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10 Photos To Take for Baby’s First Christmas

Make this Christmas extra special by taking photos of your baby's first Christmas! Find cute poses and recreate special traditions.

Published December 8, 2022

With Christmas around the corner, there’s a good chance that memory-making is already in full swing for you and yours. While the holidays are undoubtedly a special time for families with children of all ages, there’s something extra magical about a baby’s first Christmas and capturing it in photos.

Maybe you have a brand-new tiny human to celebrate the season with this year. Perhaps you’ve also got an almost-toddler. Regardless, you’ll probably want to capture as many memorable, fleeting moments as possible. To help you, here are frame-worthy (and Insta-worthy!) photos to take for the baby’s first Christmas. But there’s no shame in taking many more. ‘Tis the season!

10 Photos for Baby’s First Christmas

1. Baby with Milk and Cookies

Baby sleeping on a blanket underneath a Christmas tree wearing a Santa hat holding a cookie with milk and cookies below him.

You can create the magic of Christmas, even if it’s your baby’s first! Recreate this precious photo of them leaving cookies and milk out for Santa. You can have the Christmas tree or the fireplace in the background to set the perfect scene. Hopefully, you’ll also get a “silent night,” but you (and your child) will most definitely treasure this photo for years to come.

2. Baby with Ornament

This adorable photo is perfect if you want to show off a special “baby’s first Christmas” ornament. Whether you’re making a DIY ornament or using a purchased one, you’ll love remembering your baby’s first Christmas and their ornament. All you have to do is lay a cozy blanket down for your baby to do some tummy time wearing their diaper and a Santa hat. Then, grab the ornament and your camera, and you are ready to go! You also don’t have to worry about your baby’s facial expressions in the photo. 😉

3. Baby in a Stocking

If you have a newborn, this is a sweet photo to capture this Christmas. We love how it’s a low-prep picture and perfect for itty-bitty newborns. This photo is a must for holiday season babies, especially those born uber close to Christmas.

4. Matching Family Pajamas

Matching family holiday pajamas are one of the most photo-friendly modern-day Christmas traditions out there (did it really happen if you didn’t take a picture?). With this potentially cheesy albeit adorable photo opportunity, there’s no need to stress about keeping everyone comfortable. Plus, mom and dad can sport the same cozy set year after year while the little ones keep growing.

5. Baby’s First Time Seeing Christmas Lights

Part of the magic of the holiday season with babies is that everything is new to them, even the simplest of light displays. Whether those lights are on the tree, if you take them on a drive around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights, their eyes will be filled with joy and wonder. You can even turn this idea into a Christmas light sensory activity and let them play with the lights. Be prepared to capture awe-struck expressions you’ll cherish forever.

6. The Best Present of All

Of course, our best gifts in life are our children. Wrap them up in a swaddle with a bow or, if they can sit up, set them in wrapped boxes and snap away! Our babies love playing with cardboard boxes, and now mama can get some cute photos of their baby’s first Christmas to remember her biggest blessings and presents of all.

7. Asleep or Relaxing with a Seasonally Inspired Children’s Book

Though the season’s excitement keeps everyone busy, it also makes way for those occasional moments of pure calm and peacefulness. Prop your little one up on your choice of a classic children’s Christmas book for a timeless photo.

8. Making a Gingerbread House or a Gingerbread Smash

I’m sure you’ve heard of cake smashes on birthdays, but have you ever considered doing a gingerbread house (van, village, etc.) smash for a baby’s first Christmas? Omit any small candy pieces and prepare for photo-worthy hands-on fun. If gingerbread building isn’t your thing, you could do this with cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. Regardless, this one encourages genuine smiles and the start of new family holiday traditions.

9. Visiting Santa (and Mrs. Clause, If You’re Lucky!)

The obvious must-do. But here’s a pro tip: use the fact that baby won’t know one Santa from another this year to your advantage and visit as many as your heart desires (or, realistically, as many as your baby tolerates). Because let’s be honest; some Santas are more photogenic than others. If this is your firstborn, this is also a great way to scope out Santa options for future Christmases!

10. Lots of Candids

Get candid photos during the whole holiday season! This can be during your annual tree farm outing of the entire family (hey, mom, that includes you!) decorating the tree. On Christmas morning, opening gifts by the tree. Maybe even photos of your baby napping under the tree. At family gatherings with loved ones who your baby is just getting to know, or at holiday parties and first frolics in the snow. Just take the candids! Baking and eating cookies (if they’re old enough), making snow angels, and more! You can plan for many cherished moments, but the best ones often come naturally. Those might be the ones you and your child will cherish for ages.

Additional Photo Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

  • Elf on the shelf: Get crafty with a red elf costume fit for the littlest of helpers. Use your family’s beloved Elf and the accompanying book for added cuteness as props.
  • Santa baby: A simple Santa hat will do, but how creative you choose to get is up to you! You can keep it simple and sweet or go all out!
  • Christmas tree atop a Cozy Coupe Car: Rounding up a can of holiday-colored spray paint, the classic children’s driving toy, a mini tree (natural or artificial) with rope, and your designated driver will be worth all the effort for this one. Promise!

Capture What Matters Most to You

Whatever angle you choose to go about photographing your baby’s first Christmas from (no pun intended), remember to prioritize what matters most to you. Maybe that’s creating memorable experiences and traditions that are perfect for capturing. Perhaps it’s channeling your inner aspiring photographer self for a prop-adorned, perfectly posed portrayal of all the little details that make your tiny human – and the season – so special. Or it might be a mix. There’s nothing quite like a baby’s first Christmas, so have no shame in soaking it all up and snapping away.

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