Book Review: YEAH BABY! by Jillian Michaels

Book Review: YEAH BABY! by Jillian Michaels | Baby Chick

Book Review: YEAH BABY! by Jillian Michaels

I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Jillian Michaels about her new book, Yeah BABY! I didn’t have enough time to read her book before our interview (since I only had two days), but I did have some time to read her book before I published my interview article. I was pleasantly surprised with the useful information that she provided. There were so many points that I wanted our readers to know that I thought would be helpful during their pregnancy, so I decided I would do a book review for all of you.

You know how there are CliffsNotes that you can read to get the essentials of literary work? Well I’m now offering Nina’s Notes to give you the important points with every book I review.

Nina’s Notes: Yeah Baby!

*Warning: This is a longer post since we are giving you notes on this entire book. It’s super helpful information though so be sure to read through. 😉

At the beginning of the book, Jillian has an Introduction section. Here is where she explains why she wrote this book, and the purpose of her book, Yeah BABY!

That’s the purpose of this book: to empower you with all the knowledge, facts, and cutting-edge research so that you can best protect yourself and your baby, personalize this process for an ideal outcome, and craft your own pregnancy and birth decisions for you and your baby.

Pregnancy is a sacred responsibility. So much of what you do, eat, think, feel, and surround yourself with–even what you smell!– during this time can have a dramatic effect on you and your baby. Your behaviors now will impact everything from your delivery and how quickly your body “bounces back into shape” to your child’s temperament and behavior, sleep patterns, how your child performs in school, your child’s food preferences, life span–and as I previously mentioned, even long-term earning potential. Seriously! Crazy, right?

I will tell you what’s what, but I won’t tell you what to do. I want you to know your choices and understand what’s happening to ensure you’re in the driver’s seat. … I respect your decisions, even when they go against my recommendations in this book.

I want you to question me, and anyone else, if what they tell you doesn’t feel right to you.

Jillian made me feel comfortable right at the get-go. She introduced her amazing team in this section so that you know she is not offering information that she doesn’t have personal or professional experience with. Her heart is in the right place, and I was looking forward to reading what she had to say.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Part 1: Basics

Chapter 1: Start Me Up: What to Do Before You Get Preggers

  • If any of you are struggling with infertility (Jillian has PCOS), whether you have been diagnosed with it or you just know, let me say this: It’s not your fault, and shame on anybody who dares to shame you for it. You are just as much a woman as every other woman you know. The journey into motherhood is different for everyone, and there is no way of telling where your journey with the process will take you. It will be okay. It will work out exactly how it’s meant to. I am living proof of that.

Chapter 2: Rules of Thumb: Nutrition for Prepregnancy, Pregnancy, and Beyond

  • Nutrition during pregnancy is one of the most direct means that we have to influence the development, growth, intelligence, fitness, and even the life span of our babies.
  • You are not eating for two.
  • It takes only around 80,000 calories — in total — to grow a baby.
    • First trimester: 300 extra calories per day, if you are very active.
    • Second trimester: about 350 extra calories per day.
    • Second half of third trimester (last 6 weeks): about 500 extra calories a day.
  • A study found that, compared with children of women who gained the recommended amount of weight, those who gained an “excessive” amount of weight had children who were more than four times more likely to be overweight at age 3. And many studies have shown that birth weight is directly related to later BMI, into adolescence and adulthood.
  • Here is what you should obviously lessen consumption of or avoid:
    • Easy on the alcohol
    • Easy on the caffeine
    • No deli meat: If you are considering eating deli meats, reheat the meat until it is steaming, to kill any possible bacteria.
    • No unpasteurized milk or unpasteurized soft cheese: steer clear of soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, feta, gorgonzola, and Mexican-style cheeses such as queso blanco and queso fresco, unless they clearly state that they are made from pasteurized milk.
    • No raw eggs
    • No raw meat or fish
    • No pâté
  • If there was one guideline regarding food quality that I would like in neon, it would be this: Go organic. Going organic is actually more important than anything else you can do for your baby’s health. Organic food is relatively free of dangerous toxic chemicals that have been linked to a host of health-related issues affecting you and your unborn little one.

I also really liked her Nutrient Chart at the end of the chapter that lists out all the nutrients that you need, the benefits they have on mom and baby, the daily requirement that you need, and good food sources that you can receive those nutrients.

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Chapter 3: Rules of Thumb: Exercise for Prepregnancy, Pregnancy, and Beyond

  • Exercise during pregnancy will not hurt your baby. In fact, there is strong evidence that it will make your kiddo fitter and smarter!
  • Exercise Benefits for Mom:
    • Women who exercise during pregnancy gain less weight and put on less body fat, greatly reducing their risk of (or treating their) gestational diabetes.
    • Regular, moderate exercise can significantly reduce typical pregnancy discomforts like constipation, indigestion, headaches, backaches, bloating, varicose veins, insomnia, fatigue, and mild to moderate nausea.
    • Exercise also eases tension, stress, and anxiety and lowers the risk of a premature birth caused by pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy).
    • Women who exercise have significantly shorter push stages (this is the second stage of labor), and their actual delivery and recovery from delivery are easier.
    • Regular exercisers are 75% less likely to need a forceps delivery, 55% less likely to have an episiotomy, and up to four times less likely to have a Caesarean section.
    • Their chances of struggling with postpartum depression are also decreased, and exercise generally improves your mood throughout the entire process (and always).
    • Working out during pregnancy helps women get their “bodies back” 40% faster than those who don’t.
    • If you weren’t exercising before pregnancy, you might even end up with a better body than you had before you got pregnant.
  • Exercise Benefits for Baby:
    • Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to help your body grow a healthier placenta, due to improved blood circulation. A healthier placenta equals a healthier baby.
    • Fit pregnancies also keep the baby at a healthy weight, which is critical to their long-term health.
    • Babies of mothers who exercise throughout pregnancy have about half the risk of fetal stress during labor, with better heart-rate patterns and higher APGAR scores (as assessment of a newborn immediately after birth to determine the baby’s health) than the babies of moms who stopped exercising after the first trimester.
    • Moms who continued to exercise until their third trimester had labors that were an average of 2 hours shorter—now that’s some serious incentive!
    • Babies with fit mamas have lower resting heart rates and greater heart-rate variability, a marker of cardiac and nervous system health.
    • Contractions during labor aren’t as stressful for your little one, because they are already accustomed to mom working hard physically during the pregnancy.
    • And exercising moms have fewer incidents of tangled umbilical cords and meconium in the amniotic fluid.
    • Children of athletic moms may have greater athletic potential.
    • Babies born to moms who exercised during pregnancy have more mature brain development after birth, perhaps giving them a head start in the smarts department.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Jillian covers everything that you want to know when it comes to exercise during pregnancy. She shares what you should wear, how you should warm up and cool down, how long and how often you should exercise, what you should avoid, and how hard you should be exercising by using the Borg’s Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Scale.

Chapter 4: Rules of Thumb: Environment

We like to think our babies come out as clean slates, at least in terms of detrimental exposure to the world. Not so. According to a study spearheaded by the Environmental Working Group, researchers at two separate laboratories found an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood of babies born in the United States.

It’s upsetting to know that these chemicals and pollutants are introduced to our unborn babies so Jillian talks about actions that you can take to lower that number.

  • Indoor Air Quality
    • Indoor air has two to five times more contaminants and in some cases even as much as 100 times more contaminants than the air right outside your front door, even if you live in a big city.
    • She lists all the crap that’s in the air, how it can affect your child and what you can do to improve your air quality. Such as open your windows, get houseplants, ban smoking, don’t store harsh chemicals in your house, getting a true HEPA filter and more.
  • Home Decor
    • She wants you to reconsider the carpet, remove the lead, air out your paint, and choose your furniture carefully. She even lists some great resources for natural, green furnishings.
  • Clean Up the Kitchen
    • Upgrading your cookware, losing the bleach, getting ride of your plastic containers.
  • Natural in the Yard
  • Skipping the Fire
  • Cleaning Products
    • We know that many of the ingredients in standard household cleaners can cause everything from acute exposure emergencies (many involving children under 6 years old who swallow or spill these cleaners) to long-term hazards like asthma, lung damage, and heart damage to more minor issues like allergies and headaches.
    • Jillian lists the brands that she approves and ways you can make your own DIY cleaning products.
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Getting the Best Water
  • Electronics
  • Personal Hygiene

Part 2: Healthy Pregnancy

Chapter 5: Your First Trimester

Obviously, Jillian has never been pregnant so she shares her experience being a partner and has her partner, Heidi, share her experience as well.

During the first trimester, she starts off covering the common symptoms that you may experience; headaches, morning sickness, gas, fatigue, pregnancy acne, and constipation as well as things that you can do to remedy them. She lists questions to ask your doctor during your first trimester, and breaks down all the things that are happening to your body and your baby during that trimester week-by-week. She goes into detail so it’s cool to learn about each little change.

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My favorite part of the chapter is in the back where she covers first trimester nutrition and fitness. In the nutrition section, Jillian lists out all of the nutrition Do’s and Don’ts, and even lists out a meal plan with recipes that you should be eating every day. Including snacks! I particularly love this because it has the ingredients that she listed before (that are super important to consume during that trimester) in each recipe. It couldn’t be any easier for you. Amazing!

The same thing goes for the first trimester fitness section. Jillian goes into detail why you should be working out during the first trimester and how you should be working out. She has a workout plan for you in the book and even has pictures of each exercise so there is no confusion. Now you know how to work out properly and what will be best for you and baby. I love it!

Chapter 6: Your Second Trimester

Your second trimester is where you may begin (she explains) to experience other symptoms, such as heartburn, pregnancy brain, mood swings, hemorrhoids (or bum bumps as she refers to them), and restless leg syndrome. At least that’s what her partner, Heidi, experienced. She also states that this is usually the trimester where you feel your best and will get a burst of energy and will get your hunger back. Thank goodness, no more nausea (hopefully)! Jillian shares some remedies that can help some of the negative symptoms that you are experiencing, which I found super helpful.

Just like in the first trimester, Jillian provides a list of questions to ask your doctor this trimeter, and she even talks about hiring a doula! She and her partner, Heidi, hired a doula so she offers her recommendations on how to find the best doula for you, what questions to ask, and things you should consider when hiring one.

Jillian then begins to break down the development of each week in the second trimester and explains what’s happening to you and baby. She said that, “the second trimester is just about getting plenty of rest, eating well, and keeping active.” She also goes over some old wives tales and lets you know if they are true or false. For example, spicy food can trigger early labor (false), morning sickness will ease up in the second trimester (not always true), and that cocoa butter will prevent stretch marks (false). But she does mention that “a healthy diet can also help maintain collagen and possibly prevent or lessen the severity of stretch marks, but unfortunately, the tendency for them also has a genetic component.”

What’s really nice is that she goes over all of the tests that you will be offered during each trimester. She explains when you can expect them as well as why they are given. This can be very reassuring and make any expectant mama feel a lot more relaxed and prepared.

The second trimester nutrition and fitness plans are also in the back of this chapter with full recipes, explanations as to why you need them (to help get rid of heartburn and lower back pain), and pictures to help you complete your workouts. 🙂

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

Chapter 7: Your Third Trimester

Things in the third trimester become a bit more uncomfortable and the symptoms that you were feeling in your second trimester can get exacerbated. The constant urge to pee, heartburn, back pain, etc. are all very common during this time of your pregnancy.

Just as in the previous two chapters, Jillian has a list of questions to ask your doctor or midwife, and she breaks down your pregnancy week-by-week.

She also briefly covers birth plans in this chapter:

  • Birth Plan
    • A written-down plan for how you would like things to go during your labor and delivery.
    • The purpose is to think about and plan for things you can’t just decide on at the last minute when you are already in labor.
    • Keep it brief.
    • Flexibility is important.

And like the previous chapters, it ends with a super helpful third trimester nutrition meal plan and fitness routine.

Part 3: Family

Chapter 8: Labor and Delivery

I was most curious about reading this chapter since I have been to hundreds of births. I was wondering if she would give her recommendations after just attending and witnessing one birth. This doesn’t make her an expert. She of course did give her opinion in the book, but I was pleased that she also listed other options available to families rather than just listing her preferences.

In the beginning of this chapter, Jillian tells us that Heidi desperately wanted a natural birth (no-pain medication/ vaginal birth). Heidi had done tons of research, hired a doula, and prepared for a natural birth all the way through her pregnancy. Jillian likes to mention that no matter what your decision is on how you are going to have your baby, “You are never going to win in the eyes of others. The way to win is to do what is best for you.” I really loved that. I believe that more women need to know that when preparing for their birth.

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She continues on about Heidi’s birth story and what happened to her. Essentially, Heidi went past her due date (a little over a week), needed to be induced, had her water broken after several hours of no dilation, then after 13 hours received an epidural, and then after 27 hours had a C-section since her cervix never dilated past 4 cm. Her baby boy was 9 pounds and they said that her tiny frame (she is 5’2″ and normally 100 lbs not pregnant) wouldn’t allow her baby to drop and apply pressure on her cervix to allow her to dilate. This is why Jillian states that you must be flexible on your birth plan because things will probably not go the way that you plan.

Later in the chapter, Jillian then asks you things to consider so that you can have the birth that you want. Things that she said to consider:

Jillian also then covers briefly what happens after the birth. Even her pediatrician Dr. Gordon said that the antibiotic eye treatment “is unnecessary”. However, they do cover how Vitamin K is beneficial and important. My favorite thing that Dr. Gordon said was, “Minimize visitors who are not there to bring food, rub your neck, or clean your kitchen or bathroom?” He’s my hero!!

Chapter 9: Your Fourth Trimester

In this chapter, I love how Jillian is super real. She states, “the fourth trimester can be the hardest one of all.” Ain’t that the truth. And I find it to be the one that most expecting parents prepare for the least. Jillian talks about baby blues and postpartum depression, how to remember your partner in parenthood (I loved that part — partners are often times pushed aside), and she tells you to remember that you are human. There were several “favorites” of mine in this chapter and one of them is this:

Pregnancy and postpartum are real hot-button issues for some people, who might be terrified to speak their truths and share their stories with candor, for fear that if they admit they’ve experienced anything other than total and complete mind-blowing bliss they are bad moms or not “normal.” Are you a “bad mother” if you worry about your waistline or your weight gain? If you don’t always want to hold the baby? If you don’t enjoy breastfeeding like you hoped you would? If you worry you might be all wrong for this “mother” job? If you are struck with the fear, in the wee small hours of the night, that this whole “having a baby” thing was a horrible mistake? If you sometimes feel like you would trade your loving and supportive partner for a solid 8 hours of sleep? Nope. Again, all normal. Women through the ages have felt all these feelings and more, and they are a sign of only one thing: That you are human

Amen to that! I truly feel that more women need to hear or read this right after they have a baby so they do not feel guilty for their thoughts and do not feel alone.

Jillian also covers how every parent is going to make mistakes and that you will receive unsolicited parenting advice from pretty much anyone and everyone. She says, “take it all with a grain of salt and refrain from assaulting them if you can. Remind yourself: they aren’t worth the jail time.” haha! She also covers pumping, breastfeeding (mastitis, latch issues, sore or cracked nipples, thrush, low milk supply), bottle-feeding, and the three S’s: Sleep, Support and Sustenance during this trimester and how to receive more of it.

I love how she writes, “The point is not to be perfect—never to be perfect. The point is to learn how to forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes, stay open to change, and be okay with your feelings (whatever they may be). That is what a good parent does.”

At the end of the chapter, she writes about nutrition and fitness after baby. I was particularly impressed with how she went over what your diet should be (when you should eat and what you should be eating) if you are breastfeeding or if you are bottle-feeding your baby. The same goes for the fitness routine. She had different recommendations on when to work out and how to work out if you had a vaginal (no complications) birth, a c-stection, if you had an episiotomy or tearing, or if you have diastasis recti. Everything was very thorough, but easy to pick up and understand. I was very impressed.

jillian michaels book, book review, interview with jillian michaels, babychick

I know that this was a long post (I told you it would be), but now you know all about the book! You know what the best parts are, what you can expect, and if it’s something that you would want to read and recommend. I hope you enjoyed my Nina’s Notes.

Did you read Yeah BABY!? What were your thoughts?

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Nina is The Baby Chick® & CEO of Baby Chick®. She is a baby planner, birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, newborn care specialist, and a mother. With over eight years of experience, she has supported hundreds of families during their pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys.

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Pretty sure I still help you wipe your butt and ch Pretty sure I still help you wipe your butt and change your sheets when you wet the bed, sooooo agree to disagree. 🤷‍♀️ #aslongasimlivingmybabyyoullbe⁠
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Our daughters deserve better. WE deserve better. L Our daughters deserve better. WE deserve better. Let's take the time to nurture ourselves and show our daughters that we matter. Self-care is not a luxury; it's a necessity. 💔⁠
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What is HypnoBirthing? – Podcast Ep 24 🤰🧘‍♀️💗⁠
There are many different comfort techniques that you can use during labor and delivery that will help keep you more calm and comfortable. One option that many women aren't aware of or overlook is hypnosis. It can sound a little weird and "voodoo-like" so oftentimes women will write it off. But I've witnessed many women use this tool in labor and it's actually not as strange as it sounds and is really impressive. 🤔⁠
I've had several clients take HypnoBirthing classes, but I wanted to learn more. What is HypnoBirthing really? How does it work? Who is this method for? What are the benefits? For today's podcast episode I had the privilege of chatting with Cliodhna Griffin, the founder of @bornfreebirthing and Houston Placenta Services. Cliodhna is a certified and experienced HypnoBirthing Educator, Master Trainer and Faculty Member of the HypnoBirthing Institute. Cliodhna answered all of my questions and more. She's pretty incredible and her passion is obvious. {To listen to today's podcast episode, click the 🔗 in our bio!}⁠
📸: @taylorrdurand⁠
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Please . . . I'm begging you . . . go to sleep. 😫😴⁠
📷: @alrightmom⁠
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What to Keep in Your Toddler's First Aid Kit ⛑️📦⁠
Toddlers are wild. 🤪 Whether you are at home or on the go with your toddler, it's always a good idea to have a First Aid Kit near by. Those pre-made store-bought First Aid Kits are fine and do carry some of the basics, however, they really are lacking some of the essentials that you might need. This is why I'm sharing my list of what to keep in your Toddler's First Aid Kit. All of these products are great to have for the whole family. So let's stay safe this year and prepare our kits! {Click 🔗 in bio to see checklist!}⁠
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Well played, pregnancy . . . well played. 😑🤢 Well played, pregnancy . . . well played. 😑🤢⁠
Any pregnant mamas out there relate?⁠
📷: @mrscolleennoble⁠
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A fabulous visual of cervical dilation. Women's bo A fabulous visual of cervical dilation. Women's bodies are incredible. 🙌💕⁠
Board by: @treasuresfromjennifer
📷: unknown⁠
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Anger. Rage. Frustration. Guilt. Shame. Remorse. A Anger. Rage. Frustration. Guilt. Shame. Remorse. Apologies. Self-digust. All make mothering complicated and layered with conflicting emotions.⁠
Make space for mistakes. Try self-compassion when you disappoint yourself. Learn skills to help regulate your emotions if necessary. take care of your marriage/partnership. Your baby loves you unconditionally. Do not forget that.⁠
Comic from "Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts" @familiustalk @brooklyn_rabbit⁠
Words & 📷: @postpartumstress⁠
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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. ❤️ It is Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. ❤️ It is the day Americans honor Dr. King's legacy and his key role in helping our nation get closer to its goal of equality for all. There are several important lessons from MLK that we can all learn from and teach our children. If you want to spread his legacy and honor this day, share these 12 lessons with your kids and let's implement them into our own lives. 💜 {Click 🔗 in bio to read more!}⁠
#MLK #MLKday #martinlutherking #love #martinlutherkingjr #ihaveadream #civilrights #peace #inspiration #equality #mlkjr #mondaymotivation #dream #quoteoftheday #mlkjrday #babychick #mommychick
It may have been a messy day, but you are doing so It may have been a messy day, but you are doing so well, mama. Take it day by day. Or even minute by minute. Things will get better. You are strong and you are a great mom. ❤️⁠
📷: @helenetheillustrator⁠
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Crawling is correct. 🤣⁠ (quote via @mytherapi Crawling is correct. 🤣⁠
(quote via @mytherapistsays)⁠
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When you wish you could buy half sizes. 😑🤣⁠
📷: @momhashtags⁠
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TRUTH!⁠ 😂⁠ (quote via @nottheworstmom via T TRUTH!⁠ 😂⁠
(quote via @nottheworstmom via Twitter)⁠
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We get that diapers and childcare aren't cheap and We get that diapers and childcare aren't cheap and bills really add up, but it doesn't cost much to schedule time as a family together. Get out of the house together and make memories. Whether you drive to the lake or your nearest beach or a cool park close by, spend time together. Invest in your memories. Invest in your relationships. Those will be the things that stay with you forever and make you the happiest and "richest" in the long run. ❤️⁠
📷: @momsgotink⁠
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How would you finish this sentence? . . .⁠ You k How would you finish this sentence? . . .⁠
You know you have a newborn when _______.⁠
📷: @healthiest_baby⁠
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You’ve spent the past 9 months preparing for the You’ve spent the past 9 months preparing for the arrival of your beautiful baby. 🤰 Labor and delivery has come and gone. Now its time for your 6-week postpartum check up. 🏥  So much of life after delivery is focused on your new bundle of joy that you can sometimes forget to care for yourself. This is exactly why I believe the postpartum appointment is so important to you as a new momma – because it’s all about you! 💗⁠
Sure, your provider loves to fawn over your sweet baby, but this appointment is about mom. How are YOU doing? Self-care is so important to your health and recovery after having a baby, so let this appointment focus on your well-being. 😊⁠
Here are 10 helpful questions to ask when you see your provider at your 6-week postpartum check up. 📝 Your provider will likely cover most or all of these topics on her or his own, but use this as a guide to remind you to ask anything she or he doesn’t cover! {Click 🔗 in bio to read more!}⁠
📷: @tailsandwings⁠
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YES 👏 IT 👏 DOES👏⁠ Go and find your troo YES 👏 IT 👏 DOES👏⁠
Go and find your troop, your tribe, squad, village. Whatever you want to call it. Find people to surround yourself with who will support YOU, love YOU, encourage YOU as a woman and as a parent. Parenthood is tough. Especially when you feel alone. So find your village and love them hard. And from one mother to another, load up on wipes. Because motherhood can get quite messy too!⁠ 😉⁠
📷: @hallmarkbaby⁠
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An amazing story from a determined mom to breastfe An amazing story from a determined mom to breastfeed her #triplets. 💗 With hard work, determination, help and support, anything is possible.
Words & 📷: @triplets_and_toddler
“I breastfed my first child so I knew I wanted to #breastfeed again. People were skeptical about me #breastfeeding triplets, and this drove my determination! 💪 My boys were born at 29+3 and therefore it was so important for them to have #breastmilk! 🤱
After having an emergency C-section, I knew there was no time to rest, so I started hand expressing within the first hour. I set an alarm to ensure that I expressed every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours overnight. ⏰
Being separated from my boys was hard so having pictures/video links helped whilst I expressed. Seeing my teeny, vulnerable babies in their little incubators drove my determination to provide them with my milk! I also rotated muslin squares between us so that I could smell them and vice versa. This also helped me whilst I expressed during the night away from my boys. Their smell on the swaddles kept me focused! 💙
Twice during our #NICU journey my boys were split between hospitals over an hour apart! This was the hardest time and meant I was separated from 2 of my boys for a couple of days. During this time I kept up with expressing and ensured that all three of them had enough milk to take with them until we were all reunited.
Looking back I feel it is my sheer determination that has really enabled me to successfully breastfeed my triplet boys! Not once have they needed donor or formula milk. It required a massive commitment both physically and emotionally but I am so proud of my achievement! My boys are now 11 months and are still breastfeeding." ❤️
*This story is not to bring any mothers down that choose to formula feed. (I, personally, had to give my son formula at 7 months old!) We share this mother's story to inspire mothers and celebrate our victories! ✨
If you are having breastfeeding struggles and want to succeed, contact a good local IBCLC and receive support. Find new mom friends who are also breastfeeding who can encourage you. And if you choose to formula feed, we honor you too. 💕 #mommychick
WTF 😑⁠ (via @thenatewolf via Twitter)⁠ .⁠ WTF 😑⁠
(via @thenatewolf via Twitter)⁠
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Repeat after me . . . 💗⁠ (quote via @friscoar Repeat after me . . . 💗⁠
(quote via @friscoareamoms)⁠
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🧠 4 Ways to Promote Your Child's Mental Health 🧠 4 Ways to Promote Your Child's Mental Health 🧠⁠
Your child’s mental health is fairly complicated. It's also critical to their overall health and wellness. We often think of mental health as it pertains to adults, but just like growth and physical development, research shows that mental health is something that should be considered starting at birth. ❤️⁠
When children are very young, their brains are extremely sensitive to environmental stress. Toxic stress, defined as high levels of prolonged stress, can have life-long effects on children. Limiting stress for young children is critical for their early mental health. One of the most fundamental ways we can help eliminate toxic stress is by building a strong relationship foundation from the very beginning of their lives. Your relationship with your baby is an integral part of their sense of self-esteem, independence, and confidence; three key factors in mental health.⁠
Building that relationship with your child can be broken down into four key concepts . . . {Click 🔗 in bio to find out what they are!}⁠
📷: @vlentine⁠
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Just in case you call her a boy, here's a MASSIVE Just in case you call her a boy, here's a MASSIVE bow that shows she's a girl . . . yet still somehow get's called a boy. 🤷⁠
📷: unknown⁠
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💤 Good Bedtime Routines for Babies of Every Age 💤 Good Bedtime Routines for Babies of Every Age 💤⁠
If you’ve ever typed into Google, “Why won’t my baby sleep?” you’re not alone. In fact, you’re among thousands of other parents/caregivers who are likely as tired as you are. Chances are, if you have gone down the Google rabbit hole at 2:00 a.m. (or just asked your pediatrician for sleep advice), then you’ve most likely been introduced to the concept of a bedtime routine.⁠
A bedtime routine can be an incredibly helpful tool in establishing healthy sleep habits and good sleep hygiene. Infants and young children thrive on routine; in fact, they are comforted by predictability (spoiler alert: most adults are this way, too!). Plus, a young mind is exposed to so much new information every day that it’s reassuring for a child to know that they can depend on certain events to have a predictable structure.⁠
Bedtime routines are also a cue to their brains and bodies that sleep is coming. With a predictable bedtime routine, your little one will start to recognize the order of the routine and begin to anticipate what comes next. With enough repetition, this process happens automatically in a very Pavlovian way. A calm and successive routine will also make the onset of sleep come more easily. Can you imagine if you walked out of your workout and immediately someone told you that you had to lay down and fall asleep? This would be nearly impossible, and the same is true for our little ones. By allowing them some time to unwind, you are making the falling asleep process that much easier. Here are some tips on what to do for your little one's bedtime. ❤️⁠ {Click 🔗 in bio to read more!}⁠
📷: @hannahxruth⁠
Article by: @ohbabyconsulting⁠
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THIS. The struggle is real.⁠ ⁠🥴 📷: @brit THIS. The struggle is real.⁠ ⁠🥴
📷: @britt.kav⁠
#parenting #parenthood #parentlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momlife #motherhood #momstruggles #momprobs #mumlife #mommylife #motherhoodunplugged #realmoms #momstatus #thatmomlife #realmomlife #momsofinstagram #mommychick #motherhoodrising #ig_motherhood #uniteinmotherhood⁣ #babychick⁣ #momhumor
It's the beeeeeessssttttt . . . 😬😑 (quote vi It's the beeeeeessssttttt . . . 😬😑
(quote via @smalltowntallgirl)⁠
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