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Having a Workout Routine Makes Me a Better Mom

motherhoodUpdated April 2, 2021


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As a mom myself, I understand the struggle for that much-needed, sanity-saving alone time that moms crave (and usually don’t get enough of). It’s challenging for me to get to the gym sometimes because I plan my workouts around my husband’s work schedule. Although it can be a workout just to find time to get out of the house regularly and get to my local gym, I still do it because I feel that when I am regularly working out, getting that much-needed exercise (and alone time), I am a better mom. I can better focus on my children and care for them more thoroughly when I am feeling strong, fit, and healthy.

How having a workout routine makes me a better mom.

My daughter just turned two and has endless energy! She rarely naps, wakes early and goes to sleep late. And while she is awake, she is full throttle, ready to play. She loves to discover and learn everything she can cram into the day before falling asleep. This requires me also to have endless energy. I feel the days when I squeeze a workout in, I can keep up with her more. And I am not as groggy as usual.

My workouts

Zumba, spinning, and yoga make up my workout routines and are my favorite classes to take. I love that they are only 45 minutes to an hour long. This is perfect for my tight schedule. They are also teacher-led and motivating. I enjoy being able to have that hour to sweat it out and I feel rejuvenated afterward. Zumba is a Latin dance class, and that makes working out fun! It honestly doesn’t even feel like I’m working most classes. Yoga renews my mind and muscles. It is a slower-paced class and lets me relax and focus on myself for one whole hour! I usually opt for a spinning class if I want a more challenging, more strenuous workout. Spin class is also only 45 minutes long. So if I need to be quick, this class is always a great option!

I love that my gym has a hot sauna, and I frequently use it to recover from my workouts with a 15-20 minute session. This helps to relax my muscles and gives me a little downtime before heading home. I typically stretch while I am in there as well; it is a great way to wind down your workout in a warm environment. It also continues to burn calories, which is a nice bonus!

My workout routine

It can be difficult to keep a gym schedule. This is what I struggle with the most! I find scheduling the days I want to head to the gym on our family calendar helps me be more accountable. Crossing it off the calendar motivates me to try extra hard to get to the gym. It’s also a great visual that I can look at to see what days I went and how frequently I attended classes that month. Keeping track helps me stay on track despite the birthday parties, doctor appointments, and other events that cause my schedule to fluctuate frequently.

Give yourself some grace.

There are also the days when I am just so exhausted that I skip my workouts. This is a paradox because by skipping classes, I continue to feel tired and groggy. Still, the days I power through and force myself to head to the gym, I actually feel less tired and more capable of finishing out the day strong and more rejuvenated.

Overall I feel that when I am feeling strong and fit, I can be a better mom. Making time to take care of myself physically is essential to me and makes me feel much better mentally. Moms often feel run down and worn out after taking care of their kids, homes, and even spouses day in and day out. By taking even just an hour to yourself to do something you enjoy, and something that gets you moving can rejuvenate you and help you to be able to focus on your kids, and be able to care for them, and meet their needs without feeling as drained and worn out as you used to.


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