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I Love Being a Girl Mom

From the sweet to the sassy, 5 reasons being a girl mom is awesome, and we're just as proud of our beauties as boy moms are of their beasts.

Updated September 25, 2021

Much thought has been given to the topic of boy moms. Memes, t-shirts, and hashtags abound for moms to flaunt with pride the fact that they birthed boy children. As a kindergarten teacher, I understand the chaos, crazy, and unpredictability that is boys. However, I have also had girl students and am raising a daughter of my own, and I love being a girl mom. Perhaps #girlmom should be more popular! From the sweet to the sassy, here are 5 reasons being a girl mom is awesome, and we’re just as proud of our beauties as boy moms are of their beasts.

1. Girl moms have to deal with a lot of drama.

Although my daughter is relatively calm and not crazy rambunctious, she is extremely dramatic. Not wanting to wear a hair bow or wanting one more cheese puff (and only one) can result in a full-fledged panic attack. Simple squabbles can often turn very unpleasant, and grudges are almost unavoidable. Having a little drama queen isn’t all doom and gloom, though. My toddler’s theatrical side has also churned out some adorable living room dances and heartwarming vocal performances, and truthfully, it makes me cry every single time. All in all, my little bundle of emotions is the best thing that has ever come into my life.

2. We get to raise our best friend!

I swear that it hits me every day that I’m raising someone’s future wife and mother. What an amazing task that I have been blessed with! It also recently occurred to me that I’m raising my best friend. There is a special, almost magical bond between mother and daughter, and sharing in all the special moments like planning a wedding, a sweet 16 party, and the birth of her first child leaves me reeling with excitement for what her future holds. One of my favorite things to do with my mom is getting pedicures together, and I can’t wait until my daughter can join us on those special outings.

3. I get to watch my husband fall in love again.

Few things strum my heartstrings as much as watching my husband love our daughter. From donning a chef hat and apron to work at her play kitchen with her, singing along to Daniel Tiger’s theme song–which he knows by heart–and providing her with every need and want, all come together to paint a beautiful daddy-daughter picture that I’m honored to be a part of.

4. We get to dress them up!

Despite sporting my yoga pants, baggy tee, and messy bun daily, I actually have some pretty great dress-up skills. Much thought is spent dressing my daughter, and I’m surprised I haven’t gone broke yet (thanks a lot, Target). Picking out her outfit and matching accessories each day is one of my favorite parts of being a girl mom.

5. The other perks.

Think dance classes and recitals, flowers and jewelry, boys and heartbreak, and everything else her future holds. But for now, cuddle up with your sweet, carefree toddler and wish for time to slow down because there is nothing better than raising a little girl. So here’s a shout-out to all the #girlmoms out there. You are awesome! And just remember that even the most trying and difficult day can be dressed in pink, splashed with glitter, and topped with a bow.

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