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Vision Board Ideas

Looking for vision board ideas? Here are some tips to help you cultivate your inspiration and help you achieve those life goals.

Updated April 11, 2024

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Are you looking for vision board ideas? We’ve got all the tips to help you make the right vision board that works for you and your current season of life. Soon, you’ll have fresh inspiration to help you reflect on and achieve your life goals.

As busy parents, we sometimes get bogged down with day-to-day tasks. Setting aside time to reflect, evaluate, and set goals for yourself and your family is essential. Vision boards help you do just that! Read on for inspiration for ideas for individual, family, children, and digital vision boards.

What Is a Vision Board?

Even though there are many types of vision boards, they all have one thing in common: They represent the feelings, ideas, and goals you have for an area in your life. Vision boards inspire individuals and groups to work towards a certain goal. You might have career aspirations or financial goals or simply want to generate ideas for your next family vacation.

Some people like to create a vision board at the beginning of the new calendar year, school year, or any new start in their life. Or, you may be simply starting a new project and need some inspiration.

How To Create/Approach a Vision Board

There are different ways to approach creating a new vision board. The first things you need to consider are the materials you will use. Here are some options:

Vision Board Materials

  • Corkboard, poster, or cardboard
  • Paper, coloring and writing utensils, paints
  • Magazine images and words
  • Printed images and words
  • Stickers, ribbon, and other craft supplies

There is no right or wrong! It is simply your preference for the materials you’d like to use. Next, you’ll want to determine what to include on your vision board. Most people start by asking themselves these questions: What areas in my life do I want to see changed? What are my strengths? My weaknesses?

If you’re making a vision board that will encompass your whole life, it can help to categorize your goals:

  • Academic/Professional
  • Physical health
  • Relationships with friends, family, and self
  • Financial
  • Spiritual

Spending time reflecting on these things will help when you select the images and words to include on your vision board. Other vision boards may be more focused and show your vision for a design project or a smaller area in your life. For example, you may make a vision board solely with your financial goals and include ways to get out of debt and what your life will look like after that last student loan is paid off.

You may also be setting up a home office for a new job. A vision board can help you identify the colors and styles that will work best in your space and achieve the home office of your dreams!

Vision Board Ideas

Check out these examples and be inspired by various vision board ideas you can begin working on today!

Couples’ Vision Boards

I love the idea of creating a couple’s vision board with your significant other. It’s such a great way to reflect on your relationship, think about how you can grow closer, and begin a discussion on where you’d like to go together. These examples show various ways to make a couple’s vision board. You can use photos and captions, printed photos, or magazine cutouts to capture the vision for your relationship. A framed corkboard or a simple poster board can both work for your backdrop!

We love the use of Polaroids with captions for a classic yet playful look for these couple’s goals.

A vision board on a cloth board with pictures on it.

Customize Your Own Here

Using a framed board means you can easily hang your couple’s vision board up for pretty
bedroom wall décor you’re sure to look at together every day.

You can use magazine cutouts with inspiring words and photos along with stickers for a quick
and easy couple’s vision board!

You can use tape, glue, stickers, or push pins to display everything that inspires you and your vision.

Family Vision Boards

Family vision boards are a great way to bring the whole family together and share ideas for how your family can grow closer, live out personal family values, and create shared experiences. The important thing about a family vision board is that even the youngest members get to contribute to making sure that all family voices are heard.

This family vision board uses a framed corkboard to display words and images that they strive for in their family.

Or, you can simply use a piece of cardboard or a poster board and glue down printed images that
showcase trips and activities your family wants to do together in the upcoming year. Whichever materials or strategy you choose, a family vision board is sure to bring your family closer together!

Vision Boards for Kids

Vision boards for kids are a great way to help children practice setting and achieving personal goals. You may have a little one who loves to express creativity and ideas or an older child who is thinking about their future aspirations. Start by showing your child an example of a vision board you’ve made yourself or finding some online images. Once you do that, they will surely get ideas for their own board! Using a template for kids is also a great way to get them started with ideas on what to include on a vision board.

Here are some kid vision board ideas to get their creative juices flowing:

We love how colorful this kid’s vision board is! She added foam stickers and loads of colorful images and drawings to really show her personality.

Kids vision board
Image via

You can also use scrapbook stickers to add meaningful quotes to inspire your child.

Children may also enjoy typing and printing their own labels and phrases to individualize their vision board. Don’t forget to add lots of colors!

Organizing your board by categories can help children set spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual goals.

White board
Image via

Personal Vision Boards

Here are some personal vision board ideas if you are setting personal goals and vision for yourself:

Making a vision board straight in your bullet journal is a simple but unique way to make your vision board for personal goals. Be sure to use your planner stickers and colorful markers to make it unique.

Bullet journal vision board
Image via

Add some stringed lights to make your vision board really stand out!

Making a traditional vision board of your New Year’s resolutions is a great way to set and achieve your personal goals.

Digital Vision Boards

If you love the idea of a vision board but you’re not a crafty person, we’ve got you covered! You can also make a digital vision board. For a digital vision board, you can use your photos or find images for anything you want on Google or other image websites. A variety of applications can help you compile your images and text. Canva and Picmonkey are both popular applications with free versions requiring little tech knowledge. This means anyone can download these apps today and get started immediately on their own digital vision board! Here are some examples to inspire you with your own digital vision board:

This blogger shows how she uses the Canva application on her phone to create a collage of inspirational photos and custom text.

This family vision board was created on a desktop and showcases personal and stock photos.

This blogger recommends setting your digital vision board as your phone or tablet background. That way, you’ll look at it often throughout the day!

Another example of a Canva vision board, this one is sized to be the perfect desktop background.

Get Started!

A vision board is just the thing to inspire and get you excited about the next phase or project in your life! Whatever your current goals are, a vision board can help bring your ideas to life and provide you with the motivation you need to achieve them. Which type of vision board do you need in your life right now? We’d love to know!

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