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31 Baby’s First Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby's first Halloween is a highlight for many parents! Here are eight adorable Halloween costume ideas for babies that you can choose from.

Published October 7, 2020

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One of the most significant joys of having a baby is celebrating holidays. It’s a chance to create memories and form traditions that define childhood. Halloween is so much fun, with trick or treating, gatherings, and other spooky festivities. Whatever you end up participating in, creating fun costumes for your baby’s first Halloween will provide plenty of photo ops to share with family and friends. With that in mind, here are a few baby’s first Halloween costume ideas for their foray into Halloween.

Baby’s First Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Gnome

Everyone loves a garden gnome! And this simple outfit is a great option for parents who love fairy tales and need an extra gnome to guard the garden. The hat can easily be made from red felt, and the beard can be made from pipe cleaners or cotton balls glued to a sheet of paper with ear loops (like a mask) to keep it in place. Add black pants, a plaid shirt, and some boots, and you’ve got a fantastical character ready for a close-up.

2. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Little red riding hood baby costume
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Big bad wolf baby costume
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These costumes are also perfect for fairy tale lovers! The Red Riding Hood costume includes a darling tutu romper dress and a matching red cape/cloak. And don’t forget to add a small basket! For a “scarier” look, try the Big Bad Wolf costume instead! This two-piece set is warm and comfy and sure to be a hit for Halloween.

3. Cuties

How often have you said, “My baby is so cute, I just want to eat her up!” Well, dressed as a little orange “cutie,” your baby will look sweet and snackable. The trick to this costume doesn’t stop with the all-orange outfit. Take it further with a hand-drawn or painted cardboard box with that familiar “Cuties” artwork. You can even add this artwork to a stroller or child’s wagon. Yum!

4. Baby Squirrel

Fall is all about squirrels foraging forest treats to prepare themselves for winter. This adorable squirrel costume is made of faux fur, a cute headband for ears and a bow, and an acorn treat bag customized from an inexpensive plastic jack-o’-lantern bucket.

5. Yoda

For nerdy Star Wars parents, this Yoda costume provides a relatively easy DIY project, resulting in a sweet homage to a beloved character. If you like to sew, find some green material to make a bonnet with the iconic ears. Dress baby up in a brown or gray onesie, and add a little white bathrobe. Done!

6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Have a very sleepy baby? This Very Hungry Caterpillar costume will keep your little one snuggly and covered. You can create this sweet outfit with a long-sleeved green onesie and a red cap. Break out some colored felt and a glue gun to make Eric Carle’s well-loved caterpillar come to life.

7. Travel-Size Loofah

Want something squishy and fun? Transform baby into a travel-size loofah! Using a onesie, fabric, and some rope, you can craft a squeezable costume in no time. It takes about two feet of rope for the loofah’s handle and a onesie with matching tulle fabric. How much tulle will this take? You’ll need about 15 yards to gather and sew onto the onesie for an extra-full loofah. Add a rubber ducky for the requisite photos, and you have images that will prompt those “likes” to flood in.

8. Little Lamb

The definition of “cute and cuddly” is a baby lamb. Try this easy DIY costume using a black long-sleeved tee, black leggings, a white onesie, a cap, some black felt for the ears, and tons of nice, fluffy cotton balls for the cap and onesie. You can even dress it up with a bow. Remember, you’ll need the king of all crafting tools: a glue gun!

9. Lion Cub

Lion cub baby costume
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Here’s another cute and cuddly option! Your baby will look like the king of the jungle in this adorable lion cub outfit. This costume includes a long-sleeved romper and a hood featuring lion ears and a mane. It also has a super cute mouse toy your baby can play with.

10. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of those classic literary and pop culture heroes who remains relevant from generation to generation. And dressing up the baby as the boy wizard is easy with a few essential accessories: Hedwig the owl, a Gryffindor burgundy and yellow striped scarf, black clothes or a comfy black robe, the signature round spectacles, and Harry’s trademark lightning bolt scar, which can be purchased as a temporary tattoo online, or drawn on with brown eyeliner pencil.

And if you prefer Hermione Granger, add a long curly brownish wig, nix the scar, and replace Hedwig with Hermione’s Crookshanks, the wiry orange-haired cat.

11. Where the Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are Baby Max Costume
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Another great costume idea for babies is Max from “Where the Wild Things Are.” This whimsical costume will bring the classic book character to life inside your home. It includes a furry white jumpsuit with a bushy tail attached to the back. It also comes with a matching hood featuring a golden crown.

12. Astronaut

Baby astronaut costume
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If you love space exploration, you could dress up your baby as an astronaut from NASA. All you need is a space helmet and a spacesuit. This astronaut costume is sturdy and has diaper snaps that make it easy to change your baby. Get a toy rocket or star plushie to go with the space theme for a Halloween photoshoot.

13. Baby Chicken

Baby chicken costume
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This baby chicken costume is perfect for a Halloween photoshoot! The costume set comes with a chicken hat, a long-sleeved feather romper, and booties or spats that look like chicken feet. Add some white leggings or tights underneath to help keep your little one warm.

14. Shrimp Nigiri

Shrimp nigiri costume
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This cute Halloween costume is super easy to put together! Dress your baby in a white long-sleeved onesie with some white tights. Then, add the piece of fish, wasabi/ginger headband, and seaweed band from this set to complete the look. Now you have an adorable piece of sushi!

15. Ramen

Ramen baby costume
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For those who love ramen, check out this Cup Noodles costume from Etsy. It comes with a “Cute Noodles” onesie and a ramen noodle hat decorated with peas, carrots, and corn, just like you’d find in the real soup. You’ll want to take a bite out of your delicious baby!

16. Sriracha

Sriracha baby costume
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This “Hot Like Sirarcha” onesie modeled after the popular hot sauce will make a great Halloween costume for your baby! The red bodysuit is made of 100% cotton and is available in both long- and short-sleeved options. You’ll also get an adjustable green hat to match the Sriracha bottle tip. You can even add this hot sauce baby rattle for photos!

17. Diva

Baby hair curlers costume
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Lights, camera, action! Your little one will look totally fab as a baby diva with curlers for Halloween. You’ll need this crochet baby curler hat from Etsy. It comes in gray, orange, brown, yellow, and black and is adorned with pink curlers. Add a pink robe, some pink flip-flops, and a cute pair of sunglasses, and your baby is photoshoot-ready!

18. Baby Shark

Baby shark costume
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You can also dress up your baby after the song and internet sensation “Baby Shark.” This costume has a yellow Baby Shark bodysuit and a matching pull-on skull cap. (The outfit runs a bit small, so make sure to size it up.) For more family fun, mommy and daddy can even dress up to match baby!

19. Flounder

Flounder baby costume
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This Flounder costume is an excellent choice for Disney fans! It comes with an adorable, soft bodysuit and detachable Flounder hat made with velour fabric and fiberfill stuffing. You can also add some blue leggings and shoes to ensure your baby stays warm.

20. Grumpy

Grumpy dwarf costume for baby
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Disney fans can also dress up their baby as Grumpy from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This set comes with Grumpy’s red tunic shirt, pants, belt, and shoe covers. It also includes his floppy hat and fluffy, white beard. The costume is made of soft, plushy, and durable materials to keep your baby warm on Halloween night.

21. Bat

Baby bat costume
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You can dress your little one up as a baby bat with this extremely cute hooded bat romper! Don’t you love those adorable bat wings?! This costume is also machine-washable, features a handy button closure, and is made of cotton. Plus, it’ll look super cute for your Halloween photos!

22. Bluey and Bingo

Bluey baby costume
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Bingo baby costume
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You’ll love this group costume idea if you have twins or your baby has an older sibling! You can dress up your little ones as Bluey and Bingo from the TV show “Bluey.” Both of these cozy costumes include a jumpsuit with a tail and a headpiece featuring either character.

23. Flamingo

Pink flamingo baby costume
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This plush flamingo costume will certainly have heads turning on Halloween! We love the fluffy, pink feathers and the metal snaps that make for easy diaper changing. Add some pink or white leggings on baby to go underneath the costume. Did we mention this costume is hypoallergenic? Safety for the win!

24. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters stay puft baby costume
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Come on, could this costume be any cuter?! This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man infant costume is a fun homage to the movie “Ghostbusters.” It includes a puffy shirt and pants, a sailor collar with a neckerchief, and a headpiece with a sailor cap and red ribbon. Your baby will look so sweet in this one!

25. Monkey

Baby monkey costume
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A monkey costume is a great idea for babies! This one includes a plush monkey jumpsuit, a matching hood, and some non-slip booties resembling monkey feet. It also comes with a banana rattle for your baby’s wrist to help keep them entertained. Your baby will surely get lots of compliments on this outfit!

26. UPS Driver

UPS driver baby costume
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Here’s a fun Halloween baby costume that will deliver some laughs! For this UPS outfit, you’ll get a hat, a shirt, and pants for baby with the UPS logo embroidered. And for photos, you can get some small cardboard boxes, decorate them with stickers, and use them as props.

27. Burrito

Burrito baby costume
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Here’s another food-themed Halloween costume that looks so realistic! This baby burrito swaddle sack is made of cozy, warm fleece that will feel soft against your baby’s skin. It also comes with a matching tortilla hat! Wrap your baby’s lower body in aluminum foil for the finishing touch.

28. Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams baby costume
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The Addams Family never goes out of style! Dress up your little one as Wednesday Addams for a creepy, kooky, and altogether “ooky” look! This handmade Wednesday costume from Etsy will look so cute for your baby’s first Halloween. It comes with Wednesday’s dress, a wig featuring her iconic pigtails, and dainty black slippers.

29. Boxer

Baby boxer costume
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Your baby will look like the newest heavyweight champion with this costume! These boxing gloves and shorts come in multiple colors and styles, including red, blue, black, and pink. To make it even more personalized, you can opt to add your baby’s name to the shorts!

30. Pikachu

Pikachu baby costume
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Here’s a Halloween costume that will be easy to put on and take off your baby! This Pikachu onesie looks precious and is made of gentle, non-toxic materials. The soft and snug fabric will keep them warm and bundled up for cold October nights. Cute AND comfy? It’s a win-win!

31. Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite baby costume
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This is a hilarious idea for parents who are fans of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” The set has a crochet hat as Napoleon’s hair and a “Vote for Pedro” onesie. Add a pair of jeans to finish the look. Gosh! Your baby will have the funniest Halloween costume.

But let’s be honest; babies won’t remember or even care about what they are for Halloween. This is strictly the domain of doting parents wanting to celebrate a fun family experience to share for years to come. Which of these adorable baby’s first Halloween costume ideas will you be trying this year?

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