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5 Reasons Having Three Kids Is the Hardest

Thinking about adding a third baby to the family? Here's why many moms think that having three kids may be the hardest.

Published August 3, 2020 Opinion

Being a mom to just one baby brings so much joy and plenty of challenges. From newborn late-night feedings to potty training to tantrums . . . it’s all rewarding but, yes, exhausting, and when you have not one but three kids, it can seem overwhelming.

Why Having Three Kids May Be the Hardest

Whether you’re a mama of two, weighing the options of whether or not to add a third to the bunch, or are already a mama to three (or more), here’s why many moms believe that having three kids may very well be the hardest.

#1 You’re Outnumbered

Okay, let’s start with the obvious first. While having two is a handful, having three kids means you and your partner are outnumbered. So, while you may have been able to split the getting ready to head out the door duties with your partner before, or you put one down to bed, and your partner gets the other one ready, you now have one more tiny human to add to the mix.

#2 Going Out Alone With All Three Kids Gets Hard, Really Fast

While transitioning from one to two may have been pretty seamless when going out to do errands, things get challenging with three. You may find yourself babywearing the youngest while holding the other’s hands, just hoping you can run in and out of the store without someone melting down — what once was a quick trip out suddenly became way more hectic.

There is a silver lining here — as your kids get older, this too gets easier. It won’t always take 15 minutes to load all the babies into their car seats or take what seems like two hours just to do the weekly grocery trip.

#3 There’s Never Enough Time in the Day

While this rings true no matter how many kids you have, you may resonate with this even more with three (or more kids). The more kids you have, the less time you feel like you have to get everything done. From soccer practice to newborn feeding to school drop-offs, the list is endless when you have three kids to care for.

#4 Sleep: What’s That?

Depending on how close in age your kids are, you may forget what getting a good night’s sleep even feels like. Moms of three kids close in age often go from getting their first sleeping through the night just in time for number two to come along and then number three, where those nighttime feedings start all over again.

The good news? You will sleep again (eventually!)

#5 The Money Factor

Let’s face it — raising kids is expensive (like really expensive), and the more you have, the more things cost. Things really start to add up, like daycare costs, the endless stock of diapers, and, let’s not forget about the weekly Costco trip to accommodate the food needs of large families.

Things can get pretty financially stressful the more kids you have simply because everything costs a bit more as your family grows. 

Okay . . . Deep Breaths, Mama

Pregnant with number three and totally freaking out? Don’t! While, according to a TODAY Parents survey1, having three kids may be the most stressful, it doesn’t mean that being a mom to three doesn’t totally rock. You don’t just have one kiddo to love. Instead, you have three and three kids that get to grow up and experience all the adventures of childhood together.

So, yes. Three is busy. Three is hard. But three is also full of love, endless laughter, and fun-filled days. So Mama, enjoy the days, even the hard days, because the years are fleeting, and one day, you’ll look back and realize that you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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