The Top Baby Safety Products for Baby-Proofing Your Home
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The Top Baby Safety Products for Baby-Proofing Your Home

Help your little one stay safe at home with these must-have baby-proofing products. Learn how to use them and why they're essential.

Updated April 23, 2024

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When babies reach the age when they are on the move, there’s not much they understand yet about rules and safety. This is where you come in. Baby-proofing unsafe places and restricting their access to hazardous items are super important once you’ve got a crawler.

So, what can you do? There are tons of products on the market to baby-proof your home. Since that can be overwhelming, we created this list of must-have baby-proofing products. Under each category, we detail what each product does, how and when to use it, and why you may need it. We feel four types of baby-proofing products are the most necessary, and each has options depending on your home. See what might work best for you and your little one. So, how do you know what you need? Well, here we break down each product type and the reasons you may need it.

Baby Gates

You may need a baby gate (or two or more) in your home for several reasons. The most obvious for baby-proofing is keeping your mobile baby out of unsafe rooms that don’t usually have doors, like the kitchen. Baby gates are also often used at the top and bottom of staircases since crawling babies are naturally curious and most likely nowhere near ready to be using stairs. Here are our favorite baby gates that are great for different reasons.

Best Wide Gate

Regalo Easy Step Walk Through Gate

Woman and baby sitting on floor in front of white baby gate
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Depending on the doorway you need a gate for, you will need to consider the size. This gate allows you to expand it for wider spaces. It’s easy to install and affordable. For example, if you have an unusually large doorway to your kitchen, you may choose this one over others for baby-proofing.

Best Extra Tall Gate

Summer Infant Extra Tall Safety Baby Gate

Dark grey baby gate
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What’s best about this baby gate is that it can also be used through the toddler stage. Its extra tall design keeps your growing little one from getting too interested or successfully climbing over the gate. Plus, it is safe at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Most Attractive Gate

Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate

Qdos Crystal Designer Baby Safety Gate
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We absolutely love this baby gate with its clean, contemporary modern design. Our Editor in Chief raves about it and can’t recommend it enough. It’s easy to install, simple to use, and meets the toughest European Safety Standards and the U.S. and Canadian Standards. This baby gate proves that baby-proofing your home doesn’t have to be ugly!

Best Indoor/Outdoor Gate

EasyBaby Retractable Baby Gate

White retractable baby gate
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We highly recommend this one if you need a gate that can be used for baby-proofing indoors and outdoors. It’s retractable, great for when it isn’t in use, and super easy to install. It is also safe for the bottom of the stairs inside or outside if you have a porch entrance. The sturdy mesh material can handle being out in the elements.

Outlet Covers

To keep those tiny fingers safe, outlet covers are a necessity. There are a couple of different types, and we picked out two favorites. They’re affordable and effective.

Best Sliding Cover

Kidco Universal Outlet Cover

White outlet cover
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This outlet cover completely replaces your current covers. They are very easy to install with a screwdriver. Just swap out the covers, and this one from Kidco has a sliding mechanism that covers the outlet when not in use.

Best Plugs

Safety 1st Plug Protectors

Outlet covers
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If you want something a little quicker, I highly recommend plug protectors. I have used these with all my kids and confirm they work great. They’re easy to remove when needed but difficult for little hands to play with.

Furniture Anchors

Many accidents with kids and furniture occur because of how heavy things are, and sometimes they don’t stand straight. Curious little ones will likely test their limits and tug on drawers or TV stands, causing them to fall on them. This is extremely dangerous, which is why it’s great to anchor your furniture.

Best for Heavy Furniture

Hangman Anti-Tip Kit

Ant-tip kit
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This anti-tip kit works great for all sorts of furniture. It comes with everything you need to screw the brackets into the wall to keep dressers, bookshelves, etc., from tipping over. Plus, it can hold up to 400 lbs., making it strong and durable. It will give you peace of mind without emptying your wallet.

Best TV Strap

Safety First TV and Furniture Safety Straps

Furniture straps
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Even though this safety strap is marketed for TV, it can also be used for some furniture. It is recommended that you secure your TV to the stand it is on and then the stand to the wall for optimal safety. My children touch our TV whenever they get the chance, and I rest easier knowing it is safely anchored and can’t tip.

Cabinet Latches

There are cabinets in almost every room in your home. And don’t forget the drawers! Some contain sharp objects, cleaning supplies, and other things children should not have access to. I picked two of the best cabinet and drawer latches that work great for different types of doors and cabinets. Both are easy to use and very effective.

Best Sliding Locks

Safety 1st Cabinet Slide Lock

Cabinet slide lock
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These hardware-free locks are a quick and easy way to secure cabinet doors. They attach tightly and loosen easily (for an adult, of course). Its design won’t scratch your cabinet doors or harm your child if they get curious and touch the lock.

Best for Multi-Use

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi-Use Latches

multi-use latches
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I love these latches. They can be used for all sorts of things: drawers, cabinets, or even doors on your TV stand. You can install them quickly, and the adhesive won’t damage your furniture. The design requires a dual-button operation, making it difficult for your little one to open it. These come in multi-packs, too.

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every home should have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You can never predict when a fire will occur in your home, so having extra protection is essential, especially when you have children. The same goes for carbon monoxide since it is odorless. Exposure is dangerous and life-threatening. We picked our favorite combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors so you can get peace of mind with one device.

Best Value

First Alert Powered Alarm Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Protector

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
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This is a simple and affordable smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It is battery-powered, so it will continue functioning even during a power outage. What I like best about this model is how easy it is to change the batteries. Most detectors require removal from the wall, but this one has a chamber that slides out easily, so you don’t have to remove it. It also has a seven-year warranty and doesn’t require an electrician for installation.

Best App-Controlled

Google Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Google nest protect smoke alarm
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So many devices these days have smart capabilities, and it’s nice to see that even things like smoke detectors have them now. Google makes this smoke and carbon monoxide combination detector. It can be paired with an app on your smartphone, giving notifications even when you are out of the house. I like that it is connected through Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi, so you can still control the detector through your phone if the power goes out.

Corner Protectors

When little ones are learning to walk, they wobble and fall often. It’s a natural part of the learning process. If you are a new parent, you are likely unaware of how often toddlers get bumps from the furniture. Corner protectors are great because they offer a nice cushion that prevents cuts and injuries if your child has an accidental run-in with the coffee table. We chose two kinds of corner protectors that we love, each fitting slightly different lifestyles.

Best Corner Bumpers

CalMyotis Baby Proof Safety Bumpers

Clear corner protectors
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These bumpers are clear and bite resistant, perfect for curious kiddos. They take seconds to install and can be used on all surfaces. There’s no cutting or adjusting needed; they’re ready to use right out of the box. The adhesive doesn’t damage furniture, and they are also shock absorbent. You’ll love these if you need quick and easy bumpers for some furniture corners.

Best Foam Protectors

RovingCove Edge Corner Protectors

Foam edge and corner protector
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You can use these for both the edges and corners of your furniture. The roll comes with a nondamaging adhesive; you cut it to fit the edge you want to cover. It’s heavy-duty and comes with corner bumpers, too. Plus, they are soft to the touch in case your child bumps their head.


Cords can be dangerous for little ones. Having something to keep cords from window blinds and curtains out of reach is critical. They can cause strangulation, and pulling the blinds off the window can cause injury.

Best of the Best

Bink Up and Away Magnetic Window Blind Cord Safety

Magnetic window blind cords safety protectors
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We love these magnets. They keep cords up high and away from small children. It works well with all cords and is easy to install. To open and close your blinds, pop the magnet off the window and put it back when you’re done. It’s that simple!

Water Temperature

Babies and toddlers are sensitive to temperature. Ensuring the water used for their bath isn’t too hot is crucial as it can easily cause burns. Using a thermometer to test the temperature helps keep your little one safe.

Best of the Best

B&H Infant Baby Bath Floating Toy Safety Temperature Thermometer

Baby thermometer
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Not only is this thermometer cute, but it works very well. It gives you the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and the time. The thermometer also has an alarm that beeps when the water becomes too hot or too cold, so it takes the guessing out of bath time!

Finger Pinch Guard

Little ones aren’t cautious when they’re young and sometimes can get their fingers pinched. This can occur most often indoors. Door stoppers are perfect for protecting those tiny hands; this one is the best we’ve found.

Best of the Best

TLWDZ Cartoon Animal Door Stopper and Finger Protector

Finger pinch guards
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These door stoppers are both adorable and practical. They can be placed up high and prevent your child from closing a door you want to keep open. Their foam design doesn’t damage the door or the frame. You can even use it on cabinets or windows as well.

Keeping your children safe is essential, and even though we can’t protect them from everything, we can certainly do our best to prevent many accidents and injuries. All these products play their part in baby-proofing your home and giving your children a safe environment to grow and learn.

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