The perfect book to help with separation anxiety and growing up for child and parent.



Plus Plus Building Set

LEGO Chain Reactions


Talking Microscope


Plus Plus Building Set: Move over legos, there is a new friend in town! If you haven’t already discovered this STEM-friendly toy, you are missing out.

LEGO Chain Reactions: Helping learn the concept of cause and effect, they are sure to have a ball.

Arckit: This chic and modern twist on blocks will help your little architect grow.

Talking Microscope: Let their inner scientist explore all things with this microscope and tools.



Crazy Forts

Ninja Obstacle Course

Frisbee Golf

Ping Pong Table


Crazy Forts: This creative kit allows your child to create a hideaway and escape reality, all while not using your throw blanket and dining room chairs- making it a win-win for everyone.

Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Course: Create a warrior obstacle course in the backyard.

Frisbee Golf: Taking different sports and combining them to a whole new world of fun.

Ping Pong Table: This child version is perfect and even allows for solo play!


Dress Up

Princess Shoe Closet

Out of This World

Pretty and Posh Vanity




Princess Shoe Closet: This trunk full of princess shoes is a dream come true!

Out of this World Dress Up: Make them feel like they are flying to space or saving the planet with this dress-up kit!

Step2 Pretty and Posh Vanity: Dress-up is not complete without the whole look, so let this vanity help them find their entire look with hair and makeup.

Fireman Dress-Up: The ultimate community hero dress-up kit.

Doctor Kit: Fixing boo-boo’s with ease, using this portable doctor kit with all the tools you need!




Kid Camera




Toniebox: This new age boombox gives your child the independence to choose what they wish to listen to, all while being filtered by you.

Vtech Kids Camera: Most children are used to using our smartphones to take a picture. Instead of handing over your phone to your child, this camera is perfect for them.

Osmo: Coming in all different themed kits, this new educational toy will surely be a hit!

Fitbit: This child-designed fitness tracker will encourage them to get moving with daily activities.

Vtech Kids Smartwatch: Introduce them to the world of wearable technology with this kid-centric watch.

Age-appropriate toy lists are always a go-to for parents when they are at a loss of what to get their children (or what to tell grandma to get the kids!). They are helpful when we want to steer our kids away from a theme they have become obsessed with or we want to broaden their horizons.

If you were wondering what to get a 5-year-old for their birthday or the holidays, or just want to prepare your little one for kindergarten with a few educational learning toys, hopefully, this list was helpful.  It may seem simple, but sometimes simple is so beneficial in this season of parenthood.

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