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Cute and Creative Baby Shower Hashtag Ideas

Here are some baby shower hashtag ideas to give the party an overarching theme and allow you to unconsciously add to an online photo album.

Updated July 5, 2024

It seems you can’t receive any invitation (be it a wedding, retirement party, or bachelorette weekend) without noting the sender has designed and designated a hashtag for the event. These cute and concise descriptors give the party a fun overarching theme and allow you to unconsciously add to their online photo album. Hashtags let you easily search for anything that has been tagged, and the likelihood of the hosts creating a hashtag with this in mind is high. After all, who has time to go through and tag yourself or save photos when you might be looking at a list of a few dozen (or a hundred) guests in attendance? Baby showers are no different and serve as such a fun welcome to the new arrival to look back on one day . . . that is, if hashtags are still #trending.

How to Choose a Baby Shower Hashtag

If you are the parent-to-be or the host of the baby shower, chances are you already know the baby’s name. This is a great jumping-off point for a baby shower hashtag—bonus points go to this method in helping people remember how to spell your baby’s name. I’m a little sad I didn’t create one for my daughter, as people constantly call her Ava. It’s Eva, but I guess that’s #fine #myfault. Some fun examples of this sneaky little trick include:





Another fun way to create your personalized hashtag is to use Mama’s name (or last name!) in a fun way. An amazing way to do this is through alliteration (using the same first letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent words, i.e., #AmazingAnika or #PollysPrego), something that rhymes, or an inside joke. Some really cute examples of this are things like:







Some of these work well, even for the duration of a pregnancy, at a gender reveal, or just after announcing on social media, which is another excellent tool for keeping all of your pregnancy and shower-related photos in one place!

Things to Consider When Creating a Baby Shower Hashtag

The fun of this little part of your shower planning or surprising the mother-to-be is the creativity and sweetness of it all: it is an added detail that will be a gift that keeps giving beyond the shower itself, in the form of tagged photos, seeing your official baby shower hashtag trending, and reliving the day as often as you’d like. After all—it’s nice to have something to look at when you’re up in the wee hours of the night with your brand-new baby.

It’s important to consider a few things in your creative zone. Hashtags are an increasingly common way to brand, promote, and draw attention to anything and everything you can imagine. Be sure your baby shower hashtag isn’t already affiliated with something else because #mommy and #daddy can pull up some very colorful content online. It is also great to keep the hashtag as concise and easy to spell as possible, though this isn’t always the case if you’re incorporating the baby’s name or the proud parents’ last name.

What Was Your Baby Shower Hashtag?

As aforementioned, I could not settle on a baby shower hashtag: I had too many ideas and not enough time to get something to stick. My best friend suggested the hashtag two days before my baby shower, and between the two of us, we thought of an incredibly long list of possible hashtag options.

We had some silly ones, some sweet ones, but the front runner was #RainbowBabyRamirez: but, of course, this hashtag was in use only weeks prior by a cousin of my husband’s. When we were narrowing it down to our final choices, it felt as though we’d waited too long to be able to implement something in time for the shower, so we ditched the hashtag in hopes of coming up with a good one for our next kiddo. I hope they’re still as fun and unique as ever when that day comes.

What were your baby shower hashtags or fun ones that you’ve seen? Share in the comments below!

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