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Liam’s Big Boy Room Reveal: Coastal Style

From nursery to big boy room, see the awesome transformation of this coastal themed bedroom! A great room design for a toddler to grow in.

Published December 28, 2020

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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I can’t believe that my baby boy is now three years old. It feels like it wasn’t long ago when I was designing his ocean-themed nursery. But he is definitely not a baby anymore, and he has the energy and attitude to prove it! 😉 I had been putting off redesigning his nursery into a big boy room because he has been sleeping so well. But now that we are expecting baby #2 and he was turning three years old, it was definitely time. We love his ocean/coastal theme in his nursery, so we’ve decided to continue the theme into his big boy room but make it a bit more grown-up. Here’s Liam’s big boy room reveal: coastal style.

Before: Nursery

Collage of ocean themed nursery

In his nursery, I wanted to feel like I was at a beach. I chose light greens, blues, and white to make it feel like I was near the ocean. It’s been such a peaceful and relaxing room, which is exactly what I wanted. For details on the items in his nursery, visit our Ocean-Themed Nursery reveal article.

Collage of ocean themed nursery

After: Big Boy Room

For Liam’s big boy room, I wanted to keep several things that were in his nursery. But some of the items had to go because they felt a little too nursery-like. I wanted to create a space that could really grow with him. I think I did just that, and it turned out great!


Coast bedroom for a little boy

I decided to do more shades of deeper blue for his big boy room and incorporate the color navy. I found this Loren kids’ bed and headboard, which is clean and, in my opinion, perfect. It’s a nice quality bed, simple, classic, and masculine. It’s a piece that he can have forever.

Buy Here


The next piece that was really important to me was choosing the right mattress for our big boy’s bed.

A naturepedic full mattress in a big boy's room

We spend such a significant amount of time of our lives on our mattresses. It’s important to me that what my son lies on and is breathing in is healthy and non-toxic. The Verse kids mattress from Naturepedic was a great choice for us. At Naturepedic, they replace polyurethane foam, flame barriers, adhesives, and more with healthier organic materials so parents can rest easy knowing their children are not sleeping on these chemicals night after night.

I love that the Verse mattress is beautifully tailored with a luxurious quilted finish packed with real fibers and that it naturally breathes and wicks away moisture for a comfortable, healthy sleep. Not only is it comfortable providing my son good sleep, but it’s also certified organic and non-toxic, giving my son healthier sleep too.

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Mattress Cover

naturepedic waterproof mattress on a full size bed

Since we recently potty trained our son, I also knew that it was important to get a waterproof cover for the mattress. Because accidents happen. You want to protect your child’s mattress and keep things hygienic with a waterproof pad. Unfortunately, many pads contain a lot of chemicals, so I was thrilled to get a certified organic waterproof pad for our son’s bed from Naturepedic. It’s made with two layers of a soft organic cotton jersey on top and bottom and an ultra-thin waterproof barrier in the center. The pad easily stretches to conform and maintain the mattress’s comfort, keeping your little one comfortable and protecting your mattress.

Buy Here


beddy's covers on a full size bed in a big boy's room

As for bedding, I needed something easy to clean and make in the mornings, something high quality and attractive. I’ve heard great things about Beddy’s and had to check them out for myself. After receiving a set, I immediately loved it! I love how simple it is to make the bed and to wash them. Not only that, Beddy’s has lots of pretty designs that fit different aesthetics. I thought that this set, Love at First White (all Cotton), would be great for our coastal theme. They have super cozy minky lined bedding, but since we live in Texas and it can get hot, I knew that the all-cotton option was the best choice for us.

Buy Here
beddy's covers on a full size bed in a big boy's room

Simply put on the fitted sheet on your mattress, then zip up the comforter, which also has the sheet attached. The zipper attachment makes making the bed a breeze, and I love that my son isn’t kicking his sheet to the bottom of the bed or knocking the covers off. He stays warm and cozy all night long.

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beddy's covers on a full size bed in a big boy's room

The Beddy’s sets are where fashion meets function for your bedroom. I can’t recommend them enough for parents!

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beddy's covers on a full size bed in a big boy's room

Bed Decor: Pillows, Sign & Blanket

What also brings personality to a room are the pillows on the bed. I love these pillows from Serena & Lily. They are perfect for our coastal big boy room theme.

Coastal bedroom in a big boy's room

Buy Topanga Pillows Buy Camille Diamond Medallion Pillows Buy Eva Tassel Pillow

And I needed something above his bed. I thought a surfboard sign with his name on it would be a great fit. I found this one on Etsy and love it.

Buy Surfboard Name Sign
Dreamland kid's weighted blanket

Something else that we added to his bed is the Dream Weighted Blanket. It’s designed to keep our kids warm and cozy, and deliver calming comfort, security, and promote healthy sleep patterns. Liam has a lot of energy, so this blanket helps him calm down when it’s time to wind down for naps and bedtime. It’s also great for games of peek-a-boo. 😉

Dreamland kid's weighted blanket
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You can’t forget about safety when it comes to sleep. We got two swing-down bedrails for each side of his full-size bed. Each measures 43-inches long and 20-inch tall for added security. Even though his bed is up against the wall, we’ve heard of a child getting stuck between his bed and wall and suffocating. Safety is always our priority, so we thought it was best to get two bedrails for this reason. I love how these can easily swing down, so it makes removing the Beddy’s covers easier as well as making the bed in the mornings.

Regalo bedrails on a full size bed in a big boy's room
Buy Bedrails


Next to his bed, we wanted to have a good nightstand for him to have a place to put his things and keep a lamp. When we discovered Milk Street Baby and their high-quality furniture pieces, we knew we found what we had been looking for.

Milk Street Baby nightstand and the different light levels under the stand

I love that their products are Greenguard Gold Certified and all of their finishes have minimum phthalates and a low VOC. Even on their imported products, they meet the EPA guidelines for emissions. This was a big selling point for me.

We chose Milk Street’s Relic 2-drawer nightstand for its rustic luxury and optimal function. It’s warm, distressed finish and unique metal hardware add the perfect details to his room. This nightstand offers true value as it is chocked full of fun features. It has:

  • an undermount nightlight with three different light levels
  • an LED drawers light
  • a power socket
  • a USB charging port built-in for charging essential electronics

How cool, right?! This beautiful piece of furniture is something that he can have forever. We absolutely love it! And you can receive 10% off on their site using code BABYCHICK

Buy Nightstand
Little boy's nightstand in his bedroom

On his nightstand for style, we have a lamp, diffuser, and a Palms book with a framed family photo on top.


I knew that this room needed some curtains to bring the room together. I had discovered this company called Everhem and thought it was the coolest thing for people needing drapes or shades in their homes. Everhem is an online custom window covering product building experience guided by the design principles of one of LA’s top interior designers. It’s neither a textile company nor a technology company. Rather, it is a design company providing a highly curated, top-notch quality textile product using web technology. Their company made selecting the perfect drapes for our son’s room seamless. (No pun intended!)

Everhem curtains in big boy's room

All you have to do is measure your windows, choose your covering on their site (fabrics, colors, hardware, and more), and they will send you beautiful custom window coverings that cohesively blend with and complement the design aesthetic of your space. For this big boy room, I chose drapes from their nursery collection (cloud + denim trim), with a pinch pleat, blackout lining, and matte black finial hardware. They delivered everything straight to my door, and my husband hung them with their easy to follow directions. Having custom drapes and hardware has never been easier or more beautiful. I will definitely be using them for other rooms in our home!

Buy Everhem Drapes
Everhem's curtains in big boy's room

Sitting Corner

There is a little nook in the corner of Liam’s room that I wanted to make into a cozy place for him to sit and play or read. These personalized kids chairs from Minted are too adorable and comfortable, and I thought one would fit perfectly in that spot. I chose the Division chair in navy and personalized it with his name. It’s exactly what the corner needed. As he grows, Liam can now use his room for more than just sleep. This seating spot allows him to hang out, play, and relax as well.

Minted seat for kids in boy's bedroom
Minted seat for kids in boy's bedroom
Buy Personalized Chair

And above his personalized chair, I hung this “Pray for Surf” wall art print from Minted. They have some beautiful artwork for every home. I thought this piece was a cute print for his coastal themed big boy room.

Pray for Surf sign in boy's bedroom
Buy Wall Art Print


Another big item that I wanted to replace was his dresser. The one we had in his nursery felt a little too “baby,” so we decided that it would be best to move that into his upcoming baby sister’s room. I was looking for a piece to replace it with that was more mature, that was quality-made, and would hold a good amount of clothing. When we found the Milk Street Baby nightstand, the matching Relic 6-drawer dresser was a no-brainer. Especially once we looked at the quality and its features!

Milk street baby dresser
Buy Dresser

Made to last, this six-drawer double dresser features six spacious drawers with the two top drawers illuminated by LED lights. It features self-closing full extension drawer glides, dovetail joinery, and metal drawer pulls for a rustic touch. His dresser is officially nicer than ours in our master bedroom. Haha! It’s a stunning piece that will last for a lifetime. And you can receive 10% off on Milk Street Baby’s site using code BABYCHICK

Milk Street Baby dresser with decor items
Buy Dresser

We needed to add some decor in the room and on this dresser, so I found some pieces that tied in with the coastal theme.


Pinboard and floating shelf in the corner of a bedroom

When you first walk into Liam’s room, there is a little wall space. It looked bare without anything, so I looked for some items that could add function and style. This Joyful Jungle pinboard from Minted is a great spot for him to pin his latest accomplishments, artwork, and photos. The modern stitch fabric with a whitewashed herringbone frame is beautiful on this pinboard. Below it, I chose the matching whitewashed herringbone artful shelf to place some of his favorite books that he likes to read before bedtime. I also like that the shelf has several clips below it so when he gets older, he can hang pictures or anything else that he would like to look at and enjoy.

Buy Pinboard Buy Shelf

Corner reading area in boy's bedroom

And on the entry wall, I added this cute pennant flag that you can personalize with your child’s name.

Buy Flag


Motorola baby monitor

Even though our boy is not a baby anymore, I am still keeping a monitor in his room. This Lux65 Connect 5-Inch Single Video monitor from Motorola has been a great monitor that can grow with your child. You can watch, listen, and talk to your little one with this smart monitor. Its camera scans, tilts, and zooms and has a magnetic mount so you can prop it up on the wall in just the right position. It is also Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, allowing you to control it anywhere in the house, while Wi-Fi connectivity lets you view your nursery from your smartphone no matter where you are.

Buy Monitor
Motorola baby monitor

In the final area in his room across from his bed, we kept his bookshelves. Storage is always needed. There I have placed items that Liam’s received since birth as well as photos and special memories. I have his birth shadow box, a Pehr pom-pom bin to store some of his stuffed animals, and more. To the left is his wooden growth chart and blowfish storage basket, and to the right is a mint pouf and a triptych of an aerial beach picture. It was a lot of wall space, so these pieces added function and style.

Bookshelves in big boy's room

To say Liam loves his new big boy room would be an understatement. Every piece is something we love and recommend for any boy’s room.

Little boy jumping on his big boy bed.
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