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Our Favorite Baby Carriers

Discover the best baby carriers to make the marathon of raising tiny humans easier. Our top picks make comfort key.

Updated July 16, 2024

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Babywearing is a game changer in the marathon of raising tiny humans. You need an excellent baby carrier. Or a wearable carrying device that allows you to keep your baby close and your hands-free. But the number of carriers on the market might be overwhelming. We’ve rounded up our top picks so you (and your back) can find comfort.

Types of Baby Carriers

  • Structured carrier: Built like a backpack, it utilizes shoulder straps and a padded front or back carry “pack.”A structured carrier offers multiple carry positions and comfortable support.
  • All-in-one-carrier: An all-in-one baby carrier is for those newborn days through toddlerhood. These typically feature multiple carry positions.
  • Mini carrier: Mini carriers are for easy wearing and close proximity to mama’s heartbeat.
  • Wrap: A wrap is a single, long, stretchy piece of material that ties around the body to provide womb-like comfort for the baby.
  • Ring sling: A ring sling is made from one piece of wide fabric, looped together by two rings, and worn over the shoulder and torso. This creates a cozy seating space for the baby.
  • Babywearing shirt: A babywearing shirt is made like a typical T-shirt – with a built-in “pouch” on the front designed to mimic the womb. Babywearing shirts are built for newborns.

When and Why You’d Use a Baby Carrier

Babywearing can be done from when your baby is born through their toddler years. There are many benefits to babywearing, including the following:

  • Babywearing promotes closeness for mom and baby. It naturally lends itself to kangaroo care and skin-to-skin contact in the early days and beyond.
  • Babywearing frees up your hands. This lets you keep your little bundle close while knocking items off your to-do list. Babywearing is hugely helpful for parents of multiple children.
  • Babywearing is convenient. Because baby carriers are lightweight and compact, they’re much easier to throw in the car and toss your baby in for your day’s outings (vs. bulky strollers, etc.). On the other hand, baby carriers can also be easily stowed in any stroller basket.
  • Babywearing is comforting for the mom (or caregiver) and baby. Is anything more peaceful than a perfectly content baby snuggled up against your chest?

What to Look for When Choosing a Baby Carrier

Many great baby carrier options exist, but no two are exactly alike. They tend to vary quite a bit. Here’s what you’ll want to consider when searching for your perfect fit.

  • Weight and age requirements: Most carriers have a minimum and maximum weight limit, and many also have minimum age requirements. You’ll want to be sure your baby is within your carrier’s required range.
  • Ergonomic design: Spine and hip health are critical aspects of human development in the early years, so your carrier must be ergonomically designed to provide proper support.
  • Carry positions: Some carriers are made for front-wearing only, while others allow for the added versatility of forward-facing and back-carrying options. This is a personal preference, but if you’re particular about the carry position, be sure to do your research before purchasing.
  • Safety: Safety-tested carriers will be clearly labeled as such. In particular, look for tags referencing hip-safety approval by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and OEKO-TEX non-toxic fabric certification.
  • Comfort: Whether this means padded shoulder straps, broad support at the waist, or breathable all-season fabric, comfort should always be a top consideration when choosing a baby carrier.

Our Favorite Baby Carriers

After comparing parent reviews, doing thorough research, and testing dozens of baby carriers, we’ve compiled our favorites that made our top picks below.

Best Overall (Tie): Lillebaby Complete 6-in-1 Baby Carrier

A woman with long dark hair wearing an orange outfit is smiling at the camera while holding a baby in a gray baby carrier strapped to her front. The baby carriers are facing forward and wearing a light-colored outfit.
Amazon Amazon
$97.99 Shop now
Target Target
$99.99 Shop now
Pottery barn kids Pottery Barn Kids
$99.99 Shop now

This structured carrier supports babies from 7-45 lbs. and features dense, plush shoulder and waist belt padding, a wide waist belt and solid lumbar support for superior comfort, and adjustable straps worn straight or crossed on the back. It’s easy to wear and adjust and has an optional front panel revealing a mesh opening for convenient temperature regulation. The Lillebaby Complete is a parent favorite, offering excellent support, superior comfort, and unique versatility for you and your baby.

Why We Love It:

  • User-friendly design with multiple carry positions
  • Easily adjustable and suitable for long-term use
  • Available in All-Seasons, Luxe, and Airflow Dlx — all offer unique features such as a zip-down front panel to adjust for added airflow or warmth, premium fabrics and trendy details, and lightweight, moisture-wicking mesh.
  • Removable sun hood for added protection for baby
  • Excellent lumbar support and customizable fit
  • Rated hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Excellent blend of both comfort and convenience

Parent’s Thoughts: The Lillebaby Complete is the only baby carrier you’ll ever need (although Lillebaby’s impressive selection of colors, designs, and models will tempt you to purchase a second . . . or third). It provides excellent comfort, versatility, and support and is built to meet you and your baby at whatever stage you’re in.

Best Overall (Tie): ErgoBaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

An adult is carrying an infant in a grey baby carrier. The baby is facing outward, wearing a white outfit and white shoes. The adult, dressed in a white t-shirt, smiles while looking down at the baby. Both appear to be content with their stylish baby carrier choice.
Shop Ergobaby
$179.00 Shop now
Amazon Amazon
$113.45 Shop now
Pottery barn kids Pottery Barn Kids
$180.00 Shop now

Another structured carrier suitable for all seasons and babies 7-45 lbs., the Omni 360 supports an array of carry positions and is made to fit all caregivers comfortably. ErgoBaby Omni 360 is ergonomic in every position and features crossable straps, breathable mesh, and a detachable storage pouch.

Why We Love It:

  • User-friendly and versatile with numerous carry positions
  • Breathable with excellent ventilation
  • Comfortably grows with baby
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee
  • Removable privacy hood for baby (UPF 50+)
  • Sleek, neutral color choices

Parent’s Thoughts: The ErgoBaby Omni 360 makes babywearing simple and enjoyable with its straightforward yet customizable design; it’s perfect for “anytime” babywearing and spans the test of time as the baby grows.

Best For Structured Carrier for Newborns: BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini

A beige baby carrier with adjustable straps and buckles. The BabyBjörn carrier features a front pouch for holding a baby and appears cushioned for comfort and support, making it one of the top-choice baby carriers.
Pottery barn kids Pottery Barn Kids
$109.99 Shop now
Amazon Amazon
$84.99 Shop now
Target Target
$99.99 Shop now
Shop Crate & Kids
$109.99 Shop now
Nordstrom Nordstrom
$109.99 Shop now

BabyBjorn’s Carrier Mini — available in 3D mesh, 3D jersey, and satin-woven cotton— is the perfect first baby carrier for newborns. Its flexible, easy-to-adjust design makes babywearing a breeze for new parents of babies 7-24 lbs.

Why We Love It: 

  • High-quality and simple to use
  • Perfect for newborns and both new and seasoned parents
  • Sturdy and adjustable head support
  • Fast and easy unfastening for lifting sleeping babies
  • Multiple fabric and color options
  • Excellent support for baby and adult

Parent’s Thoughts: Moms and dads have come to love BabyBjorn as a go-to for quality baby gear, making it no surprise that the Baby Carrier Mini is well-loved. Parents appreciate how straightforward this pick is to use and the comfortable support and classic style it offers.

Best Baby Wrap: Moby Classic Wrap Baby Carrier

A woman with shoulder-length brown hair is wearing a light pink baby wrap from the brand Moby, one of the popular baby carriers. She is holding a sleeping baby close to her chest, smiling in her white short-sleeved top and blue jeans.
Shop Moby
$44.99 Shop now
Amazon Amazon
$44.99 Shop now
Target Target
$39.99 Shop now
Pottery barn kids Pottery Barn Kids
$44.99 Shop now

The Moby Classic Wrap boasts superior softness and a cozy, slightly stretchy fit that is easy to customize to ensure the perfect support and comfort as the baby grows. Intended for babies 8 to 33 lbs., the Moby Classic Wrap can be used for front and hip carrying.

Why We Love It:

  • Soft and snuggly
  • Fabric offers an ideal amount of stretch but also supportive material
  • Certified hip-healthy
  • Customizable for a perfect fit at all stages
  • Perfect for all parents, petite to plus size  (one size fits all)
  • Machine washable for easy upkeep

Parent’s Thoughts: The Moby Classic Baby Wrap is soft, stretchy, and cozy for both mom and baby. It is available in various colors and styles and seamlessly fits wearers of all sizes. The Moby Classic Baby Wrap is a perfect option for anyone wanting to try out the closeness and coziness unique to wrap wearing!

Runner-Up, Best Baby Wrap (Tie): Solly Baby Wrap

A woman with dark hair pulled back into a loose updo is holding an infant close to her chest in a brown baby carrier. She is wearing a white, short-sleeved blouse and smiling slightly. The background is plain and light-colored.
Shop Solly Baby
$69.99 Shop now
Shop Crate & Kids
$69.00 Shop now
Nordstrom Nordstrom
$69.00 Shop now

This buttery-soft, lightweight baby wrap is made from 100% certified TENCEL Modal and keeps babies 8-25 lbs. snug, safe, and cozy. Solly Baby Wrap comes in an array of heirloom-quality colors and prints, yielding a product that’s both functional and beautiful.

Why We Love It:

  • Superior softness and comfort
  • Fabric is cool to the touch, very soft, and gentle on baby’s skin
  • Certified hip-healthy
  • Customizable fit evenly distributes weight across your upper body
  • Free babywearing consultations are available
  • Aesthetically-pleasing color and design choices

Parent’s Thoughts: The Solly Baby Wrap looks and feels like luxury (or a big hug for Mama and her baby). While wearing a wrap can be intimidating, Solly’s video tutorials and customer service make mastering the learning curve simple.

Runner-Up, Best Baby Wrap (Tie): Boba Baby Classic Wrap

A woman with long dark hair smiles while holding a baby in a gray wrap carrier, one of the coziest baby carriers available. The baby, wearing light clothing, is securely nestled against her chest with the wrap knotted at her side. The woman is wearing a white shirt and dark pants.
Amazon Amazon
$37.95 Shop now
Target Target
$44.99 Shop now
Shop Boba
$39.99 Shop now

This one-size-fits-all baby wrap is made from a cozy 95% French terry cotton blend and supports babies 7 lbs. and up with its inward-facing carry. Boba’s Classic Wrap provides comfort and peace of mind, offering an ergonomic design that guarantees proper weight distribution.

Why We Love It: 

  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Sturdier fabric for a more secure fit than some baby wraps
    Certified hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Adjustable spandex fabric prevents stretching out over time
  • Suitable for breastfeeding while babywearing
  • Complimentary fit consultations

Parent’s Thoughts: Parents love the comfort and stretch of the Boba Wrap, claiming it grows and adjusts with the baby (and caregiver) seamlessly. Parents especially love this wrap for newborn days, frequently referencing its role in promoting everyday bonding.

Best Ring Sling: Wildbird Ring Sling

A woman stands, holding a baby in a gray ring sling baby carrier. Wearing a floral-patterned dress and with her hair tied back, they both look towards the camera against a beige background. Baby carriers like hers offer both style and function for modern parenting.
Target Target
$69.99 Shop now
Shop Wildbird
$74.00 Shop now

The Wildbird Ring Sling is available in both linen and modal, both of which come in standard length (74 inches) and long (90 inches) and various unique colors and prints. Furthermore, customers select between bronze, rose gold, and black rings. Wildbird Ring Slings are made for babies 8-35 lbs.

Why We Love It:

  • Excellent price point for a high-quality ring sling
  • Versatile carry options (front, facing out, back, and hip)
  • Available in an assortment of stunning fabrics
  • Easy to use (no wrapping or buckling)
  • Short and manageable fabric that won’t touch the ground
  • Easily folds to fit inside of a diaper bag or purse

Parent’s Thoughts: The Wildbird Ring Sling is quick, easy to use, and secure – making it perfect for newborns and toddlers. Parents also love how stylish and customizable this carrier is.

Runner-Up, Best Ring Sling: Hope & Plum Ring Sling

A woman with long dark hair smiles while holding a baby in a floral patterned sling, one of the many stylish and functional baby carriers available. She is wearing a pink long-sleeve top and a checkered skirt. The background is plain white.
Shop hope&plum
$154.99 Shop now

This compact ring sling provides three carry positions and supports babies 8-35 lbs. Handmade by moms for moms with natural dyes and fibers, Hope & Plum’s Ring Slings are size-inclusive carriers boasting four adjustable lengths. This particular carrier is available in both hemp and linen blends.

Why We Love It:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Available in unique, vintage-inspired prints
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Can be used for belly support during pregnancy
  • Suitable for breastfeeding while babywearing
  • Available in short, mid, long, and extra-long lengths

Parent’s Thoughts: Parents appreciate Hope & Plum’s dedication to babywearing size inclusivity, eco-friendliness, and gorgeous designs, as well as the simplicity of use this carrier provides.

Best Ready-to-Wear: Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

A smiling woman holds a baby in a grey wrap carrier. Next to her is a box labeled
Amazon Amazon
$59.95 Shop now
Target Target
$59.95 Shop now
Nordstrom Nordstrom
$59.95 Shop now

Baby K’tan is a pre-wrapped, ready-to-wear baby carrier that fits like a T-shirt and evenly distributes weight across the back and shoulders. This cotton wrap offers five carry positions and is individually sized from XXS to extra large for a precise, custom fit.

Why We Love It:

  • Simplified wrap-style babywearing
  • Versatile carry positions (including hip)
  • Made to fit a range of sizes
  • No buckles, rings, snaps, or zippers – just comfortable fabric
  • Ergonomic and comfortable for parent and baby
  • Deemed hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Parent’s Thoughts: Baby K’tan is applauded for its individualized sizing approach and T-shirt-like comfort. Parents note the simplicity of the wrap, pointing out its readiness for wearing straight out of the box. Parents also appreciate how easy it is to wash this carrier.

Best Compact: Tula Lite Baby Carrier

A gray baby carrier with padded shoulder straps, a front pouch with a zipper, and an orange label displaying a logo at the top. The baby carriers feature adjustable buckles and a structured seat designed for carrying babies comfortably.
Amazon Amazon
$89.00 Shop now
Shop Tula
$89.00 Shop now

The Tula Lite is truly one of a kind in that it can conveniently be packed into its own waistband when not in use, making it an obvious option for taking on the go. Tula Lite is made of quick-drying ripstop material, includes a detachable hood, and is safe for babies 12-30 lbs.

Why We Love It:

  • Ultra-compact, lightweight, and travel friendly
  • Packs away into the waistband for easy take-along
  • Durable, woven, quick-drying nylon fabric
  • Features a front-hip pouch for stashing belongings
  • Ergonomic and deemed hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Available in a variety of bold prints and patterns

Parent’s Thoughts: Parents love the ability to pack Tula Lite away quickly and easily, raving about its lightweight and portable design. In addition, parents appreciate the front-hip storage pouch and durable fabric – especially for outdoor use.

Best High-End: Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

This stylish baby carrier in a black and white houndstooth pattern features adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt for ergonomic positioning. A small embroidered patch with a peacock's feather adorns the bottom, making it one of the most elegant baby carriers available.
Shop Saks Fifth Avenue
$390.00 Shop now
Shop Harrods
$395.00 Shop now

Artipoppe Zeitgeist is a luxury structured baby carrier made to be easily adjustable for newborn through toddler babywearing (7-45 lbs.). Artipoppe prides itself on its high-quality fabrics, including organic cotton, cashmere, velvet, and silk. Artipoppe offers four sizing positions, and three carry positions, and ergonomic support.

Why We Love It:

  • Luxurious fabrics and beautiful designs
  • Minimalistic style with superior support and multiple ergonomic carry positions
  • Breastfeeding-friendly
  • Built from sustainability-centered practices
  • Complimentary gift packaging
  • Certified hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute

Parent’s Thoughts: Artipoppe is renowned for being considered the carrier to wear if you want to make a statement (and enjoy your baby-wearing journey to the fullest). Parents choose Artipoppe for its step-above-the-rest luxury design and fall in love with it for its unparalleled comfort and ease of use.

Best Babywearing Shirt (Especially for Dads!): Lalabu Dad Shirt

A dark gray short-sleeve shirt with a v-neck collar, noticeable seam lines, and a slightly heathered fabric. It features a small pocket on the front, perfect for essentials. The brand name
Shop Lalabu
$79.95 Shop now
Amazon Amazon
$79.95 Shop now

The Lalabu Dad Shirt is the first (and arguably best) baby-wearing shirt out there. Available in sizes S-2XL, the Dad Shirt allows dads (or moms, if you’re lucky enough to grab it from your partner’s closet before he makes it his everyday go-to) to tuck baby into an open front pouch and proceed as normal. Safe for 7-15 lbs.

Why We Love It:

  • A safe, simple, cozy must-have for the newborn months
  • Designed especially for dads (but comfortable enough for anyone)
  • Builds babywearing confidence while promoting early bonding
  • Straightforward, no-frills design leaves little room for error
  • Easy to wash
  • Available in a handful of neutral, classic colors

Parent’s Thoughts: Dads are big fans of this especially-for-them carrier, noting user-friendliness and simple, dad-approved style as favorite aspects of the shirt. Moms deem it a win for its gift-worthiness, seamless ability to promote daddy-baby (or mama-baby!) bonding in the newborn phase, and sturdy, high-quality fabric.

Regardless of your baby carrier of choice, it’s essential to remember key safety guidelines for babywearing. For example:

  1. Always adhere to your particular carrier’s size and age range. Baby carriers are safety tested and deemed usable for specific developmental stages, weights and lengths; ensuring your carrier matches your baby is crucial.
  2. Your carrier should be worn tight to the body, holding the baby snugly against you while also providing adequate lumbar support.
  3. Baby’s face should always be in view, with the top of their head close enough to kiss. The fabric shouldn’t ever cover your little one’s face, so you must adjust it to see them.
  4. There should always be at least a finger’s space between the baby’s chin and chest; anything less than this can threaten their ability to breathe.
  5. Baby’s back should always be supported in its natural position to avoid slumping and, therefore, risk of breathing trouble.
  6. If your carrier allows for a forward-facing carry, wait until your baby can hold their head up steadily to utilize this position (typically between 4-6 months, but it can vary).
  7. Always contact customer service for assistance if you’re unsure whether you’re using your baby carrier properly.

With countless options for baby carriers on the market these days, you’re sure to find one that’s just the right fit for you and your little bundle. While you should certainly take the time to select the carrier that makes the most sense for your personal preferences and needs, we hope these picks help you to find one you love. Happy babywearing!

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