Nursery Styling 101: A Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery - Baby Chick

Nursery Styling 101: A Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery

nurseryUpdated January 25, 2021

by Ashley Stringfellow

Home Decor, Entertaining & DIY Expert


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Just because you’re designing a gender-neutral nursery for your bundle of joy doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! And thinking of all the things you need to do before baby arrives can be daunting. To help, I have provided all the details on how you can recreate this Modern Gender-Neutral Nursery for yourself!

Designing a room that is modern and monochromatic can be a calming environment for your little one. Keep the color palette simple and the lines clean for the design. And in keeping with a color scheme of black, white, and grey, it’s easy to add in a pop of color later if you want. Blush and pale aqua look great added to this mix.

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Sourcescrib | toy storage | wall decalart | bedding | rug | mobile |
Inspiration: oh. eight. oh. nine. | Project Nursery | nesting with grace | Livettes Wallpaper

Starting with this crib is the perfect foundation for an aesthetically pleasing modern nursery. The clean lines and sophisticated feel allow you to add virtually anything, and the design will just flow.

And with the multitude of bespoke artisans available at your fingertips with Etsy, you can get really creative and original. I love this toy storage that is made from a paper bag! And long gone are the days of having to commit to a whole room of wallpaper. By using these cute wall decals, the commitment is null and void!

Bedding is simple and monochromatic in this room design. I love the addition of this wool throw for its incredible texture. It adds so much to the room without going overboard on patterns.

My favorite part of this design is this adorable animal print!  Who can resist baby bunnies? I think any of the woodland animals would be super cute in the nursery.

And this rug doesn’t just add visual interest since it will be a perfect mat to play on as baby gets older. My son had a similar (less cute) version, and he would spend hours zooming his cars around the racetrack! This updated modern version is perfect in a modern nursery design.

Add in the final touches, such as this modern pendant. As well as fun pillows and accessories to make the space your own. But most importantly, have fun! And share with us your designs!

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