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Best Gifts for 4-Year-Olds

gift guidesUpdated June 30, 2022

by Catherine Lessman

Early Child Development Specialist


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The holiday season is here, and if you have toddlers at home, holiday shopping may already be on your mind. But, let’s face it — shopping for a four-year-old can be a bit challenging. They are at the age now where they have preferences, and it can be tricky to select gifts that aren’t too young for them but also age-appropriate.

The best gift to give your 4-year-old is to help their imaginations come alive. At this age, little ones are enthralled by storytelling, pretend play, and exploration. Parallel play becomes a play of the past, and they begin to interact with others and play socially. This holiday season, I rounded up some of the best gifts for your 4-year-olds that will keep both their minds and bodies moving!

Gift Ideas Four-Year-Olds Will Love


Outdoor Play

Gardening Set

Drive On Car

Bounce House

Balance Bike


Kids Gardening Set: With independence and imaginative play being the most prevalent in 4-year olds, this gardening set is perfect for creating their own little gardening spot. Equipped with all the tools they will need, this will help them feel like they created and even grew something on their own.

Drive on Car for Kids: They will be the coolest child on the block with one of these rides. Giving them a sense of independence in this kind of toy will make them feel more adult in no time.

Bike: They may have mastered the balance bike or tricycle. Now it is time for the big wheels. This is an excellent gift for this time of year to practice on, so they will be flying by spring!

Bounce House: Although you may also want to buy helmets for this house, any family that has it says it’s a major hit! Use in your basement or backyard. It is easy to set up and clean up too!

Balance Bike: If your tot is not quite ready for a regular bike, balance bikes are a fun option. This wooden balance bike is unique because it evolves with a child’s different stages of development. With its innovative 3-in-1 design, the Wishbone Bike can be used by kids as young as 12 months old (who can ride on three wheels like a tricycle), by younger toddlers who learn to balance on two wheels, then by older kids by flipping the “wishbone” frame to bring the seat to its maximum height.


Quiet Time Toys

Weighted Plush Toy

Blocksy Kids Couch

My Quiet Book

Sensory Bottles


Play Tent


Weighted Stuffed Animal: You may have used a weighted sleep sack or blanket to help calm them as a baby. Why not give them the tool to do so as a toddler? These adorable animals will help comfort, de-escalate, and regulate your toddler when they have a hard time with their big feelings.

Blocksy Kids Couch: If you are in the know, this is the hottest toy around these days. These specifically designed “cushions” allow your child to create and build creations all day long without using your sofa as a base!

My Quiet Book: The title says it all, but this book is a great resource to have. Make it a special toy that only is used during quiet time, and your little one will look forward to all that is inside.

Sensory Bottles: Children need an area to decompress and recenter. These sensory bottles are the perfect toy to have in your “calm down corner.” It will allow your little one to decompress their sensory overload and reset before joining into play.

Eco-Dough: You’re never too old to play with playdough. And most four-year-olds are still very much into playdough, so what makes a better stocking stuffer than this pack of Eco-Dough? It’s made with natural ingredients and is even naturally scented with rosemary oil, making it even more holiday-inspired.

Play Tent: Here’s another option that’s great for quiet play! It could make a great addition to a playroom or even an open space in your living room that your four-year-old could use as their reading space.


Puzzles & Games

Disney Princess Headbanz Game

Connect 4 Game

Candy Land

Take Apart Race Car


Disney Princess Game: It is always fun to add to their princess collection. This game, however, is a great way to introduce some new cognitive and developmental skills, all while still enjoying some Disney Princess fun.

Connect Four Game: Another simple game to start with your 4-year-old is Connect Four. This modern twist on the classic game will look aesthetically pleasing while supporting so many developmental skills with your child.

Candy Land: Introducing board games at this age is a great way to prepare them for school, teaching patience, giving turns, and winning/losing. This classic simple game is a great way to introduce this kind of play.

Take Apart Race Car: If your 4-year-old likes to build and take things apart, this Take Apart Racing Car Toy is a perfect gift! Included, you’ll find a 30 piece construction set with ten interchangeable modification car parts. They’ll enjoy using the included drill to redesign it over and over!

Zingo: Bingo with a zing! This game is a great way for your pre-schooler to develop critical skills – Perfect for pre-readers and early readers, builds language and matching skills in preschool kids through fun, fast-paced play. Zingo is as popular in the classroom with teachers as it is in the home with families!


Arts & Crafts

Doodling 101 Book

LEGO Dot Box


Window Crayons

Create With Clay Dinosaurs


Doodling 101: Mo Willems: If you haven’t read any of Mo Willems’ books, then start there. If your child is a fan, you will know how adorable and simple his characters and drawings are. This book helps you learn how to create them and so much more. Learning the basics of doodling just sounds like fun!

Easel: We all have been coloring on the tabletop; why not switch up your littles artistic view with an easel? Coming with storage bins for art supplies, your little artist will get to work creating a new masterpiece daily.

Lego Dot Box: Combining the love of crafts and legos. This new way of crafting will have your preschooler creating some exciting creations. All materials you will need come in the box, ready to go!

Spirograph: If you are a 90’s child, then you know this classic. Well, it is making a comeback and still will allow your little one to create the grooviest of designs.

Window Crayons: If your four-year-old loves crayons, window crayons will take things to a whole new exciting level. Crayola offers a pack of five window crayons made for glass surfaces that are easy to wash off and adds a whole new level of creativity to coloring time.

Create with Clay Dinosaurs: This creativity box is too cool because now your four-year-old can bring three dinosaurs to life (T-Rex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus) by molding and covering plastic fossils with colorful clay.



Hello World! Solar System Book

First Little Readers Series

I Can Read: Pete the Cat

Fancy Nancy: Storybook Favorites

My First Library


Hello World! Solar System Book: Nowadays, the best way for children to learn is to read about it. This Hello World! Series is a great way to introduce them to new topics, especially space, which is all the rage at the moment.

First Little Readers Series: This fantastic early readers series will allow your preschooler to start reading independently with short and sweet versions of everyday classics.

I Can Read: Pete the Cat: If Pete the Cat hasn’t invaded your home library yet, it is time. This cool cat is one to keep up with. This phonics series is another perfect way to encourage reading at your preschooler’s level and pace.

Fancy Nancy: Storybook Favorites: Miss Nancy is Fancy and is loads of fun with whatever adventure she is on. This great series takes most of the classic favorites and adds a Fancy Nancy twist to them!

My First Library:  This colorful set of books introduces a wide range of learning topics and everyday objects to the little scholars.



Magna Tiles

Brio Railway

Wooden Castle Set


Eezy Peezy Fort Building Kit


Rocket Ship Magna Tile Set: If you have a child who loves to create with their Magna tiles, then this set is for them! They make so many expansion packs that will expand your child’s imagination and allow them to create even more spectacular creations.

Brio Railway: All aboard! This classic train set can be elevated with so many more modern accessories. Building towns, tracks, and a railway scene will lead to partnership and cooperative play instantly.

FAO Wooden Castle Set: Building will forever be a favorite kind of play; why not expand on that with these castle-shaped blocks to help bring their towers to life?

LOVEVERY Toys: offers wonderful Montessori-inspired toys crafted with sustainable materials. This is a great gift option if you are looking for a more educational-style toy to encourage learning. Plus, they offer subscription kits for younger babies and toddlers.

Eezy Peezy Fort Building Kit: Ignite their imagination and foster creative thinking, personal development, fine motor skills, and problem solving with this fort building kit. The sky is the limit with what your little one can create.



Mini Golf

Frisbee Golf

Rebound Games

Bean Bag Toss Game


Glow in the Dark Mini Golf:  Who needs to go to mini-golf when you can make your own course in your backyard. This complete set will let you do that to play in the day or glow up at night!

Frisbee Golf: Maybe mini golf isn’t your child’s speed. How about a round of frisbee golf? This new game has hit popularity, and it might spike your preschooler’s interest as well. Combining multiple sports and skills, it is so much fun!

Little Tikes Rebound Games: A compilation of games that involve a ball returning to you will help encourage teamwork and partner play.

Bean Bag Toss Game: The perfect outdoor or indoor game for kids. This fun bean bag toss will help toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination, various motor skills, number recognition, and counting skills


Dress Up & Pretend Play


American Girl Doll

Kaleidoscope Wooden Camera

Melissa & Doug Vet Kit

Grocery Store Set-Up

Modern Doll House

Play Kitchen

Tea Set


Guitar: By the age of 4, most children have an interest in music. Help promote responsibility, performing, originality, and musicality with this personalized guitar.

American Girl Doll: If you had one of these as a little girl or longed for one, now is your chance to get one for your child. The possibilities are endless from their classic collection, modern-day heroes, and more.

Kaleidoscope Wooden Camera: Say cheese! Your little one can point, shoot and push the cute star button to snap their pics with this adorable wooden camera. Includes a removable kaleidoscope lens and 2 stylish carrying straps.

Melissa & Doug Vet Kit: Teaching empathy and responsibility are traits that every child should learn at a young age. This kit will do just that with teaching responsibility for animals and caring ways.

Grocery Store Set-Up: This adorable check-out station and storefront will elevate your pretend play to the next level. Whether adding to your play kitchen or creating a storefront space, how great of a time does this look!

Modern Doll House: This twist on your Victorian-style dollhouse is a fun way to bring an old-school toy back to life. Your child can create their own home, family, and space, helping your four-year-old’s imagination grow fast!

Play Kitchen: There are so many wonderful play kitchen options, and no matter which you choose, you really can’t go wrong as toddlers love to imitate mom and dad, cooking their imaginary food in their play kitchens. It makes a great gift to support imaginative play for four-year-olds that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Tea Set: Around this age, you may notice your toddler starting to be interested in setting up a picnic or little tea party, making a toddler-appropriate tea set an excellent gift. You can find tons of different options, from stainless steel to wooden tea sets.




Learning Bot

Kids Fire Tablet

Bumper Cars

Story Projector

Echo Dot Kids


Snug Fit Headphones: Are you planning to travel or use screen time while out in public? These headphones are perfect for your little ones’ heads. A comfy fit, they are perfect for your toddler to enjoy their media time in peace.

Fisher-Price Learning Bot: A real-life robot for your toddler. This learning bot is full of all different skill sets that will occupy your toddler for hours while having them learn how technology, socialization, and communication skills are paramount.

Kids Fire HD Tablet: The included 1 year of Amazon Kids+ gives your kids access to over 20,000 apps, games, books, videos, Audible books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more. Plus with the included kids case you can hand it over worry free!

Bumper Cars: These seem to be on the hot toy list for 2021! Having your very own bumper car in your household will sure make your four-year-old excited. Just make sure you get enough for everyone to play.

Story Projector: It looks like a flashlight, but it can project your favorite stories for your whole family to view. This projector can project four classic stories with 32 different scenes, allowing your preschooler to feel like they are a part of a classic story right on their bedroom wall.

Echo Dot Kids: Made for wild imaginations – Kids can ask Alexa to play music, read stories, and call approved friends and family. With easy to use parental controls you can rest easy!

It’s a wonderful time of year! There’s just something about making a holiday shopping list that certainly gets me into the holiday spirit! We hope this list helps your season just a little easier and helps you find that perfect gift for your four-year-old. Here’s to a healthy and happy holiday season. And if you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out all of our Gift Guides here! Happy gifting!

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