Welcome to Chick Chat: The Baby Chick Podcast, where we explore all things related to motherhood, from career and relationships to parenting and wellness. Join me, Nina Spears – “The Baby Chick,” your baby expert and host, as we dive into topics that matter to mothers. We share personal stories and insights and interview experts and parents who provide valuable advice and perspectives. Whether you’re a first-time mom just starting out or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let’s chick chat!

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Young girl dreaming of flying to space. Illustrative concept. Ep 82

Tips to Empower Our Girls Through Courage, Confidence, and Self-Love

Studies show that a girl's self-esteem peaks at age nine and falls from there. We want to make a change and empower our girls. Here's how.

Close up of african pregnant woman holding her belly - Focus on hands Ep 81

Let’s Make Your Pregnancy Easier! Advice from Dr. Sterling ObGyn

We know that pregnancy isn't easy. That's why we have Dr. Sterling sharing her tips on how to make your pregnancy easier and healthier.

Parents holding their baby Ep 80

When Partners Become Parents: Essential Relationship Advice from Catherine O’Brien

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & founder of Happy With Baby, Catherine O'Brien is sharing helpful relationship advice for new parents.

Newborn baby sleeping in safety while mother is holding and smiling at her Ep 79

Debunking Baby Sleep Myths

As parents, we hear all the sleep tips & rules. But is everything accurate? Janey Reilly is taking with us about al the baby sleep myths.

Front view of cropped long hair brunette caucasian pregnant woman, sitting in crossed legs, in yoga pose, in bed at home, holding her belly with hand. Ep 78

How to Be More Mindful in Motherhood: Tips & Exercises to Stay Present

Josephine Atluri shares some incredible insight on how to become more mindful in motherhood along with tips and exercises to say present! 

Black postpartum underwear with momotaro spary. Ep 77

Natural Postpartum Healing with Momotaro

So much happens to our bodies after childbirth. Thankfully there are gentle products that can help us like Momotaro Apotheca.

Young woman patient lying at hospital bed feeling sad and depressed worried. Ep 76

Birth Trauma and How to Overcome a Difficult Birthing Experience

We're chatting with psychologist Teela Tomassetti about birth trauma and how to overcome a difficult birthing experience. Here's what to know.

Worried new mom with baby girl in her arms Ep 75

Cognitive Changes in Motherhood and the Real Scoop on Mommy Brain

Dr. Mona shares how to support your own cognitive changes (aka mommy brain) while also fueling your baby’s cognitive changes.

Pregnant mom sitting down at the table eating a bowl of food with her 9Moons app on her phone. Ep 74

Nutrition in Pregnancy: How DNA Affects Our Nutritional Needs & What We Can Do

We are chatting with Dr. Nicole Avena about nutrition in pregnancy, how our DNA and lifestyle play a major part, as well as what we can do.

Cropped shot of a little girl crying while being comforted by her father on Christmas morning Ep 73

Good Habits to Implement Now to Prevent Toddler Tantrums During the Holidays

The holidays are stressful enough without meltdowns. Luckily, Leanne has some tools to help us prevent toddler tantrums during the holidays.

Kath Baquie walking with a new mom who is pushing a stroller. Ep 72

Helpful Tips to Boost Your Postpartum Recovery

Today, I'm talking with Katherine Baquie, founder of FitNest Mama. Kath is sharing her tips on how to help boost your postpartum recovery.

Naomi Coe sitting in front of a crib in a little girl's nursery. Ep 71

How to Design Your Perfect Nursery

An exciting yet overwhelming part of planning for baby is designing your perfect nursery. Interior designer, Naomi Coe, is sharing her tips!

Little baby boy and his mother walking in the fields. Mother is holding and tickling her baby, babywearing in sling Ep 70

Frequently Asked Questions About Babywearing Answered

Interested in babywearing? Today, two experts are answering frequently asked questions about babywearing and they're sharing their tips.

Close up of young Caucasian girls legs sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with her pajama pants round her ankles. Ep 69
potty training

Potty Training, Bedwetting, and Childhood Constipation: What This Doctor Wants Parents to Know

Dr. Hodges is the country's leading authority on bedwetting, potty training & childhood constipation. Today, he's answering our questions.

A placenta shortly after the cord was cut from the baby. Ep 68

What To Do With Your Placenta After Giving Birth

Today we are talking with Cliodhna Griffin about what a placenta does and what options women have after it has detached from their uterus.

Mother putting her baby down in a safe sleep space on a Naturepedic mattress. Ep 67

How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe

Barry Cik is on the show sharing what the biggest risks & dangers are with infant sleep & why breathability is important in crib mattresses.

A 5-month-old rainbow baby girl wearing blue shorts, a light yellow shirt and a white bow on top of different color fabric making a warm-colored Autumn rainbow. Ep 66

A Rainbow Baby Story: One Mom’s Storm and Rainbow

With National Rainbow Baby Day, August 22nd, we have Taylor Molitierno sharing her rainbow baby story with us. We are moved and honored.

Erin Bagwell holding her toddler daughter, Ginny. Ep 65

Maternal Mental Health: One Mom’s Story About Her First Year of Motherhood

On this episode, we are talking to filmmaker and mother, Erin Bagwell, about the importance of maternal mental health and her film, Year One.

Shot of a mother bonding with her little daughter daughter at home Ep 64

How to Handle Toddler Tantrums with Grace

All toddlers have tantrums and they can be exhausting. Devon Kuntzman is sharing tips on how parents can handle toddler tantrums with grace.

Brittany Werth, mom of triplets, holding her three babies. Ep 63

What It’s REALLY Like Being a Mom of Triplets

Brittany Werth is a mom of triplets and she's sharing about her pregnancy, her transition from one child to four, and what all mothers need to know.

Mother sitting on the couch holding her new baby and her partner looking over her shoulder at the baby as they both look fondly at the child. Ep 62

Ways Partners Can Help New Moms During Postpartum

This episode is for all the partners who have just had a baby. If you're not sure how you can help new moms during postpartum, listen here!

Cropped shot of a pregnant woman having a consultation with a female doctor Ep 61

How to Participate in Shared Decision Making with Your Doctor During Pregnancy

Good healthcare starts with communication. Dr. Auguste shares how to participate in shared decision making with your doctor during pregnancy.

Cute little girl having fun with parents in pool. Ep 60

Water Safety with Kids: What Parents Need to Know

It's summertime and families are spending more time in the water. With kids, you have to be safe, so we're talking all about water safety.

Young beautiful mother, breastfeeding her newborn baby boy at night, dim light. Ep 59

Food and Emotional Support During Postpartum

Postpartum can be a beautiful yet fragile time. Here's what women need to know about the foods and support during postpartum they deserve.

Happy family with newborn in hands Ep 58

What to Expect During the Postpartum Period

Postpartum is a time that not enough expecting women prepare for. Here's what to know and expect during the postpartum period.

Young pregnant woman in the hospital ward and ready to delivery a baby. Ep 57

What to Expect When You Check Into the Hospital in Labor

Reduce your fear of childbirth by educating yourself. We're chatting about what to expect when you check into the hospital in labor.

new born baby at hospital with mother Ep 56

VBAC: Everything You Need to Know

We're talking about VBAC: how to know if you’re a good candidate, the benefits & risks, what you can do to increase your chances, & more!

A woman holding her new baby after giving birth in the water. Ep 55

What to Expect During Labor and a Vaginal Birth

We've covered what to expect during each trimester and now we are sharing our birth stories & what to expect during labor & a vaginal birth.