No Dead Babies: How to Spot Unsafe Products and Protect Your Family

No Dead Babies: How to Spot Unsafe Products and Protect Your Family – Podcast Ep 88

Rachel is sharing strategies to easily identify if products are unsafe on Amazon and ways for parents to find peace of mind.

Updated July 28, 2023

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert

We love Amazon and shop on their site frequently, especially since we’ve become parents. However, we’ve learned that not everything listed for sale on Amazon is safe. This is very eye-opening and concerning for consumers, and we had to learn more. We’re chatting with Rachel Johnson Greer about what we need to know to spot unsafe products on Amazon to keep our families safe.

Rachel is the author of No Dead Babies: How Amazon Pursued Profit Above Safety and How to Protect Your Family. She worked in the compliance department at Amazon’s headquarters for over a decade until she was deposed for speaking up for consumers’ safety. A mother herself, Rachel was sickened by the reports of children that lost their lives due to faulty products. She is on a mission to give parents the knowledge they need to keep their families safe.

“If you’re a customer of a publicly-traded company, you are not their priority. You are their inputs so they can maximize shareholder value.” – Rachel

We’re grateful to chat with Rachel today. She’s sharing how your Amazon cart may put you and your family at risk, strategies to quickly and easily identify if a household item or children’s toy is dangerous, and ways for parents to find peace of mind in an often daunting marketplace.

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Resources that Rachel Recommends:

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