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Monthly Baby Photo Ideas

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to capture your baby's growth with cute photos? We've got a great list of monthly baby photo ideas!

Updated July 2, 2024

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One of the most bittersweet parts of having a new baby is acknowledging the monthly milestones as they get older! I love looking back on photos of my son as he hit each monthly milestone. Capturing these milestones can be fun, and you can get very creative with them. Using themes or milestone blankets, signs, or props are some monthly baby photo ideas most parents can easily do at home!

Of course, as your baby gets older, he may not cooperate as well during your photo sessions! My biggest tip for taking great photos as they age is not to wait until they are tired, hungry, or need a change. This will be morning, right after a nap and feeding for most babies! Also, be sure to enlist the help of someone else and their current favorite toy to capture their attention. If you have an iPhone, make sure your live photos are turned on so you can choose a different still image if it ends up turning out better than the one captured!

Monthly Baby Photo Ideas

Whether you want to take more traditional monthly baby photos or try some more unique ideas, we’ve got you covered. Check out these monthly baby photo ideas:

Monthly Ideas


Just add sprinkles! Donuts are a delicious and adorable way to mark a new month that has passed for your baby. Feel free to use real or faux ones! Add a cute outfit for your baby girl or boy to complete the look.


Yum! Take a bite out of every month with this adorable series of milestone photos! Dress baby in a simple white onesie alongside your favorite pizza of the month for this clever and unique idea.

Baby in Bloom

Such a simple yet gorgeous concept for spring! Add a floral crown for a boho vibe. You can use real florals for the shoot if you prefer, but the plus side of artificial florals is that you can reuse them again and again!

Moses Basket

Baby monthly photo moses basekt
via Etsy

Watch your baby grow when you recreate this adorable Moses basket photo each month. Before you know it, baby will fill the basket! Add monthly milestone markers to complete the photos.


The months really do fly by during that first year. Remember each passing month with this clever calendar baby photoshoot idea. You only need your camera and a desk calendar to create these special memories.

Up in the Air

See how baby grows from fitting comfortably in two hands to putting a little more effort into lifting them above your head. This easy monthly photo idea is a cute and simple way to document baby’s growth!


It is incredible how quickly our babies develop. From lifting their head to crawling to walking, it is amazing to see the changes that take place during that first year. A beautiful rocking horse serves as the prop for this monthly photo series that really highlights development and growth.

Winter Ideas


The most wonderful time of year with your bundle of joy! Choose a Santa hat or an entire baby Santa suit for a precious and memorable photoshoot. Add lights, ornaments, and presents for extra festive photos!

New Years

Cue the sparkling grape juice–it’s time to ring in the new year! This is such a cute idea and easy to find props for. Incorporate gold and silver clothing items for boys and girls. Add noisemakers, confetti, and party hats!

Winter Wonderland

White blankets or sheets plus batten or “fake snow” will set the perfect scene for an adorable Winter Wonderland! Add a baby-sized snowman outfit to take the theme to the next level. Another adorable addition would be twinkling fairy lights.

Valentine’s Day

The sweetest idea that will definitely melt your heart! It’s very simple since all you need is a tube of red lipstick and your lips. You can add pink and red for Valentine’s Day-themed colors and heart elements!

Spring Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day

The luck of the Irish and a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end if you’re lucky! Grab your green and gold outfits. Add a bow for a girl and a bowtie for a boy, plus all your shamrocks!


An adorable and simple way to do a photoshoot for Easter is with a huge basket and plastic, colorful eggs! I’ve done this with my son and added colorful eggs for an extra cute factor.

Cinco De Mayo

Such a colorful and bright photoshoot idea! Add a sombrero, cactus, serape, and all the colors of the rainbow for the cutest photos. I love this idea for May, but it could also be adjusted for a taco-themed shoot any time of the year!

Rainy Day

Rain is a consistent part of the spring season. What could be more perfect than a rainy day-themed photoshoot for baby? This could easily be DIYed using a sheet and paper cutouts. Add a miniature umbrella, rain boots, and a rain jacket for the cutest look!

Summer Ideas


Show your patriotic side with a red, white, and blue photoshoot! Pair with stars and stripes decor for the ultimate USA photos.


What a sweet idea! Snap photos of your little cutie with watermelon to cool off in the dead of summer. Fill a large galvanized tub with water, watermelon slices, and your little darling, of course!

Tropical Surfer

Surf’s up! Pose your little angel with beach gear for the cutest tropical photoshoot. Add sunglasses, a lounge chair, a beach ball, and other accessories for the perfect look!

Fall Ideas


Gobble your little cutie up in a Thanksgiving-themed turkey look! Easy to shoot with a large stockpot and add a turkey hat or outfit!


Monthly Baby Photo Ideas
via Aaron Black

They’re everywhere during the fall—pumpkins! Choose a large one to carve out and insert your baby inside if they can sit, or multiple mini pumpkins to scatter around them for a fall theme. Grab a cute pumpkin hat to complete the look!

Pumpkin Bath

A pumpkin milk bath is such a fun fall photoshoot idea! It’s so easy too. Add milk to a sink or tub, some mini pumpkins, and your baby—then snap away! I wish I had done this idea with my own son since it is so adorable. If you have a baby girl, add a seasonal headband to complete the look!

Milestone Blankets and Cards

This milestone blanket is the method I used for my own son! We had a golf-themed one which was perfect since my husband is obsessed with playing. Other ideas include placards or cards to document each month’s milestone!

Our Favorite Milestone Blankets & Cards

Personalized Milestone Blanket

A white poster with a watercolor splash at the top displays the text

Safari Animal Milestone Blanket

A baby milestone blanket adorned with illustrations of a hippo, zebra, giraffe, elephant, and lion cub. Perfect for monthly baby photo ideas, the blanket features numbers 1 through 12 and the text

Sunshine Milestone Blanket

A white mat features a large yellow sun illustration in the center. Numbers 1 through 12 are evenly spaced around the sun, resembling a clock face—perfect for monthly baby photo ideas. A brown circular tag with text is attached to the top left corner of the mat.

Personalized Grey Stripe Milestone Blanket

A baby milestone blanket with the name

Personalized Rainbow Baby Milestone Blanket

A milestone blanket with a rainbow design and the name

Watercolor Bunny Milestone Cards

A stack of cards marking months one to three is displayed, perfect for monthly baby photo ideas. Each card has delicate illustrations: a white stork for one month, a pink bow for two months, and a bunny for three months. Two black and white butterflies are placed around the cards on a beige background.

Wooden Monthly Milestone Markers

The image shows a set of round wooden discs, each engraved with a number and

Boy's Watercolor Monogram Crest Milestone Set

A decorative card on a textured surface displays

Acrylic Baby Milestone Discs

An arrangement of round, pink milestone cards with white script letters indicating the months:

Printable Monthly Milestone Cards

A hand holding a set of milestone cards, each displaying the number of months in stylized text, starting with

Baby Milestone Cards

A collection of colorful milestone cards is spread out on a textured surface. The cards commemorate various events, such as

Milestone Blocks

Three wooden blocks are stacked together, displaying

Whatever you choose for your monthly milestone photoshoots, remember to keep it fun! The best photos and memories are when your baby’s true personality can shine through. I recommend a ring light or bright natural lighting for great photos! Also, keep in mind you will probably only have a few minutes to snap photos before the baby gets fussy, so make the most of it. Don’t forget to print out and share your precious photoshoot memories with family and friends!

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