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How Many Hours of Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

How Many Hours of Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

Learn about infant sleep recommendations and a baby sleep schedule that can work for your family.

Safe Sleep: When Can Baby Sleep on his Tummy?

Should Babies Be Sleeping On Their Stomach?

Expert guidelines for safe sleep positions, including when it's safe for your baby to be sleeping on their stomachs.

How to Comfort Your Child During Night Terrors

How To Comfort Your Child During Night Terrors

Explore the differences between a nightmare and a night terror and coping strategies if your baby wakes up screaming from a night terror.

Portrait of cute crying toddler boy. He's in the living room.

Avoiding Toddler Tantrums at Bedtime

Learn what causes toddler tantrums at bedtime, how to handle them when they occur, and what you can do to prevent them.

Mom breastfeeding her baby in the dark. There is a little light in the background.

What Is a Dream Feed and How Can I Do It?

Learn what a dream feed is, why you should do it, and its benefits, and get some tips on doing a dream feed so you can get more sleep.

Cute baby girl looking at her grandmother while laying on the bed with her mother

Bedtime Routine Tips To Help Baby Fall Asleep With Others Besides Mom

Say goodnight with the perfect bedtime routine and learn to make memorable moments with your baby, from playful baths to enchanting stories.

A young mother is kissing her newborn son on the forehead. They are at the hospital. The mother is wearing a hospital gown and the baby is wrapped tightly in a white blanket.

Experts Are Warning Against a Dangerous Baby Sleep Item

Discover why doctors and safe sleep experts advise against using weighted blankets and sleep gear on newborns and infants.

Beautiful mother and daughter sleeping together in bed. It is the evening and there is lamp on. Mom is holding her daughter and keeping her close. There is a teddy bear under the covers.

10 Things Co-Sleeping Parents Think in the Middle of the Night

Discover 10 things co-sleeping parents think in the middle of the night, like whether it's the best decision for everyone.

From above photo of a cute girl lying in the bed at home and napping.

What Is White Noise and Which Noises Can Help With Sleep?

Explore the benefits of color noises like white noise and pink noise and how you can use them to get more restful sleep.

Sleepless woman suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea or stress. Tired and exhausted lady. Headache or migraine. Awake in the middle of the night. Frustrated person with problem. Alarm clock with time.

Tips for Managing Postpartum Insomnia

Postpartum insomnia can be a tough challenge. Discover the causes of this condition and ways you can combat it.

Photo of One year old baby boy sleeping during the day. Baby sleeping with open arms and with pacifier. Daytime sleep of the child. Brown hair baby is sleeping on the back. Adorable baby boy sleeping peacefully at home in the living room

Considering Hiring a Sleep Consultant? What to Know

Navigate the sleep challenges of parenthood and get the rest you need with the help of an experienced sleep consultant.

Close-up view of a newborn baby boy sleeping in a crib

When Your Friend’s Baby Sleeps Through the Night Before Yours

Every parent wants their baby to sleep through the night. Learn how one mom found success with tips from another mom.

Adorable baby sleeping at night. Little girl in pajama taking a nap in room with toy.

When You Can Expect Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

New parents often wonder when their baby will sleep through the night. Learn the truth about baby sleep and set realistic expectations. 

Baby sleeps on stomach and is laying on a soft blue blanket wearing a white onesie and socks and sucking a pacifier.

SIDS: What You Need to Know to Reduce the Risk – Podcast Ep 98

Dr. Harvey Karp, one of America’s most trusted pediatricians, is sharing everything we need to know about SIDS and how to reduce the risk.

Mother sitting in her daughter's nursery with her daughter on her lap as they look at the glow of the Hatch Rest with the lights off in the room.

Baby Sleep Must-Haves: 6-12 Month Olds

Looking to encourage restorative sleep for your baby? Discover the baby sleep must-haves for a happy and well-rested home.

Mummy lulling her crying baby to sleep

Reasons Why Your Baby Wakes Up Crying or Screaming Desperately

As a parent, you can feel quite desperate when your baby wakes up crying hysterically but sometimes this is caused by new milestones.

Cute healthy little Asian 18 months / 1 year old toddler baby boy child sleeping / taking a nap under blanket in bed while hugging teddy bear, Daytime sleep

Naps in Baby’s First Year

Sleep is crucial to your baby’s happiness, so it’s vital to make sure you’re creating the right habits early with your baby's nap schedule.

Best Baby Sleep Tips Ever From Experienced Moms

We've created a collection of some of the best baby sleep tips ever from experienced moms to help you and your little one get some rest.

Cute newborn baby lying on a bed and sleeping at home.

How to Dress Baby Appropriately for Safe Sleep

Learn some tips on how to dress your baby appropriately for safe sleep and how to consider the environment and temperature.

Happy mom and baby with a breastfeeding together in bedroom.

Four-Week-Old Baby: Feeding and Sleep Expectations

4-week-old babies often have a different eating schedule than adults. Understand the feeding and sleep expectations for your baby.

Authentic Close Up Shot of a Mother Soothing and Holding Hand of a Newborn Baby in Child Crib. Caucasian Neonate Toddler at Home in Kids Bedroom. Concept of Childhood, New Llife and Parenthood.

Baby Sleep Regressions: When They Happen and What to Do

Learn about baby sleep regressions including what they are, when they happen and what to do so you can help your baby through them.

A middle aged mother resting on her couch holds her baby in her arm and holds her other hand over her head with a tired and stressed expression.

How to Stay Sane When Your Baby Won’t Nap

Your baby has been crying and restless for days on end and you're at your breaking point. Here is how to stay sane when your baby won't nap.

Caucasian baby sleeping peacefully in his crib

Newly Updated Safe Sleep Guidelines from the AAP

Learn about the updated safe sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and what the Safe Sleep for Babies Act means for you.

Rachael Shepard-Ohta

Evidence-Based, Intuitive, and Respectful Baby Sleep Tips from Rachael Shepard-Ohta – Podcast Ep 90

If sleep training has not worked for your family, tune into this episode about evidence-based, intuitive, and respectful baby sleep tips.

Young adult mother sitting on her bed looking down at her three month old baby sleeping in his cot

The Most Overlooked Safe Sleep Practices that Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Safe sleep practices are top of mind for any parent. Find out what 5 overlooked ones you should follow to get better rest.

Baby boy laying in a dockatot.

Baby Loungers and Sleep: Pros & Cons

Baby loungers provide a comforting space for your little one to relax and play. Find out what you need to consider when using them for sleep.

Close up of sleeping, swaddled newborn baby girl

When to Stop Swaddling Your Baby

When should you stop swaddling your baby? Learn what signs to look for and how to transition them away from the swaddle here!

Newborn girl lies in white cradle with mobile above

Creating Your Baby’s Schedule: What to Know and Consider

Creating your baby's schedule may seem a bit daunting. Here is what you need to know and consider before creating a sleep schedule.

A unhappy mom holding her baby at home sitting on the couch thinking.

The Relationship Between Postpartum Mood Disorders and Sleep – Podcast Ep 87

Pediatrician and author, Dr. Harvey Karp, is sharing how postpartum mood disorders and sleep are connected and how moms can combat them.

Happy loving young African American mom lying in bed caress cuddle little toddler daughter kid. Caring biracial mother relax in bedroom at home lull small baby girl child to sleep.

You’re Still a Good Mom If Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep Through The Night

Am I failing if my baby still wakes up every night? No. You're still a good mom if your baby doesn't sleep through the night. Here's why.