Understanding How Your Child Learns – Podcast Ep 102

Understanding How Your Child Learns – Podcast Ep 102

ParentingPublished February 9, 2023

by Nina Spears

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As parents, we know that each child is different, including how they learn. Because we all learn differently, how can parents set their children up for success? Learning more about the brain and how it works is a great place to start. This can help you better understand how your child learns. We’re excited about today’s podcast guest because she gives us a deeper look into the brain and how we learn. If there is anything that parents can do to help their children have a brighter future, we want to do it! Here’s how.

Who is Betsy Hill?

Betsey Hill sitting down at a table smiling at the camera.

Betsy Hill is the President of BrainWare Learning Company, a company that builds learning capacity through the practical application of neuroscience. She is an experienced educator and has studied the connection between neuroscience and education. She is a former chair of the board of trustees at Chicago State University, and she teaches strategic thinking in the MBA program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, where she received a Contribution to Learning Excellence Award. She also received a Nepris Trailblazer Award for sharing her knowledge, skills, and passion for the neuroscience of learning in classrooms around the country. Betsy is also the co-author of the recently released book “Your Child Learns Differently, Now What?”

Your Child Learns Differently, Now What?: The Truth for Parents book

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Today Betsy is chatting with us about the benefits of building cognitive learning skills and the long-lasting effects of these skills for education and beyond. As parents, understanding how the brain learns and how your child’s brain learns best can help us empower them to help them and achieve their fullest learning potential, which is what we all want! Listen to this episode with Betsy to learn more!

Resources Betsy mentioned:

  • Brain Matters – Dr. Patricia Wolfe
  • Cognitive Rating Scale (here) on MyBrainWare.com

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