To the Mamas Making the Holidays Magical, We See You
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To the Mamas Making the Holidays Magical, We See You

Mamas everywhere are working magic to make the holidays special for their families. Find out how to make your holidays magical.

Updated April 3, 2024

Ah, the holidays. They never fail to show up before many of us feel prepared. Yet somehow, they always end up being magical. But the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t just happen on its own. If there’s any one group of people (apart from Santa’s elves) deserving of credit for never failing to bring that magic to life, it’s moms.

You might not realize it, but you, mama, are the real MVP of the holiday season. You work hard behind the scenes to make the holidays special for your family. We see you, and we applaud you.

To All the Mamas Making the Holidays Magical

On behalf of everyone everywhere, thank you, mamas, for giving meaning to the holidays. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve played a fundamental role in making these days into memories your children will cherish for a lifetime. You’ve taken on the monumental task of creating magic out of chaos and doing it all again, year after year, to see your loved ones’ smiles.

Time and again, you’ve set the entire tone for the season. The one that makes your little ones’ hearts the happiest they’ve ever been. The one that allows everyone to enjoy all the goodness this time of year offers.

You, mama, have assumed the mental load that comes with the seasonal craziness, and you’ve given it your all every year. You fulfill your role of keeping the calendar on the refrigerator full of holiday parties and family get-togethers. You’ve prepared the fixings of army-sized meals to share at gatherings. You make the lists (and check them twice) and ensure no one forgets any details. You’ve built, honored, and maintained traditions you can one day pass on to new generations. For that and so much more, mama, we see you and appreciate you.

You’ve ventured out early to beat the crowds and snag whatever your kiddos desire. You stay up late wrapping gifts for your family, your children’s friends, classmates, teachers, and strangers named on paper angels pulled from shopping center trees. You’ve baked sheet upon sheet of sugar cookies, bourbon balls, and festive goodies galore to share with your family, Santa, and his helpers, coworkers, and neighbors. You’ve seamlessly exhibited an admirable portrait of selfless, joyful giving. And whether you realize it or not, you’ve etched that critical portrait into minds and hearts, where it will remain.

You are the Keeper of Christmas Joy

You’ve glued together amateur gingerbread houses and marveled at your proud little artists’ messy masterpieces. You stuff those stockings to the brim, carefully ensuring nobody feels cheated with the kind of chocolate or the color toothbrush they receive. You’ve been the keeper of the coveted Christmas tree ornaments, delicately unveiling them in that same trusty cardboard box year after year for decorating. And you’ve untangled the special, age-old musical Christmas tree lights to enjoy, once again, using some sort of wizardry to ensure they somehow keep playing, despite the occasional flicker.

You’ve said yes to another holiday movie marathon night, never forgetting the hot chocolate with the mini marshmallows. You send hopeful, crayon-crafted letters to the North Pole and sneakily penned equally heartfelt responses. You’ve done whatever’s humanly possible to make sure Santa leaves whatever those little hearts long for underneath the tree. Speaking of that jolly old guy, you’ve paid the pretty penny for your kids to delight in the simple joys of quick mall encounters adorned by hesitant Polaroids and single candy canes. Even more memorably, you’ve convinced Grandpa to play that special role; and you’ve made magical phone calls and visits with awestruck tiny humans happen.

You’ve rounded up the crazy clan for evening church service followed by the much-anticipated annual extended family dinner and gift exchange, stopping to point out Rudolph’s shining red nose glistening in the night sky (promising it’s absolutely not just a plane passing by). You’ve been the keeper of the candid memories at Grandma’s and Papa’s, ensuring every magical fleeting moment is captured on camera to pass down.

You Remind Everyone What the Season is About

You’ve chauffeured everyone to admire the extravagant Christmas light displays in town, always stopping to point out the silence of the tranquil manger scene. In doing so, you’ve offered quiet reminders that the holidays aren’t just about the hustle and bustle but peace – and maybe even a bit of stillness and calm here and there.

You’ve shuffled eager children with impossible energy off to bed on the most awaited night of the year. You promise them that morning will be near and more fun will ensue. You’ve braved below-freezing temperatures and midnight snowfalls to carefully clean up reindeer trail mix scattered across the backyard, wearing Dad’s boots to mimic St. Nick’s thoughtfully. You’ve stayed up late placing those seemingly elf-wrapped piles of presents just so, only to be woken by youthful squeals mere hours later. Mama, you’ve done all of this and more.

To all the mamas making the holidays magical, thank you. You play the part, and you play it perfectly. You’ve made room for cherished memories in grateful hearts for a lifetime. You bring the season’s spirit to life, and you do so wonderfully.

Thank you, mama, for making the holidays magical. We see you. (To my mom especially; I’m looking at you!)

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