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41 Special Rainbow Baby Names

Looking for the perfect rainbow baby name? Explore our selection to find the one that best represents the miracle of life for you.

Updated March 27, 2024

Finding out you are expecting a baby is such a special time. And if you’re pregnant with a rainbow baby, you may have heightened and conflicting feelings throughout your pregnancy that you have a blessing after such a loss. You may feel like giving your rainbow baby a special name due to your experiences. We are sharing a list of rainbow baby names that may inspire you as you celebrate this new life coming into your family.

41 Rainbow Baby Name Ideas

Both of my babies are loved and hold a special place in my heart. My son is my firstborn, and he’s the one that made me a mom. My third baby is my daughter and my rainbow baby. Between them was my second baby, who is also loved and special, but we never got to hold that baby.

When I discovered I was having a little girl as my rainbow baby, I wanted to name her something in memory of the baby we lost. We already had a few nicknames for that baby, including “April baby” for our due date. After attending a pregnancy loss support group, I was moved by another mom’s story of loss, and her name happened to be April. I was struck by the beautiful name and felt in my heart that it should be my daughter’s middle name.

Seven months after we lost our little April baby, we gave birth to Cosette April. Her name is a living memory of our sweet baby, and it comforts my family and me. Read on for some other rainbow baby name ideas.

Month or Season Names

Even if you didn’t have an April loss as I did, April is still an excellent rainbow baby name for anyone because of its meaning. It means new life and represents growth and moving forward. What a touching name for a rainbow baby!

You can use other month and season names for your rainbow baby to commemorate the time when you were expecting. None are off-limits, but here are some of my favorites:

1. January

2. March

3. April

4. May

5. June

6. August, Augustus, or Augusta

7. Winter

8. Autumn

9. Spring

10. Summer

Rainbow-Inspired Names

If you just wanted to celebrate and revel in your new little rainbow baby, why not use the name Rainbow? It will make for a super cute middle name if you prefer not to use such a unique choice for a first name.

You might also consider using a name inspired by the rainbow, such as a shortened version, like Rain or Raina. Other rainbow-inspired names include Alya, which means heavens or highborn, and Celeste, which means heavenly.

Rainbow baby names inspired by rainbows include:

1. Rain, Raina, or Reign

2. Iris (Greek for rainbow)

3. Iridiana (Greek for rainbow)

4. Celeste (Latin for heavenly)

5. Alya (Arabic for heavens or highborn)

6. Skye or Sky

7. Heaven or Heavens

8. Noah (Hebrew for rest and inspired by the Biblical story of the first rainbow)

Virtue-Inspired Names

While names like Faith, Hope, and Joy may be classified as virtue-inspired names, they take on a bit of a different meaning when it comes to a rainbow baby.

For example, you may have had faith that you would have your rainbow baby. Or maybe you have longed and hoped for your rainbow baby so much. I’m sure you are joyful about this baby! My rainbow baby also gave me peace after the storm of my loss.

Many virtue word names are better for a girl but don’t overlook Zen and Reverie, both options for boy rainbow babies.

Here are some virtue-inspired word names perfect for a rainbow baby:

1. Faith

2. Hope

3. Joy

4. Patience

5. Peace

6. Felicity

7. Blythe

8. Zen

9. Serenity

10. Love

11. Dream

12. Cherish

13. Reverie

14. Bliss

15. Blessing

Happiness and Blessings

These are some boy names that are virtue-inspired due to their deeper meanings related to happiness and blessings:

1. Felix (Latin for happy or fortunate)

2. Asher (Hebrew for blessed or happy)

3. Bennett (Latin for little blessed one)

4. Gilbert (German for bright promise)

5. Pax (Latin for peaceful)

6. Jonathon (Hebrew for God has given)

7. Saul (Hebrew meaning prayed for)

8. Theodore (Greek for gift of God)

Whether you use one of these names as a first or middle name, selecting a meaningful name for your rainbow baby can be a great way to commemorate your loss and celebrate the new addition to your family.

We hope these sweet rainbow baby names inspire you, and we would love to know if you select one for your new blessing.

Check out our other baby name lists if you want even more ideas. Try gender-neutral names, nature baby names, and summer baby names for more ideas on what to name your precious rainbow baby. Good luck picking out the right one for your baby!

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