Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide

The holidays are here! And if you recently welcomed a new little member to your family, you’re probably looking for a few things to make baby’s first Christmas extra special. This our Baby’s First Christmas Gift Guide! And this list is sure to help create even more special memories with your baby during the holiday season.

1 | Christmas Pajamas ($15 – $35)

Getting new pajamas is a holiday tradition for many families. Find a pair that is extra special for your sweet babe like one of these first Christmas pajamas! These three are too cute.

2 |  Indestructibles Baby Books ($6)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These books are pretty much the bomb. They’re chew-proof, rip-proof and drool-proof. Basically they’re baby proof. 😉 And these books can even be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine! Awesome!

3 | Babyprints Hanging Christmas Ornament ($10)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Our babies will only be this little for a little while. Remember these moments by making a Christmas tree ornament with baby’s handprint! You can then write in baby’s name and the date either on the front or back.

4 |  Wee Gallery Art Cards for Baby ($15)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These Wee Gallery cards are a set of high-contrast black and white cards that will engage and entertain babies from day one. The repeating pattern designs will captivate your baby’s attention while also stimulating their vision. Each card is finished with a matte lamination and child-friendly rounded corners and measures 5 inches by 7 inches; a great size for your baby’s hands.

5 |  Christmas Tree Wooden Teether ($6)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These wooden teethers are made from natural (beech)wood and finished with organic food grade flax seed oil. We love that each piece is hand cut, sanded satin smooth, and that they can turn into wooden pendants for a nursing necklace, a teething toy–just attach it to your pacifier clip, a baby gym pendant or an element of nursery decor, Christmas tree decor, etc!

6 |  Milestone Baby Cards ($24)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

We’re all about preserving memories! These dated photo cards are the perfect thing to add when you’re taking a photo of your little one. What’s also great is that they used eco-friendly vegetable based inks, and the paper is durable and high quality to help preserve as a keepsake item.

7 |  Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Gym ($60)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This wooden activity gym is full of great things for baby to experience on each side — a spinning animal alphabet, zigzag races, a wooden bead roller coaster and more! Our son has one and absolutely loves it.

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8 | The Night Before Christmas Recordable Storybook ($34)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This classic holiday story is a family favorite. I love how you can record yourself reading the story so your loved ones can hear your voice for years to come whether near or far.

9 |  Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon ($80)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This radio flyer push-wagon is a classic. It’s safe, versatile and allows beginner walkers to safely build confidence and balance as they begin to stand up and take their first steps. The wooden stake sides holds whatever they’d like to bring along with them and the wooden stakes are also removable!

10 | Little People’s Nativity Set ($38)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

The sweetest little Nativity set we ever did see! This nativity set is perfect for those little hands. It allows our children to play out Mary and Joseph caring for Baby Jesus, the Three Kings bringing gifts as well as feeding and caring for the animals. We particularly love that the start lights up and the set plays the song “Away in the Manger.”

11 |  Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teethers ($9)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

These aren’t your average teethers. From flamingos to lattes to cacti and pineapples, these cute designs are great for those teething gums as well as family favorites with their adorable designs! Babies and parents love them!

12 | Wooden Conical Stacking Tower ($43)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

This Large Rainbow Tower from Grimm’s is a wonderfully versatile stacking/sorting toy which will both amuse and stimulate babies and children visually and mentally. The simple design and bold colors allow children to be immersed in reasoning and creative thinking while developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Adults can guide the child’s in discovery of concepts such as colors, size, ordering (an early mathematical skill), counting and more. The Tower’s ageless design and sturdy construction will last for generations.

13 | Baby’s 1st Christmas Stocking ($13 – $24)

These personalized Christmas stockings are the cutest! We couldn’t just pick on! It’s a fun way to memorialize baby’s first Christmas.

14 | SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Light-up Rattle ($21)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

The Noggin Stik® is not your average rattle. It is motion activated so it lights up in 3 different colors which helps your baby learn visual tracking–a critical pre-literacy skill and a necessary precursor to reading. It comes with a user-friendly easy to follow booklet that tells parents what their baby should be doing when, and encourages parent-infant interaction, fun play, bonding, and entertainment. Its eye catching design promotes tactile interest and enhances grasping and holding skills, all important foundational skills for future learning.

15 | First Year Baby Frame ($69)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

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To be able to see your baby’s growth month by month in one frame is such a treasure. We have one of these in our son’s room and looking at each photo never gets old. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

16 | Toddler Toothbrush and Storybook Gift Set ($30)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

A great way to get your little one to keep their teeth clean. This Brushies set comes with four finger puppet  toothbrushes as well as a board book. This is a gift for the child and parent because children will enjoy brushing their teeth by themselves with these brushes and parents will feel good knowing their baby’s teeth are being cared for as they grow.

17 | Drop & Go Dump Truck ($14)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Drop one of the colorful “rocks” into the top of this cheerful dump truck toy and watch it tumble into the bucket to learn numbers. My son LOVES this toy! He’s developing his motor skills by putting the “rocks” into the top of the hole as well as lifting the hinged bucket to unload the rocks and start again. It’s a great early education toy for our little ones, and it’s a push or pull toy!

18 | Baby’s Santa Bag ($34 – $54)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Another thing to make Christmas morning special–and easier for everyone–is one of these personalized Santa bags. Get one for each of your kids so they can run straight to their Santa bag and begin the fun! A great holiday tradition that I love with these bags is having each of your children fill up their bag with “old” toys or clothes that they no longer need or play with before Christmas to donate, and then they will be filled on Christmas morning with new goodies! A great way for kids to learn that giving is more important than receiving.

19 | Play Gym by Lovevery ($140)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

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Lovevery’s award-winning play gym is amazing for all your baby’s learning stages, providing what your baby wants to see, touch, and do as their little self starts to emerge. It does come with a large price tag, but this play gym includes everything you need in an activity gym—from batting to teething to learning to focus. It’s made to grow with your child for a whole year of play.

20 | Pompom Canvas Bin ($40)


Storage is something every family needs. This machine-washable 100% cotton canvas bin is so cute with its pom poms and it’s perfect to hold your little one’s toys, books, clothes or craft supplies. Put it in your baby’s nursery or in any room in the home to help keep your family organized. I personally think it’s a great bin to hold other presents you give to baby. Add swaddle blankets, pajamas, baby books, etc! It’s the perfect gift basket without the basket. 😉

21 | Freshly Picked Oxford Crib Shoe ($60)

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

Baby’s first shoes are childhood treasures. Get something of quality that will stand the test of time. These Freshly Picked moccasins are top of the line. The easy-on elastic lacing crisscrosses the front of an adorable oxford-inspired crib shoe styled with a soft leather sole, providing plenty of wiggle room for little feet and a flat base to help promote stability and confident early steps. Our son has a pair and it’s become one of our favorites.

22 | Hand Cut Silhouette ($35)


Have you seen anything more precious? These personalized hand cut silhouette portraits are so dreamy. I love that you can then frame these and hang them to your wall as priceless pieces of art of your babies.

23 | Baby’s First Christmas Ornament ($30)

If none of the other “firsts” gifts interest you, a classic gift for baby is baby’s first ornament. I still have mine as a baby and I loved that our son received one as a gift for his first Christmas. It’s fun to be able to look at the ornaments on your tree and remember special memories tied to each. This one will do that for years to come.

To see more of our recommended products check out our Chick Picks Shop here. It’s our carefully curated shop of products we love and recommend! ❤️

Baby's First Christmas Gift Guide | Baby Chick

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