Welcome to Chick Chat: The Baby Chick Podcast, where we explore all things related to motherhood, from career and relationships to parenting and wellness. Join me, Nina Spears – “The Baby Chick,” your baby expert and host, as we dive into topics that matter to mothers. We share personal stories and insights and interview experts and parents who provide valuable advice and perspectives. Whether you’re a first-time mom just starting out or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s chick chat!

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Dr. Mona Amin headshot Ep 108

Common Summer Health Issues & How to Treat Them

Summertime is almost here and Dr. Mona is sharing all of the common summer health issues we need to be aware of as parents for our kids!

Paige and Josh Peck sitting at home looking at each other. Paige i holding their new baby. Ep 107

Parenthood with the Pecks: Josh & Paige Peck Share Their Journey

I got to chat with Paige and Josh Peck all about parenthood as they recently welcomed their second baby home. Hear all the details!

Meghan Quinn kneeling down to give her adopted son a hug in a field Ep 106

Finding Your Happily Ever After Through Adoption

Bestselling author Meghan Quinn shares her adoption stories to her two kids and how she found her happily every after as a family of four.

African American mum hugging and kissing her newborn baby on white bed. Close up of infant with young mother Ep 105

Not Your Mother’s Postpartum Tips from the Mama Psychologists

In this episode, Mama Psychologists, Chelsea Bodie and Caitlin Slavens, share their postpartum tips they believe new moms should know.

Mother trying to calm her crying baby girl in bed. Motherhood. Ep 104

Understanding Colic: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Pediatrician Dr. Deena is sharing her expert tips on colic. Sparing no details, you'll leave this episode with a full understanding of colic.

Robin Arzón holding her daughter Athena on her hip. Ep 103

Being a Strong Mama, Raising a Strong Baby

We're chatting with Robin Arzón, Head Peloton Instructor, about her latest book and what it means to be a Strong Mama raising a Strong Baby.

Smiling african american child school boy doing homework while sitting at desk at home, happy mixed-race kid practicing handwriting in notebook, learning to write in exercise book Ep 102

Understanding How Your Child Learns

Betsy Hill, experienced educator, explains the benefits of building cognitive learning skills & how to understand how your child learns best!

Cropped shot of a young girl forming a heart shape with her hands around her eye. Ep 101

How to Raise a Respectful, Loving Child

This episode has simple methods & techniques you can feel good about using to raise an emotionally intelligent, respectful, and loving child.

Young pregnant woman exercising at home. She workout on exercise mat and stretching. Ep 100

The Pregnancy Workout That Can Make Childbirth Easier

Brooke Cates, pre and postnatal fitness expert, is chatting with us about the pregnancy workout that can make childbirth easier. That’s right!

A beautiful multiracial woman lying in a hospital bed smiles affectionately at her newborn baby who is sleeping peacefully in her comforting embrace as they enjoy bonding with skin to skin contact. Ep 99

Taking Charge of Your Birth with Henci Goer

Henci Goer is chatting with us about optimal birth care and offering her best advice to women for them to take charge of their births.

Baby sleeps on stomach and is laying on a soft blue blanket wearing a white onesie and socks and sucking a pacifier. Ep 98

SIDS: What You Need to Know to Reduce the Risk

Dr. Harvey Karp, one of America’s most trusted pediatricians, is sharing everything we need to know about SIDS and how to reduce the risk.

Cute smiling child girl 3-4 year old on mother hands wear knit hat and sweater outdoor. Look at camera. Christmas holiday season. Ep 97

Breaking the Cycles of Family Trauma and Moving Forward

Libby Ward is sharing how to break the cycles of family trauma. She knows firsthand how important it is to heal to become the mom you want to be.

A middle aged Asian mother sits in front of her four year old son sitting on their living room couch and has a serious conversation with him. Ep 96

How to Have Tough Conversations & Prepare Your Child for the Real World

From racism to gun violence & more, it is essential as parents to start these tough conversations with our children. Tara explains why & how.

Side view portrait of young African-American mother breastfeeding cute baby boy and looking at camera. Ep 95

Why Breastfeed? The Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother and Child

On this episode, Dr. Wright shares with us the benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby, the history of breastfeeding, and so much more.

An adorable photo of a three (3) month old baby girl sleeping on her mother's chest. Her mother is looking down at her baby daughter with a soft smile on her face. Ep 93

Rediscovering YOU After Baby with Dr. Ashurina Ream

In this episode, Dr. Ream from Psyched Mommy is sharing her advice and tips for mothers about rediscovering YOU after baby.

Sad little girl sitting on couch while mother tries to talk to her. Loving caring mother trying to communicate with upset daughter. Young hispanic mother asking little girl whats wrong while trying to comfort her and show support. Ep 92

How to Effectively and Compassionately Discipline Our Children

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson is answering our questions and sharing tips on how to effectively and compassionately discipline our children. 

Dr. Sara Reardon working on her physical therapy client. Ep 91

How to Heal Your Pelvic Floor After Baby

Dr. Sara Reardon, the Vagina Whisperer, is sharing her knowledge and expert tips on how to heal your pelvic floor after baby.

Rachael Shepard-Ohta Ep 90

Evidence-Based, Intuitive, and Respectful Baby Sleep Tips from Rachael Shepard-Ohta

If sleep training has not worked for your family, tune into this episode about evidence-based, intuitive, and respectful baby sleep tips.

An adorable toddler boy sits at a table in a doctor's waiting room and reaches up cheerfully to play with a toy bead maze. Ep 89

Everything You Need to Know About Toddler Behavior with Dr. Cathryn

Expert pediatrician of 30 years, Dr. Cathryn answers our questions and shares with us everything we need to know about toddler behavior.

Asian Chinese beautiful woman working from home using laptop carrying her baby boy in living room Ep 88

No Dead Babies: How to Spot Unsafe Products and Protect Your Family

Rachel is sharing strategies to easily identify if products are unsafe on Amazon and ways for parents to find peace of mind.

A unhappy mom holding her baby at home sitting on the couch thinking. Ep 87

The Relationship Between Postpartum Mood Disorders and Sleep

Pediatrician and author, Dr. Harvey Karp, is sharing how postpartum mood disorders and sleep are connected and how moms can combat them.

Yumna sitting on the kitchen counter eating a muffin with a tin of muffins beside her. Ep 86

Tips to Get You Cooking for Your Family with Feel Good Foodie

We are chatting with Yumna Jawad from Feel Good Foodie about her best tips & tricks to get you cooking in the kitchen for your family.

Artificial Insemination. The concept of conceiving a child. Ep 85

Understanding Infertility with Dr. Amy

We have fertility veteran, Dr. Amy Beckley, sharing common fertility struggles and more around understanding infertility.

Brooke and Bridget the Speech Sisters Ep 84

How to Get Your Baby Talking! Tips & Tricks from the Speech Sisters

If you're worried your baby isn't saying enough words, the Speech Sisters are sharing helpful tips to get your baby talking!

Adorable toddler girl painting rainbow on the window glass as sign of hope. Creative games for kids staying at home during lockdown. Ep 83

The Best Tips for Keeping Your Toddler Busy and Happy

We're chatting with Susie Allison from Busy Toddler and she is sharing her best tips for keeping your toddler busy and happy!

Young girl dreaming of flying to space. Illustrative concept. Ep 82

Tips to Empower Our Girls Through Courage, Confidence, and Self-Love

Studies show that a girl's self-esteem peaks at age nine and falls from there. We want to make a change and empower our girls. Here's how.

Close up of african pregnant woman holding her belly - Focus on hands Ep 81

Let’s Make Your Pregnancy Easier! Advice from Dr. Sterling ObGyn

We know that pregnancy isn't easy. That's why we have Dr. Sterling sharing her tips on how to make your pregnancy easier and healthier.