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Mid adult mother putting baby girl in car seat

Baby Safety: Best Practices & Tips for Parents – Podcast Ep 128

Sarah Haverstick is talking about all things baby safety every parent needs to know while in the car and at home with their little ones.

Safe Sleep: When Can Baby Sleep on his Tummy?

Should Babies Be Sleeping On Their Stomach?

Expert guidelines for safe sleep positions, including when it's safe for your baby to be sleeping on their stomachs.

Toddler boy trying to open a cabinet door but there is a baby proofing lock on the cabinet prohibiting him from opening it.

Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist

Welcoming a baby? Make their world safe with our ultimate baby-proofing checklist to learn how to keep your little one safe at home.

Boy helping drowning child girl in swimming pool by doing CPR.

How to Perform Toddler CPR

Tips on how to perform toddler CPR for any parent or caregiver. Understand the necessary steps of toddler CPR and ways to prevent choking.

Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate installed at the top of the stairs at someone's house.

The Top Baby Safety Products for Baby-Proofing Your Home

Help your little one stay safe at home with these must-have baby-proofing products. Learn how to use them and why they're essential.

Little toddler boy opening a drawer. Domestic accident. Dangerous situation at home.

The Most Dangerous Hazard That’s in All of Our Homes

Though there are many dangerous hazards in your home that could harm and even kill your child, this is the most dangerous one.

Little girl blowing her birthday candle

Party Tips for Kids With Food Allergies

Learn six party tips for kids with food allergies that can help you, your child, and the party host enjoy themselves more and stress less.

Caucasian baby sleeping peacefully in his crib

Newly Updated Safe Sleep Guidelines from the AAP

Learn about the updated safe sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and what the Safe Sleep for Babies Act means for you.

First Aid for Babies: Common Emergencies and What To Do

Learn about first aid for babies, common emergencies you may face as a parent, and what you can do to prevent or manage these situations.

Young adult mother sitting on her bed looking down at her three month old baby sleeping in his cot

The Most Overlooked Safe Sleep Practices that Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Safe sleep practices are top of mind for any parent. Find out what 5 overlooked ones you should follow to get better rest.

Baby boy laying in a dockatot.

Baby Loungers and Sleep: Pros & Cons

Baby loungers provide a comforting space for your little one to relax and play. Find out what you need to consider when using them for sleep.

Little Boy Smiling at the camera in Campground

Your Go-to Guide For Keeping Kids With Food Allergies Safe at Summer Camps

Parents of children with food allergies: Learn how to keep your kids safe and navigate the maze of food allergens at summer camp!

Asian Chinese beautiful woman working from home using laptop carrying her baby boy in living room

No Dead Babies: How to Spot Unsafe Products and Protect Your Family – Podcast Ep 88

Rachel is sharing strategies to easily identify if products are unsafe on Amazon and ways for parents to find peace of mind.

Mother is holding her baby on her lap and the other hand is holding a slice of pizza in front.

30 Worst First Foods for Baby: Which Foods Are Unsafe and Should Be Avoided

There are certain first foods for baby that are unsafe and should be avoided. Here are 30 of them to keep away from your baby.

Newborn Baby Sleeping In Nursery Cot

New Research Discovers How to Spot Babies at Risk of SIDS

New research finds SIDS deaths may be related to a combination of factors and parents may be able to know if their baby is at risk of SIDS.

Unrecognizable parents giving a happy newborn baby a bath at home.

8 Bath Safety Tips for Bathing Baby

Bathing your baby for the first time may be a little daunting. Here are 8 bath safety tips for getting the job done well and right!

The Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle: A Parent Favorite!

Baby monitors provide parents peace of mind. But which should you choose? Check out the Cubo Ai Plus Smart baby monitor and why we love it!

Mother goes pedestrian crossing with daughter on bicycle. A woman with child crossing the road in the city. Back view.

12 Safety Rules Every Child Should Know

The world can be a bit of a scary place when you're a child. As parents, teaching kids these 12 safety rules will help them stay safe.

Close up on child proof cabinet latch and knob on far right

When Should I Babyproof My Home?

Babyproofing is an important task to complete well before you think it's necessary. Here is the why and when to babyproof your home!

Girl using digital tablet at home

Internet Safety for Kids

Our kids are growing up in a world where the internet is a part of everyday life. Here are some tips and tricks for internet safety for kids.

The legs of a little toddler sitting in a high chair at the dining table

High Chair Safety: 14 Safety Tips Every Parent Should Follow

High chairs are essential for most families. But if not used properly, they can cause serious injuries. Here are 14 high chair safety tips.

Latin American boy at home having a tantrum and mother trying to talk to him.

Household Rules That Help Children Feel Safe

Children may seem to hate them, but deep down, rules make kids feel safe. Here are some household rules that you should consider.

Image of an Asian mother swaddle her newborn baby on bed. Woman taking care of her sleeping baby in bedroom

Swaddles and Sleep Sacks: Safety Tips and What to Keep In Mind

Swaddles and sleep sacks are all the rage with mamas these days. Some swear by them. But are they really safe? Here's what you need to know.

african american mother feeding little son porridge or rice cereal at home

Rice Cereal: Why It’s Not The Safest Choice For Your Baby

Rice cereal has been a popular first food for decades, but new findings show it may not be a healthy choice of solids for baby. Here's why.

3 month old beautiful, cute baby with amber necklace lying in bed

The FDA Doesn’t Approve of Teething Necklaces or Bracelets, Here’s Why

Teething jewelry has been all the rage recently. But the FDA does not approve of teething necklaces or bracelets. Here's why.

Mother putting her baby down in a safe sleep space on a Naturepedic mattress.

How to Keep Your Sleeping Baby Safe – Podcast Ep 67

Barry Cik is on the show sharing what the biggest risks & dangers are with infant sleep & why breathability is important in crib mattresses.

Cute little girl having fun with parents in pool.

Water Safety with Kids: What Parents Need to Know – Podcast Ep 60

It's summertime and families are spending more time in the water. With kids, you have to be safe, so we're talking all about water safety.

Young Caucasian mother shops for baby products while walking down the baby aisle in a supermarket. She is looking at the variety of diapers. Her baby is sitting in the shopping cart.

What Parents Need to Know about Baby Product Safety Standards

It can be overwhelming to raise a baby in a world full of product recalls! Here is what you should know about baby product safety standards.

Mother and son sitting at the top of the stairs next to the Qdos crystal baby gate.

How to Keep Your Baby Safe and Your Home Beautiful

When you have a baby, every parent needs to keep their baby safe and baby-proof their home. Here are the Qdos products that we recommend.

Legs of a sleeping baby on his abdomen in his crib. Infant's feet.

When is It Safe for Baby to Sleep on His Tummy or Side?

So you caught your baby rolling to his tummy to sleep. Should you leave him there?When is it safe? Here are the facts.