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20 Best Baby Shower Games to Play

If you're hosting a baby shower and looking for some fun activities for guests, check out our list of the best baby shower games to play.

Updated April 22, 2024

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

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Baby showers are such fun events for celebrating a new baby and mother-to-be! But not everyone loves the traditional activities at these parties. After attending many baby showers, we’re sharing the most popular (and our personal favorite) baby shower games to keep your guests entertained and having fun!

The Best Baby Shower Games to Play

1. Don’t Say Baby

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Mum’s the word when it comes to saying “baby!” As you greet your guests, give each person a diaper pin or a mini clothespin to wear on their shirt or dress. Once all your guests have arrived, tell them they can’t say the word “baby” during the rest of the baby shower. Anyone who hears someone else saying the forbidden word can take the rule breaker’s pin. At the end of the baby shower, the person with the most pins wins!

2. Who’s the Baby Game

Guess The Celebrity Baby Game
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This is one of my favorite baby shower games. However, it requires some planning when sending out invites. With each baby shower invitation, include a note asking your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves to the shower. When they arrive and give you their pictures, assign a number to each image and post them on a bulletin board or tape them on the wall. Then, have everyone guess which picture belongs to which guest. Everyone will love looking at the adorable baby photos and guessing who’s who. Once everyone is finished guessing, give the person with the most correct matches a prize! And if you don’t want to ask your guests to bring their baby photos, here’s a great substitute: guess the celebrity baby picture!

3. Baby Items in the Bag

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This is a fun game that moms-to-be love! You fill a diaper bag (preferably the diaper bag the mom-to-be registered for) with 10 or more baby items. They should be everyday items useful to a new mother — a diaper, baby bottle, rattle, bib, teething ring, nursing pads, diaper balm, etc. Then, each guest gets two minutes to stick their hand into the diaper bag without looking, and they must identify as many items as possible. Once the two minutes are up, pass the diaper bag to the next person so they can begin guessing. After everyone has had a turn guessing, see who got the most items correct. The winner receives a prize, and the parents-to-be get a diaper bag filled with helpful baby essentials!

4. Guess the Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme Quiz
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Nursery rhymes have been sung to us for generations. Some we remember better than others. See how well your baby shower guests can recall these classic nursery rhymes. With this baby shower game, guests may play individually or in small teams. The winner is the person or group with the most correct answers!

5. Drink Up, Baby!

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This game is perfect for a co-ed baby shower and is always a hit! Get inexpensive baby bottles for each guest and fill them with your beverage of choice. If you are serving alcohol at your event, that could be beer for the adults and apple juice for the kids. Then, give everyone a bottle, and on the count of three, everyone must suck the bottles as fast as possible until they are empty. The first person to finish their bottle wins! I recommend playing this game outside because it can get a little messy.

6. My Water Broke

My Water Broke Baby Shower Game
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This game is quite the icebreaker! The night before the baby shower, get an ice cube tray and put a tiny plastic baby in the center of each mold. Fill the tray with water and put it in your freezer to freeze. When guests arrive at your shower, drop one ice cube into everyone’s cup. The ice will begin to melt, and the first person whose ice cube baby is no longer frozen has to yell, “My water broke!” to win the prize.

7. Baby Bump or Beer Belly?

"Baby Bump or Beer Belly?" Game
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For guaranteed laughs, play this funny baby shower game. Everyone receives a card filled with belly pictures. Your guests must determine whether each image is a belly filled with beer or a baby! Once everyone makes their guesses, review each picture and reveal the results. The person who guesses the most correctly wins a prize!

8. Boobs or Baby Butts?

Boobs or Baby Butts Game
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Here’s another hilarious baby shower game where guests try to determine whether each picture is boobs or a baby butt. Some might not be as obvious as you think! Guests can even turn this into a drinking game for more laughs. And this one might be popular with the men at the party!

9. Labor or Love?

Labor or Love Game
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Another funny game (recommended for an adults-only baby shower) is this labor or love game. Everyone must try to guess which women are making a baby and which are giving birth to a baby. This game is sure to cause a lot of laughs!

10. The Baby Price Is Right

The Price Is Right Baby Shower Game Sheets
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Move over, Bob Barker! We’ve got a new game in town! For this baby shower game, you will need to look up the current prices of the items listed on these cards. Pass them out and play the game just like the TV show; have each guest guess the cost of the items. The person with the highest total without going over wins! (You could also purchase all 12 items listed on the cards for the parents-to-be to keep.)

11. Guess the Sweet Mess

Guess The Sweet Mess Baby Shower Game
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This one can get messy, but it’s an amusing game! Pick several of your favorite chocolate candy bars and melt the chocolate. Then place each melted chocolate bar in separate diapers. Have the guests smell and taste the chocolate to guess what type of chocolate bar the “sweet mess” is. The person with the most correct answers wins!

12. Pacifier Hunt

Pacifier Hunt Game Wooden Sign With Mini Baby Pacifiers
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For an easy, fun game, have a pacifier hunt! Buy a pack of small, decorative pacifiers and hide them around the party. Whichever guest finds the most pacifiers at the end of the baby shower wins! This is a great one for all ages, and everyone can keep the pacifiers they find as party favors.

13. Mommy and Daddy’s Baby Secrets

If you’re looking for a sweet baby shower game for a co-ed baby shower, this is the game to play. First, separately ask the mom and dad 20 questions. Some great questions include, “Where were you when you heard/found out the news?” “Do you want a girl or boy?” and “If you could have your way, what would you want your child to be when they grow up?” After you quiz each parent and record their answers, bring them both into the party room and put the future parents on the spot one at a time. Ask them to guess their partner’s answer to each question — before polling the audience to see who thinks the answer is correct. Everyone loves to hear the answers and play along!

14. Bobbing for Nipples

Instead of bobbing for apples, this game is all about bobbing for nipples. Baby bottle nipples, that is. This is an excellent game for a co-ed baby shower since men tend to find this game extremely entertaining. Set up a row of large bowls of water and drop some baby bottle nipples into each bowl. Once your guests are ready to play, have them get down on their knees and put their hands behind their backs. Then, they must bob for as many baby bottle nipples as possible within two minutes. Once the buzzer goes off, the person with the most nipples wins!

15. Baby Shower Onesies

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If the mother-to-be loves to craft, this is a great activity to do at the shower. Buy baby onesies in multiple sizes for each guest. Set up a craft station at the party with some fabric paint and baby-safe decorative items, and have each person design a onesie for the new baby. They could draw a picture, write a funny or heartwarming quote, or whatever they think the parents-to-be would enjoy. After the party, the expecting parents will have sweet mementos of the celebration that their baby can wear!

16. Diaper Raffle

Diaper Raffle Cards
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The most popular item on a baby registry is diapers. Every baby needs them (a lot of them), and a diaper raffle is a great way to encourage guests to bring diapers for the soon-to-be parents. To have a diaper raffle, include a note with your baby shower invitations letting the guests know you’ll be raffling off a prize at the party. To enter the raffle, guests must bring a package of diapers to the event. The more diapers they bring, the more raffle tickets they get! It’s a fun game for guests and a helpful gift for the parents.

17. Guess Who: Mom or Dad?

Guess Who? Mommy or Daddy Baby Shower Game
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There’s nothing like a little game of guess who! Have mom and dad fill out the answers in advance, and then quiz your guests and see how well they know the mom and dad-to-be. You might even decide to get editable cards to personalize the questions! Reveal the answers after everyone has completed the quiz. The guest with the most correct answers earns bragging rights or a special prize!

18. Emoji Pictionary

Baby Shower Emoji Pictionary Card
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This emoji pictionary game is sure to bring a lot of laughs! It’s a modern spin on the classic anagram game. Each guest will try and guess the words and phrases written with emojis on their card. Guests will count their points at the end, and the person with the highest total score wins a prize. It’s perfect for the millennial mom and dad!

19. Baby Predictions and Advice

Baby Predictions Card Pack For Baby Shower
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This will be something fun for the parents to look back on after their new baby arrives. Have everyone fill out a baby prediction and advice card, and collect them all for mom and dad. Guests can predict things like when the baby will be born and their hair color. These also make a special memento for the baby book!

20. Baby Shower Game Set

Baby Shower Pack with Four Games and Gold Design
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Baby Shower Party Kit With Five Games
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These baby shower game sets are great if you’re in a pinch and trying to find fun games and activities for your event. All you have to do is print them out and let your guests play. They include the rules for each game and the answer keys. Make sure to get prizes as well for all the lucky winners!

Enjoy your next (or first) baby shower! We hope you love these baby shower games as much as we do.

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