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Top Gifts for 4-Year-Olds They’ll Love

Shopping for gifts for 4-year-olds can be challenging. Here is a list of our favorite gifts your growing toddler will love!

Updated April 29, 2024

by Catherine Lessman

Early Child Development Specialist

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The holiday season is here, and if you have toddlers at home, holiday shopping may already be on your mind. But, let’s face it — shopping for a 4-year-old can be challenging. They are at the age now where they have preferences, and it can be tricky to select gifts that aren’t too young for them but are also age-appropriate. The best gift to give your 4-year-old is to help their imagination come alive. Little ones love storytelling, pretend play, and exploration at this age. Parallel play becomes a thing of the past, and they begin to interact with others and play socially. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for 4-year-olds to keep their minds and bodies moving!

Our Favorite Gifts for 4-Year-Olds


Outdoor Play

Kids Gardening Set

This image shows a child's gardening set, perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds, including green gloves, a beige hat and apron, a net, a colorful tool bag, a green spray bottle, a yellow watering can, a red hand rake, and a red and blue spade. It comes neatly packaged in a box labeled

Ride-On Car for Kids

A white, miniature off-road vehicle designed for kids with a black grille, roll bars, and large, rugged tires. Perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds, the vehicle features working headlights, a mesh windscreen, and mounted light bars on the roof.

Bounce House

An inflatable bouncy house with a yellow roof, red pillars, and blue and red walls. The entrance features a red slide. The brand

Balance Bike

A blue Strider balance bike with black handlebars, black seat, and black wheels. Labeled with the brand name

Kids Gardening Set: With independence and imaginative play being the most prevalent in 4-year-olds, this gardening set is the perfect gift for creating a little gardening spot. Equipped with all the necessary tools, this set will help them feel like they grew something independently.

Ride-On Car for Kids: They will be the coolest child on the block with one of these rides. Giving them a sense of independence with this toy will make them feel more adult in no time.

Bike: Your 4-year-old may have mastered the balance bike or tricycle. Now it is time for the big wheels! A bike to practice on is an excellent gift for this time of year, so they will be flying by spring!

Bounce House: This bounce house will be a major hit! Your 4-year-old can use this gift outdoors to get some of their energy out. It is easy to set up and clean up, too! (You may also want to buy a helmet for added safety.)

Balance Bike: If your tot is not quite ready for a regular bike, balance bikes are a fun option. This Strider balance bike comes with a safety pad, is available in various colors, and is adjustable, so it will support kids up to 5 years old!


Quiet Time Toys

Weighted Plush Pillow Toy

A plush green dinosaur toy with a round, soft body, black fabric spikes on its back, and two white fabric horns on its head. Ideal as gifts for 4-year-olds, the toy is laying on its stomach on a plain white background.

Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch

Two young children sit together on a light grey, foldable sofa against a white wall. One child wears overalls while the other is in a dress. They appear to be engaged in conversation or looking at something together, perhaps sharing ideas for gifts for 4-year-olds. A cowhide rug is partially visible on the floor.

My Quiet Book

A blue fabric book titled

Sensory Bottles

Four colorful liquid motion timers are shown, each filled with different items and colors. Perfect gifts for 4-year-olds, the timers have blue, orange, green, and purple ends, with various contents like glitter and bubbles moving through the tubes.

The Dough Project Play Dough

A set of five colorful boxes labeled

Play Tent

A children's play tent resembling a teepee with a small window and decorative elements such as star-shaped string lights, a toy campfire, and plants. Perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds, it includes a stuffed giraffe plush, toys, and a drawstring bag placed around the tent.

Weighted Plush Pillow Toy: You may have used a weighted sleep sack or blanket to help calm them as a baby. Why not also give them the tools to do so as a toddler? These adorable animal pillows will help comfort, de-escalate, and regulate your toddler when they struggle with big feelings.

Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch: If you are in the know, this is the hottest toy around these days. These specifically designed “cushions” allow your child to create and build creations all day without using your sofa as a base!

My Quiet Book: The title says it all! This book is a great resource and includes activities like counting and matching shapes/colors. Make it a special toy only used during quiet time, and your little one will look forward to everything inside.

Sensory Bottles: Children need an area to decompress and recenter. These sensory bottles are the perfect toy for your kid’s “calming corner.” It will allow your little one to relax, manage sensory overload, and reset before joining into play.

The Dough Project Play Dough: You’re never too old to play with playdough. And most 4-year-olds are still very much into play dough, so what makes a better stocking stuffer or gift than this rainbow pack? This natural play dough set comes with six boxes of vibrant colors.

Play Tent: Here’s another option that’s great for quiet play! This gift could make a great addition to a playroom or even an open space in your living room that your 4-year-old could use as their reading space.


Puzzles and Games

Disney Princess Matching Game

The image shows the box for a Disney Princess Matching Game, perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds. The box features images of various Disney princesses, including Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, and Tiana. It is labeled for preschool age, 3 and up, and is by Wonder Forge.

Spider-Man Chutes and Ladders

The image shows the box cover for the

Candy Land

A colorful Candy Land board game box features the title

Take-Apart Race Car

This image shows a racing car toy set for children, perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds. It includes two blue car models, one convertible and one with a closed roof, a toy electric drill, extra parts for the cars, and boxed packaging with a red bow. The set is labeled

Disney Princess Matching Game: Adding to their princess collection is always exciting! This matching game is a great way to introduce new critical skills while enjoying some Disney Princess fun.

Spider-Man Chutes and Ladders: Another simple game to start with your 4-year-old is Chutes and Ladders. This Marvel superhero version will be exciting to play while supporting your child’s developmental skills.

Candy Land: Introducing board games at this age is a great way to prepare them for school, teaching them about having patience, giving turns, and winning/losing. This classic, simple game is a great way to introduce this kind of play.

Take-Apart Race Car: If your 4-year-old likes to build and take things apart, this Take-Apart Racing Car Toy is a perfect gift! Included is a 30-piece construction set with 10 interchangeable modification car parts. They’ll enjoy using the drill to redesign it over and over!

Zingo: Bingo with a zing! This game involves matching and is an excellent way for your preschooler to develop critical skills. It comes with a “Zinger” that allows players to make matches and fill up their cards.


Arts and Crafts

How To Draw Everything

The image is a book cover titled

Pom Pom Pictures

A craft kit titled


A box of Spirograph Jr., featuring a red carry-along desk with built-in storage, includes various jumbo gears, washable markers, paper, and design tools. The packaging highlights it as suitable for ages 3+ and describes it as an easy way to create amazing designs, making it one of the perfect gifts for 4-year-olds.

Window Crayons

A box of Crayola Window Crayons containing five different colors: blue, green, black, red, and yellow. Perfect gifts for 4-year-olds, the packaging highlights that the crayons are suitable for all glass surfaces and showcases a sample drawing of flowers and leaves on a window.

5-in-1 Craft Kit

The image showcases the packaging of an

Doodle Board

A 10-inch LCD writing tablet by Bravokids is shown in a light blue frame. The screen displays colorful doodles, including an astronaut, an airplane, a cupcake, and a treasure chest, alongside the name

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie

A Crayola Scribble Scrubbie set featuring space-themed coloring poster, a small bathtub, animal figurines, and five colored markers—perfect gifts for 4-year-olds. A

How To Draw Everything: Learning the basics of drawing sounds like fun! “How To Draw Everything” includes steps for creating over 300 images, including how to draw various cute animals. This would make an excellent gift for a 4-year-old!

Easel: Many of our kids have been coloring on the tabletop; why not switch up your little’s artistic view with an easel? With two storage bins for art supplies, this easel will allow your little artist to create a new masterpiece daily.

Pom Pom Pictures: This new way of crafting will have your preschooler making some exciting creations! It’s no mess and helps them develop fine motor skills. All the craft materials you need come in the box, ready to go!

Spirograph: If you are a 90’s child, you know this classic. It is making a comeback and will allow your little one to create the grooviest designs.

Window Crayons: If your 4-year-old loves crayons, this gift will take things to a new and exciting level. Crayola offers a pack of five window crayons made for glass surfaces that are easy to wash off and add a new level of creativity to coloring time.

5-in-1 Craft Kit: Your little one can make over 15 crafts with this kit, including clay stickers, stamp art, and paper quilling crafts. It comes with over 100 craft supplies and easy-to-follow instructions with pictures.

Doodle Board: Unleash your child’s imagination with this LCD-display doodle board. This mess-free and durable coloring option is also a perfect activity to take on outings when you want your child to be entertained.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie: This rainbow tub gift set comes with four pets your 4-year-old can draw creative designs on! Then, they can scrub the pets to erase and add new doodles. The set also includes a reusable playmat and washable markers.



Hello World! Solar System Book

Cover of the children's book

First Little Readers Series

A box set of

Pete the Cat Books

Image of the box set

Fancy Nancy Storybook Favorites

The cover of the book

Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection

This image shows a blue book box set titled

Hello World! Solar System Book: Nowadays, the best way for children to learn is to read about it. This Hello World! Series is a great way to introduce them to new topics, especially space, which is all the rage.

First Little Readers Series: This fantastic early readers series will allow your preschooler to start reading independently with short and sweet versions of everyday classics. It will make a great gift for any 4-year-old!

Pete the Cat Books: If Pete the Cat hasn’t invaded your home library yet, it is time. This cool cat is one to keep up with. This phonics series is another perfect way to encourage reading at your preschooler’s level and pace.

Fancy Nancy Storybook Favorites: Miss Nancy is very Fancy and has loads of fun with whatever adventure she is on. This series takes most of the classic favorites and adds a Fancy Nancy twist!

Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection: This set of Dr. Seuss books comes with classics like “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Cat in the Hat.” Your 4-year-old will love Dr. Seuss’ creative rhymes and unique illustrations.

For more great books for kids, check out these articles:



Rocket Ship Magna-Tiles Set

A model of a NASA rocket featuring the USA flag, the word

Brio World Railway

A toy set with a red and white train, wooden train tracks forming a loop with a hill, two figurines, a bench, and accessories. The box shows the assembled set and is labeled

Wooden Blocks Set

A collection of wooden building blocks arranged into a complex structure is displayed in the foreground. To the right, the container for the blocks shows an image of the blocks and indicates that the set contains 100 pieces, making it one of the perfect gifts for 4-year-olds.

Lovevery Toys

The image shows a colorful building block set for children. It includes various wooden shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, and triangles, a sorting box, rods, rings, and small figures. Perfect gifts for 4-year-olds, this set also comes with a booklet titled

Eezy Peezy Fort Building Kit

A child wearing a blue mask and red cape stands on a red stool inside a colorful geometric playhouse. Made of vibrant plastic rods and connectors, with a red fabric roof and small blue flag, this delightful playhouse—with an attached whiteboard—makes one of the perfect gifts for 4-year-olds.

Flower Garden Building Toy

A child is playing with a colorful toy flower garden set—an ideal gift for 4-year-olds. The set includes various pieces to build flowers in different shapes and colors, which are arranged in front of the child. A green container with more flower pieces is in the background.

Rocket Ship Magna-Tiles Set: If you have a child who loves to create with their Magna-Tiles, this set is for them! This brand makes many expansion packs to foster your child’s imagination and allow them to create even more spectacular creations.

Brio World Railway: All aboard! This classic train set can be elevated with so many more modern accessories. Building towns, tracks, and railway scenes will instantly lead to partnership and cooperative play.

Wooden Blocks Set: Building will forever be a favorite type of play, so why not expand on that with these wooden blocks? This gift will help your 4-year-old bring their castle towers to life! We also love that the storage lid prompts kids to match each block shape to the correct hole.

Lovevery Toys: Lovevery offers wonderful Montessori-inspired toys crafted with sustainable materials. This is a great gift option if you are looking for a more educational-style toy to encourage learning.

Eezy Peezy Fort Building Kit: Ignite their imagination with this fort-building kit! It has a whopping 139 pieces, including colorful tubes, balls, panels, and a flag. The sky is the limit to what your little one can create.

Flower Garden Building Toy: This build-a-bouquet STEM kit will allow your child to build and sort gorgeous flower blocks. They can mix and match pieces to create beautiful bouquets over and over again!



Mini Golf

A colorful children's mini golf set, perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds, featuring two clubs, multiple balls, and whimsical obstacles shaped like a bee, flower, snail, frog, ladybug, turtle, and crocodile. The clubs have yellow and red handles with green ball holders included.

Frisbee Golf

An orange disc golf basket with a small triangular flag on top, displaying the words

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Rebound Games

Image of a 3-in-1 Little Tikes Easy Score Rebound Game. Perfect gifts for 4-year-olds, the game includes three activities: Rebound Arcade Game, Rebound Tennis, and Rebound Basketball. Features include an easy setup and safety-tested stamp. Includes 2 paddles, 2 balls, and 1 basketball. For ages 3-6.

Bean Bag Toss Game

A child aims bean bags at a colorful two-sided target board. The board's

Mini Golf:  Who needs to go to mini golf when you can make a course in your backyard?! This gift provides a complete set with everything your 4-year-old needs to play around your house.

Frisbee Golf: Maybe mini golf isn’t your child’s speed. How about a round of frisbee golf? This new game has hit popularity and might also spike your preschooler’s interest. Combining multiple sports and skills, frisbee golf is so much fun!

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Rebound Games: This set includes a compilation of rebound games: an arcade game, ping pong, and basketball. All the games involve a ball returning to you, which will help encourage teamwork and partner play.

Bean Bag Toss Game: This is the perfect indoor or outdoor game for kids. This fun bean bag toss will help toddlers develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, number recognition, and counting skills.


Dress Up and Pretend Play

Kids Ukulele

A small string instrument, resembling a ukulele, with a blue and green body. The instrument features white tuning pegs, four strings, and various musical note decorations on the body, making it one of the perfect gifts for 4-year-olds.

American Girl Doll

A doll with long wavy light brown hair tied with a green ribbon stands wearing a colorful dress with layers of yellow, orange, and pink tulle. She has pink polka dot rain boots with cartoon faces on them, making her one of the perfect gifts for 4-year-olds.

KIKO+ Wooden Camera

A wooden toy camera with a denim strap is depicted. It features a round lens and a small white knob on top. A white and green circular object is attached to the lens area, making it one of the perfect gifts for 4-year-olds.

Melissa & Doug Vet Kit

The image shows a toy veterinarian kit with blue and red accessories, perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds. It includes two stuffed animals, a dog and a cat, a stethoscope, a thermometer, a syringe, medicine bottles, bandages, a clipboard, and a blue carrying bag with a paw print.

Melissa & Doug Grocery Store

Two young children are playing grocery store, a perfect scene of gifts for 4-year-olds. One child, wearing an apron, is behind a toy cash register, while the other child, in a yellow dress, is pushing a small shopping cart filled with toy groceries. A play store setup with toy products is in the background.

Classic Doll House

A young girl in a yellow dress and jeans stands next to a multi-story dollhouse, one of the perfect gifts for 4-year-olds. The dollhouse is decorated with detailed, colorful rooms including a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The girl is looking at and touching the dollhouse.

Play Kitchen

A wooden toy kitchen set, perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds, features a sink with a faucet, two stove burners, and cupboard space below. It has a white and wood finish with black handles and four hooks for hanging utensils. The upper section offers additional storage with a transparent door.

Play Tea Set

A wooden toy tea set perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds, featuring a teapot, two cups, a sugar bowl, a milk jug, and a tray. The set is decorated with green, orange, and yellow accents along with heart designs. The teapot includes a wooden spoon and a tea bag accessory.

Play Stroller

A teal and pink toy stroller with a fabric canopy, featuring an umbrella-like handlebar. The stroller has a padded bed area and four white wheels with teal accents. The whimsical unicorn pattern on the canopy and bed cover makes it a perfect gift for 4-year-olds.

Ukulele: By age 4, many children are interested in music. And did you know music benefits children’s brains?1 You can help promote responsibility, performing, originality, and musicality with this personalized ukulele!

American Girl Doll: If you had one of these as a little girl or longed for one, now is your chance to get one for your child. The possibilities are endless, from their classic collection to modern-day heroes and more.

KIKO+ Wooden Camera: Say cheese! This adorable wooden camera lets your little one point, shoot, and push the cute star-shaped button to snap their pics. This gift includes a kaleidoscope lens and carrying straps for your 4-year-old.

Melissa & Doug Vet Kit: Teaching empathy and responsibility to young children is critical. This veterinarian toy kit will show them how to be responsible and care for animals in several ways.

Melissa & Doug Grocery Store: This adorable check-out station and storefront will elevate pretend play to the next level. Whether adding to your 4-year-old’s play kitchen or creating a storefront space, how great of a time does this gift look?!

Classic Doll House: This elegant dollhouse is a fun way to bring an old-school toy back to life. With this gift, your child can create their own home, family, and space, helping your 4-year-old’s imagination grow fast!

Play Kitchen: Toddlers love to imitate mom and dad, cooking imaginary food in their play kitchens. There are so many play kitchen options; no matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong! This one from Ikea is a great gift to support imaginative play for 4-year-olds and will be enjoyed for years.

Play Tea Set: Around this age, your toddler may start to be interested in setting up a picnic or tea party, making a toddler-appropriate tea set an excellent gift for a 4-year-old. You can find many options, from stainless steel to wooden tea sets like this one!

Play Stroller: Your little one will love strolling around the house with a play stroller. This fully functional stroller is perfect for pushing dolls and stuffed animals around and developing imaginative play.



Snug Play+ Kids Headphones

A pair of bright pink over-ear headphones with a padded headband and ear cushions. Perfect as gifts for 4-year-olds, the headphones are in an upright position, showing the left and right ear indicators. The headband has an adjustable mechanism for fitting.

Fisher-Price Learning Bot

A colorful toy robot with large eyes, red claw hands, wheels for mobility, and various interactive buttons and features. The robot has an alphabet and number display on its torso and a transparent section revealing colorful gears—an ideal gift for 4-year-olds.

Kids Fire HD Tablet

A tablet with a blue protective case displays an image from the movie

Bumper Cars

A blue electric bumper car with the numbers

Story Projector

A kids' storybook torch set, featuring a blue and orange projector with a yellow handle, a box labeled

Echo Dot Kids

A spherical smart speaker designed to look like an owl, perfect as one of the gifts for 4-year-olds. It features a turquoise body and large black eyes, with a mesh surface showcasing a detailed feather pattern on the front and a black base with a blue light.

Snug Play+ Kids Headphones: Are you planning to travel with your toddler or use screen time while out in public? These headphones are perfect for your little ones’ heads. A comfy fit, they are perfect for your toddler to enjoy their media time in peace.

Fisher-Price Learning Bot: Here’s a real-life robot for your toddler! This learning bot is full of different skill sets that will occupy your toddler for hours while allowing them to learn how technology, socialization, and communication skills are paramount.

Kids Fire HD Tablet: This tablet comes with one year of Amazon Kids+, giving your kids access to thousands of apps, games, videos, Audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more. You can hand it over worry-free with the included kids’ case!

Bumper Cars: These seem to be on the hot toy list for 2023! Having a bumper car in your household will surely make your 4-year-old excited, making this a great gift. Just make sure you get enough bumper cars for everyone to play.

Story Projector: It might look like a flashlight, but it’s actually a projector! You can project your child’s favorite stories for the whole family to view. It comes with eight fairytale stories, allowing your preschooler to feel like part of a classic story on their bedroom wall.

Echo Dot Kids: This Echo Dot is perfect for children with big imaginations. Kids can ask Alexa to play music, read stories, and call approved friends and family. With easy-to-use parental controls, this smart speaker will allow you to rest easy!

It’s a beautiful time of year! There’s just something about making a holiday shopping list that certainly gets me into the holiday spirit! We hope this list of gifts for 4-year-olds helps you find that perfect gift. Here’s to a healthy and happy holiday season. Happy gifting!

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