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Halloween Gift Baskets for Kids: The Best Toys and Treats!

halloweenUpdated September 27, 2022


Halloween is a beloved holiday for parents and children alike. Getting ready for Halloween takes me back to my childhood, trick or treating with my dad and brother, while my mom stayed behind to pass out candy. Those are memories that I will cherish forever, and I hope to make the same memories with my family for years to come.

You may want to start your own Halloween traditions for your family, and Halloween boo baskets for your little one(s) are a fun way to get your family into the spirit!! You can share the magic of Halloween with your kids through books, treats, and other gifts. Here are some fun finds to inspire you for your Halloween basket.

Halloween Boo Baskets


Baskets & Bags

Halloween Trick or Treat Bucket

Pumpkin Basket

Glow in the Dark Kitty Glitter Treat Bag

Glow in the Dark Pumpkin Treat Bag

Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bucket

Halloween Jelly Bag


Let’s start with the basket! You’ll need a festive base to fill with special toys and treats to celebrate the holiday. From bargain finds to personalized favorites, we have you covered. Some of these baskets and bags can be repurposed into your little one’s trick-or-treat bags as well!!



Halloween Garden Veggie Chips

Made Good Granola Bars

Halloween Fruit Snacks

Halloween Pretzel Treats

Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cake Pops


You’ll find a variety of festive Halloween treats to fill up your little’s boo-basket. There are so many healthy (and not-so-healthy) options, from snacks to candy. How cute are the Halloween cake pops?! These would be so fun to surprise your child with on Halloween morning!



Boo Peek-a-Flap

Trick or Treat Little Pumpkin

Llama Llama Trick or Treat

Don't Push The Button A Halloween Treat

Little Blue Truck's Halloween

Eek! Halloween

Room on the Broom


Here are some book ideas for your baby or toddler to celebrate Halloween as well. Books are a great way to teach your little ones about the magic of Halloween and get them ready for the big night of dressing up as their favorite character and going door to door. The pumpkin finger puppet book is one of my son’s favorite books! I am sure your child will love to find one of these books in their Halloween basket!


Stuffed Animals

Plush Halloween Bears

Plush Halloween Bat

Plush Halloween Ghosts

Halloween Pumpkin Plushie Set

Beary Scary Halloween Teddy Bear

Maurice Monster Plush

Halloween Cow Plush


How cute would these Halloween stuffed animals be in your little one’s Halloween basket?! I can see it now . . . getting their basket on Halloween morning and taking their new Halloween stuffed animal trick or treating that night and to bed. How adorable!


Crafts & Activities

Paint By Sticker Kids

Halloween Craft Kit

Halloween Window Art

Make a Face Sticker Sheets

Halloween Rock Painting Kit

Silly Monsters Foam Magnet Kit

I Spy Halloween Activity Book for Kids


Are you looking for a way to get hands-on with your child while celebrating Halloween? Here are some arts and crafts ideas you can include in your son or daughter’s Halloween basket!! I love doing crafts with my son, and it’s a great alternative to buying new toys since it’s something creative to do together.


Banners, Flags & Tags

Halloween Pennant Flags

Halloween Basket Tags

Halloween Felt Ball Garland

Boo Flags


Are you looking to add a little extra flair to your child’s Halloween boo-basket? The tags, banners, and décor above will personalize the basket and can be repurposed as Halloween décor for years to come! You can purchase all these items through small businesses on Etsy, which is a bonus.


Other Goodies

Halloween Socks

Boo Straws

Pumpkin Light Up Necklaces

Halloween Squishy Toys

Pumpkin Pop Its

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

Halloween Punch Balloons


Here are a few other items that your little ones would love to find in their Halloween basket! The monster socks are absolutely adorable. I have already ordered a pair for my son. The straws featured above will be a festive addition to any Halloween beverage for kids and adults alike!!

I am officially now in the mood to celebrate Fall and Halloween! With the cool temperatures coming in, this is the perfect time to get in the spirit. I hope this boo-basket round-up has inspired you with some new ideas to boost your Halloween celebration. What other ideas do you have to celebrate Halloween with your little one? Will you be going trick or treating this year? Do you have any family traditions surrounding Halloween?

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