How I’m Combating Pregnancy Skin Issues!


How I’m Combating Pregnancy Skin Issues!

You’ve heard it…”aww…you’re GLOWING”. Well, sure, if you consider the pound of concealer and bronzer I had to apply in order to conceal the host of skin issues that crop up during pregnancy! I swear, even as this pregnancy nears its end, I have no idea what people are talking about when they say “I’m glowing.”

Okay, so maybe that was slightly negative, but let’s get real ladies; I’ve talked to enough mommas to know that your skin is anything BUT at it’s best during pregnancy. I had never had an issue with acne or dry skin…until I became pregnant and then had nothing in my beauty routine to target the problems! Pregnancy induced eczema? Sure, give it to me. Horrendous broken blood vessels on my chest and face? Throw it in the bag. Peeling skin? Why not. The list goes on but I’ll stop there.

When I was pregnant with Fischer I never really had a great solution for my skin, but this time, being worse than the first time, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I tried a whole range of products, everything from the less expensive Eucerin moisturizer at Walgreens to my mom’s very expensive, dermatological night cream but nothing seemed to bring my skin back to life and so the flaking forehead and red patches persisted.


Recently, I’ve felt like I’ve finally found the perfect combination of products to help revive my skin and I no longer feel like leather face!! I’m sharing these with all of you in the event that maybe you’re experiencing the same issues or perhaps keep this little post in your back pocket for the future!


A Little Tip: if you are experiencing very dry skin, EXFOLIATE! I thought that exfoliating would cause my skin to be even more dry, but that’s not the case at all. It helped get rid of all the dead skin sitting on the top layer. I personally love Rodan and Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste because its gentle but super effective so I use it on my face 2-3 times a week as well as my chest if I’m going to apply foundation. It’s a little pricey at $78, but it lasts so long. I promise it’s worth it!

On days when I am not exfoliating (because it takes the place of a cleanser), I am loving the Clay Chameleon from Bare Minerals. This little powerhouse product starts as clay so you don’t wet your face first and then becomes creamy as you massage it into your skin. The clay removes impurities and leaves your skin feeling SO smooth.



I found two that I am absolutely loving. I swear, after two uses each my skin was dewy and felt so moisturized and soft. Skin-Longevity and Butter Drench Moisturizer, both from Bare Minerals, can be used together for maximum moisture or separately. (Skin-longevity in the morning and Butter Drench as a heavy, nighttime cream) Bare Minerals claims that Skin Longevity will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and maybe it’s just that my skin is looking better over-all, but I do feel like the expression lines on my forehead aren’t as visible since I started using it.


This pregnancy I’ve really struggled with burst blood vessels on my chest, face and arms as well as zits and dry, red patches on my chin and around the corners of my mouth. Not pretty. I’ve tried a ton of different concealers and foundations (which I never normally use!) since the problem started, but here are the ones that I’ve found work BEST.


Before: A look at my broken blood vessels on my chest.

After: I used the Bare Skin Complete Coverage because I was wearing a V-neck shirt.

After: I used the Bare Skin Complete Coverage because I was wearing a V-neck shirt.

So, after a lot of trial and error, I am happy to say I finally have that “glow”. if you’re having crazy skin issues like me, I highly suggest trying out any of these products. No matter what you end up using, make sure you get samples of products before committing because these things can get so pricey AND take the time to chat with a product consultant about your problem areas. They really do help! I’d also like to add that Rodan and Fields, Bare Minerals, and It Cosmetics are all cruelty-free which is a plus in my book!


What have you used or are you using to help lock-in moisture and conceal the less-than-awesome aspects of pregnancy? I’d love to hear!




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