5 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

5 ULTIMATE Baby Shower Gift Bags - Part I | Baby Chick

5 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Whenever I go to a baby shower, I always get told that I bring the greatest gifts for the mommy-to-be. I’ve heard several times other moms say, “I wish you came to my baby shower!” That always makes me feel so good to know that I brought something useful and cute for the special lady and baby of the day. Don’t we all want to give the perfect gift? The gift that makes everyone say “ooo” and “ahhh”? Absolutely! Well, I’ve helped enough mamas and have been to plenty of baby showers to know the best gifts to give. I’m going to share with you my favorite go-to’s for expecting mamas each with its own theme. I know this will make your gift stand out from the rest and be super appreciated!

Sleep Tight Package

1. Sleep Tight Package

What new mama doesn’t want a good night’s rest, right?! This is why this gift bag is one of the best gift bags you could ever put together. Here’s what you can fill it with:

  1. Swaddle: You want to mimic the way the baby is in the womb, so a snug swaddle will do just the trick! My favorites are using a soft Aden + Anais swaddle blanket (they have a bamboo option which is the softest of them all) or if you want something that’s a little more fool-proof, a Summer Infant Swaddle Me swaddle is a perfect choice.
  2. White Noise: Inside the womb, the baby hears so much!  He/she hears your heart pumping, your breathing, your speaking, your blood circulating, and more.  It’s loud in there.  Hearing white noise is comforting to them so this can really help them fall asleep.  I highly recommend the Dohm White Noise Sound Machine and the Baby Shusher. Dohm is the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation and I love how the Baby Shusher is portable and can go with you anywhere.
  3. Pacifiers: I normally don’t go straight to recommending pacifiers, however, it has been proven that babies that use a pacifier while sleeping (upon other things) can help lower the chances of SIDS. The ones that I have seen many babies like are Soothies, Nuk, and Avent. Babies usually prefer a certain type so try not to buy too many of just one brand.
  4. Starbucks Gift Card: For those early mornings. Having some yummy coffee after a long day or night is exactly what a new mama needs. Your mommy friend will LOVE you!
  5. Happiest Baby on the Block DVD: ABSOLUTELY recommend. I feel like every parent needs to learn these tricks in this video. Dr. Harvey Karp teaches on this video the 5 S’s on how to soothe their baby. This is a gift that keeps on giving!
  6. Night Nanny/Postpartum Doula: This is the ULTIMATE gift! Having a certified + trained professional come into their home to relieve them of a night or two of sleep is seriously the best gift you could ever give new parents. Having helped families myself at night as a certified postpartum doula, I know that this is so appreciated by the new mom and dad. Be sure to look in your area who is available and find out what their training is and their experience.

Baby Essentials

2. Baby Basics Bag

The expecting mama will be getting so many blankets and baby outfits, she won’t know what to do with them all! Are there even enough days for the baby to wear each one and it still fit? Be sure to get the things that she will NEED, not just cute things. I’ve usually put all of these things listed below in a big bag and say these are the Baby Basics. She will love it!

  1. Baby Detergent: I’ve selected two different types, Dreft and Honest, so you can choose which you prefer. They are both safe for baby, but depending on your budget and if natural/eco-friendly is important to you, you have a second option.
  2. Diapers: I know that it seems like such a boring gift, but the parents NEED diapers. You can’t give them enough. I’ve experienced that Pampers are great for wet diapers and Huggies are great for dirty diapers, but since we don’t know when that will happen you can’t really go wrong. Either one, the parents will be so appreciative. If you want to get an eco-friendly option, I recommend Honest. You’ll see diapers on a few of my other lists since it’s so necessary.
  3. Wipes: Another thing that new parents can’t get enough of. I provided two different options (Pampers and Honest) so that you can choose depending on your budget.
  4. Hand Sanitizer: Every new parent wants to protect their newborn so having some hand sanitizer on hand can keep those germs at bay. It’s also great for them to have when visitors stop by so they can make sure that their hands are clean too before holding the baby. I recommend Babyganics or Honest. Babyganics is an alcohol-free foam and Honest has a gel or a spray. I love that Honest’s gel doesn’t dry out your hands and their spray smells so good!
  5. Bottom Balm: Diaper rashes are never fun. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is amazing! I’ve had many clients use it and it really helps prevent diaper rash and/or treat diaper rash. I also like Honest’s healing balm as well. Since Honest provides a natural and eco-friendly option to just about everything, you know that the baby is always safe.
  6. Burp Cloths: Babies spit up all the time so it’s good to have a nice, thick burp cloth that can soak + hold all of it. I have tried many different kinds, but honestly, the product that I prefer the most is Gerber’s cloth diapers and using them as burp cloths. I know that they aren’t the cutest, but I promise the parents will actually use them… a lot. You can always add cute materials or embroider them or monogram them to be cuter.
  7. Pacifier: Some parents need a good pacifier for their little ones. I recommend Soothies and a great option is a Wubbanub. These have Soothies as their pacifier and they don’t get lost as easily. Once their little one starts playing “fetch” with his/her parents, it makes it so much easier since mom + dad can hold on to one end and not have to “fetch” if the baby tries to throw.

On the Go

3. On-the-Go Baby

If you want to help build the perfect diaper bag and have any momma ready to go, look no further! Here are my favorites for the baby (and mommy) on-the-go!

  1. Toys: Having a great teether or something that can distract the baby is always helpful. I suggest getting Sophie (the super popular baby teether–a common shower favorite) and/or Baby Einstein’s Take Along Tunes.
  2. Diapers: These are a must-have in any diaper bag. It is called a DIAPER bag, you know! Make sure you ask if the parents plan on cloth diapering or using disposable diapers so that you aren’t getting something she won’t use.
  3. Wipes: You can give them a bag of refills to have ready in their bag, or you can give them a cute portable wipe dispenser. I recommend the OXO Tot On-the-Go Wipes Dispenser.
  4. Diaper Bag Insert/Organizer: Getting a diaper bag for someone is not something that I recommend since it’s such a personal choice. What I do love though is this diaper bag insert/organizer from ToteSavvy. This way she can use ANY purse or bag and VOILA! It turns into her diaper bag.
  5. Extra Outfit: They will need an extra outfit when they are on the go. What if the baby has a blowout or spits up all over their clothes? For a cute outfit, you must check out Kickee Pants. They seriously have the softest and cutest stuff. Honestly, I want a pair for me! (They actually do sell adult sizes too!)
  6. Bottles: If the mama is breastfeeding than a great breastfeeding cover from Bebe au Lait is the perfect thing! If she has pumped, I recommend Dr. Brown’s bottles. If she is formula feeding her baby, the best bottle hands down are the Mixie baby. You must check it out! It’s too cool.
  7. Carrier/Wrap: If you’re wanting to splurge a little bit on this mama, getting a wrap or a carrier is the perfect gift. I am a huge advocate for babywearing! One of my favorite wraps is the Baby  K’tan Active wrap (their coral and bright blue are just too cute!) and one of my favorite carriers is the Lillebaby Complete Airflow. Perfect for those hot summer days and any season before or after!

Diaper Duty

4. Diaper Duty Bag

One thing is for sure, these new parents are going to be changing a lot of diapers. A whole lot! So it’s great to have a changing station on each level of the house when the time comes for a diaper change. If their budget doesn’t allow it, or if they have a smaller home, or they just want something easier and more convenient, creating a portable diaper station for them is the perfect gift! Here’s what to include:

  1. Portable Diaper Caddy: To be able to pick up and take the caddy wherever you need a diaper changing station is genius! My personal favorite is Ubbi’s Portable Diaper Caddy. I love how there is a convenient spot for diapers, wipes, a drawer to store smaller items (like bottom balm, hand sanitizer, etc.), AND a soft changing mat, which is #2.
  2. Changing Mat: Instead of having to buy another product, save yourself from the hassle and go with  Ubbi’s Portable Diaper Caddy since it includes everything you need for your portable changing station.
  3. Diapers: Told ya that it would be on my list again. 😉 Be a good friend/family member and pick some up!!
  4. Wipes: Just like diapers, they can’t get enough!! Check out Pampers and Honest for options.
  5. Bottom Balm: I’ve said it before, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste + Honest’s healing balm is the bomb!
  6. Hand Sanitizer: Get something small that can fit in the portable caddy. I suggest Babyganics or Honest.

I also like to mention that you do NOT need to get a wipe warmer as a gift.  This is just my personal opinion, but I think it’s a waste of money. The heat from the wipe warmer and the moister/wetness from the wipes can cause bacteria to form which is something NO parent wants near their baby especially their baby’s private parts. You would need to make sure that it was properly cleaned once or twice a week to prevent bacteria from building. I also say that you can’t bring a wipe warmer in your purse so when you’re on-the-go, baby has to adjust to a cold wipe which is no fun to hear their shrills in public. :-/

And now for our LAST bag, which is my favorite one. Babies get all of the gifts at the showers so be the person to give something great specifically for the mom. 🙂

Mama Recovery

5. Mama Recovery Bag

When women are pregnant, they think about all the things that they need for baby and forget (or don’t realize) that there are a few things that they need to pick up for themselves. Usually by the time they realize they need these things, they are sending their hubbies/partners to the store. Awkward!! Be the star of the shower and create this much needed and much loved Recovery Bag for the mama-to-be.

  1. Bath Herbs: Once you have a baby, your whole pelvic floor will be sore. Getting her some bath herbs can really help soothe wounds, aches, pains, reduce swelling, heal tears, and perineal bruising.  It’s also really good for hemorrhoids too. You can get a regular Sitz Bath at any corner store or you can purchase Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Postpartum Bath Herbs.
  2. Pads: After giving birth, women will have lochia, which is vaginal bleeding from the uterus lining shedding. It can last as short as two weeks or as long as six weeks. (Note: Do NOT use tampons.) I highly recommend expecting mamas create their own padsicles for when they get home to help with healing so getting them some Always Maxi Pads are perfect for that. I also recommend picking up some TUCKS Medicated Cooling Pads for her as well.
  3. Teas: Teas can be so helpful for many things, especially a recovering new mama. I absolutely LOVE Birds & Bees Teas. Their Ripe & Ready tea is made for the last few weeks of pregnancy and the very first days after giving birth to help tone the uterus. Their Our Lady of La Leche tea is helpful to increase the quantity and quality of milk as well as support a nursing mother’s overall health. I give them two thumbs up!
  4. Nipple Balm: She has to protect herself from getting chapped or cracked nipples and two of my favorite nipple balms are Motherlove and Honest. These are a must!
  5. Cooling/Heating Pillows: When I discovered this product, I was singing hallelujah for all postpartum mamas! Pariday offers TendHer pillows which are soothing gel pads that could be warmed or cooled to help with healing and soothing aches and pains. They have pillows for the breasts or for the perineum.
  6. Breast Pads: Disposable breast pads are convenient, but can sometimes be uncomfortable and itchy. A company that I highly recommend is Bamboobies. They have soft, organic washable and reusable nursing pads.
  7. Bottom Spray: Earth Mama Angel Baby’s New Mama Bottom Spray is definitely a must-have in every mama recovery bag. It provides healing and relief without the mama having to do anything but spray on the area needed.
  8. C-Section Balm: With the US cesarean rate being 32.7% (almost one in three people), you want to make sure that you include something in case she has a c-section. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s C-Mama Healing Salve is a great all-natural product that helps with proper cell regeneration and wound repair. It can also be used for other surgical wounds, old c-section scars, stretch marks, inflamed rashes, and burns.

Phew! There you go! My 5 ULTIMATE Baby Shower Gift Guides so that you can give the best gifts at any and every baby shower.

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"We carry you.⁠ We birth you.⁠ We feed you.⁠ "We carry you.⁠
We birth you.⁠
We feed you.⁠
We change you.⁠
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We nurture you.⁠
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We may get ill from you.⁠
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We are mothers because of you."⁠
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What a blessing it is to be a mother. Sending love to all of you mothers out there.💕
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"You want to help a mom? Support her.⁠
I breastfed my daughter and plan to do the same with this next baby.⁠
I have friends that formula-fed.⁠
I decided to stay home with my kids.⁠
I have friends who decided to go back to work.⁠
Never once has my parenting choices gotten in the way of our friendship.⁠
Never once have I felt the need to lecture another mom about how she decides to raise her child.⁠
You want to help a mom?⁠
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Let her know you're there for her.⁠
Tell her she's doing a good job.⁠
Your opinion doesn't help anyone but maybe your own ego.⁠
Mama, I support you. I support the sacrifices you've made. Just because we parent different doesn't mean I won't be your biggest cheerleader. ❤️"⁠
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But I also remember the relief I felt when I first saw Mary Alice, one of my midwives, walk into my master bathroom while I was laboring in the tub. I remember my doula holding my hand in between pushes giving me encouragement, and my husband gently stroking my hair as I came down from the height of contractions.⁠
After giving birth, I remember how my midwives made my bed with fresh linens and with me in it feeling comfortable as I nestled with my newborn son. I remember how a meal was brought to me in bed and how everything was cleaned up and looked as if nothing happened -- not like I had just given birth to a baby. (I had a home birth, by the way.) And I remember how they were all with me by my side every step of the way.⁠
I felt the love, the patience, and the respect that I needed. Those are the memories that I hold with me when I think about the day my son was born. It's how I was cared for and how my birth team made me feel that stays with me.⁠
For expecting women out there, be intentional with the people that you invite into your birthing room. That includes your doctor, your midwife, and your support people. I know that things look very different right now with hospitals only allowing one support person, but you can still receive good support. Take an online birthing class with your partner and practice how they can help you in labor. Speak up to your nurse and ask for what you need and what you want for your experience. Be your own advocate! And if you feel like you can't speak up, hire a doula and receive virtual support during your pregnancy, birth, and immediate postpartum. Feeling supported, respected, and truly cared for is just as important as having a successful birth with a healthy mom and baby. 💗
I've been searching for an image that captures how I've been searching for an image that captures how I've been feeling. And it's this. Parenthood. Love. Protection. ❤️ Standing up for those who can't or they get struck down. 
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One day a pregnant client of mine started having a One day a pregnant client of mine started having abdominal pain. She called her OBGYN's office and they had her come in to check on the baby to make sure everything was okay. Everything looked fine and well with the baby so they sent her home saying that it was probably something that she ate and that it must be gas or indigestion pain.
Days went by and the pain not only continued but it got WORSE. I encouraged her to continue reaching out to her doctor, which she did. She would call the office and the nurse and doctor would tell her that everything was fine. They told her what meds she could take that could help, and that if she wanted to come in again the next day, she could.
The next day she went in and they looked at the baby and the baby was still perfect. They told her to go home and said to her, "You must have a very low pain tolerance because everything is appearing normal." Little did they know that she had labored for days and delivered her first baby withOUT any pain medication. (She had a different OBGYN with her first baby.) This client of mine is a strong woman and definitely does NOT have a low pain tolerance. I would know because I was her doula for both of her babies.
The pain she experienced only got worse the next day. She was in agony. She did her own research and thought it might be appendicitis. She decided to drive herself to the hospital this time without calling and told the nurse that she was in severe pain and that she thinks she has appendicitis. The nurse said, "there is no way that you could have appendicitis. You wouldn't be able to stand or drive yourself here or even talk if you had appendicitis." My client demanded that she see a doctor to get evaluated. Once a doctor was available to see her and examine her safely (since she was 34 weeks pregnant) they realized that, in fact, she DID have appendicitis & that it was so bad she needed immediate emergency surgery since it could be life-threatening. The surgery then caused her body to go into labor. Just hours after her surgery she pushed & delivered her second child.
I tell this story because I have seen & been told countless stories like this. (Continue reading in the comments.)
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As soon as a woman becomes pregnant she will hear As soon as a woman becomes pregnant she will hear ALL kinds of unsolicited advice from everyone around her. 🤰 Friends, family members, even strangers will tell her what they went through and what they think she should do with her body and her baby. 😑 And this unsolicited advice continues long into parenthood. ⁠
Something that I think ALL mothers should know and learn is that you do NOT have to own or accept any information or stories someone tells you if it does not serve you. If it's unhelpful and not inline with your choices, hopes, and desires as a mother, then as soon as it was received immediately discard it. Don't harbor any information that does a disservice to you. The mind is a powerful thing. When we are told war stories and how terrible, awful, or painful things were for them (pregnancy, childbirth, or parenthood), that can live and stay with you. You do not have to own someone else's story. It may have been told with good intentions, but if you do not find value in it let it go. Release it and surround yourself with positive talk, uplifting stories, and happy, respectful, and supportive people.⁠ Be bold enough to go against the grain if you must and do what is right for you and your family.⁠
Ultimately, listen to your intuition. And if you're unsure of what your intuition is telling you, seek counsel from people who you admire and trust.⁠
You're doing great and if you didn't know this, you're already are a great mother. 💕 #thebabychick
Transition to Motherhood in Uncertain Times⁠ 🤱⁠
When a first baby is born, so is a new mother. 💗 The transition to motherhood can be a very difficult one that is impossible to be fully prepared for. As you become a mother you take on a completely new identity. It is a new phase of life that comes with new challenges, emotions, and growth.⁠ 🌱⁠
As a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit occupational therapist, I find that I take care of the mothers just as much as I take care of the babies. ❤️ Many, if not most mothers, are prepared with the tangibles: a place for the new baby to sleep, clothes for the new baby to wear, bottles, and diapers. But it is impossible to fully prepare for the emotional transition that takes place. New moms are met with not only a little baby who is completely dependent but also a barrage of new and different emotions that you may not fully understand.⁠ {Click 🔗 in bio to continue reading!}⁠
Author by: Aimee Ketchum⁠ @aimeeketchum⁠
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Let me just stop you right there! *pew pew* 🔫🤱
Surprising Body Changes During Pregnancy – Podca Surprising Body Changes During Pregnancy – Podcast Ep 33⁠ 😮⁠
Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman's life. 💕 But don't get me wrong, not every day of pregnancy is glamorous. 😬 We've all heard of the luxurious hair, the glowing skin, the stretchmarks with the growing belly, but there are also things that happen to a woman's body during pregnancy that aren't really discussed. That's why we are covering all of the surprising body changes a woman can experience during pregnancy on today's podcast episode. So if you're currently expecting and are noticing some odd changes happening to your body, you can feel relieved knowing that you are not alone. 🤰 {Click 🔗 in bio to listen to the episode!}⁠
Now that "homeschool" is over, we can now enjoy ou Now that "homeschool" is over, we can now enjoy our summer! 😎 Oh, wait . . . #looksalotlikerightnow 🤔⁠
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When you become a mother you realize how much your When you become a mother you realize how much your mother did (or didn't do) for you. 💗 Sending love to all of the mothers, step-mothers, mother figures out there.
Happy Monday, mamas!⁠ 👋⁠ ⁠ Lately, with e Happy Monday, mamas!⁠ 👋⁠
Lately, with everything going on, I've been thinking a lot about mothers with newborns. 🤱 As a postpartum doula, I get the pleasure of supporting new families in their homes and helping them navigate the winding roads and highs and lows of early parenthood. But right now I know that families are bringing home their precious babies and are feeling alone more than ever. They have less physical support, which can feel like they have less emotional and informational support as well. This breaks my heart. 💔 I wish this wasn't happening to families or to our world and I wish that I could be there for these moms.⁠
That's why today, I am hopping on our stories and answering YOUR questions. Since I can't be there PHYSICALLY to help you with your pregnancy and newborns, I want you to know that I am here virtually for you. How can I help?⁠
{I've left a question box in our stories. Have a question about your postpartum recovery? About your newborn? About breastfeeding? Bottle-feeding? You name it! I've been helping mothers as a birth doula and postpartum doula for 10 years and I am here for you.💕}⁠
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Okay, grandma. 🙄⁠ 📷: unknown Okay, grandma. 🙄⁠
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To the mamas, papas, dreamers, visionaries, SAHMs, To the mamas, papas, dreamers, visionaries, SAHMs, etc. out there, kudos to you! For going so hard, for not quitting even on the worst days, even on the tired days, even on the days you don't know how you're going to do it, or don't feel like you can. You know it's okay to have some patience, grace, and forgiveness with yourself, right?⁠
Our children are the future. I had to learn to give myself some grace. Sometimes when I evaluate where I am in life and see that I'm not exactly where I want to be or could've been frustrates me, or gets me down. I'm so hard on myself. But then I realized if the ONLY good thing I've done or successfully done is raise great children, I am in fact doing well!! *Parents, it's so important how we raise our children, and many of you KNOW that is not an easy task.⁠
There are so many different aspects on this one topic. First, their confidence, self-love, etc. is so important. They need to know who they are, so when they encounter times and people that aren't so kind they are not completely crushed.⁠
Secondly, think about who you're putting into the world. Do you remember your heartbreak(s), or some of the sh*%$y people you've come across and thought who raised them? Or even when you encountered a child that needed a hug or just some TLC. It's important!⁠
Thirdly, but not least, for the dreamer or the visionary . . . Yes, we are working so hard for our dreams and goals. And one day we may achieve them, but our building and growing may also be in the building for our children. As we are building a future for them. Show yourself a little love. ❤️"⁠
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"On my headstone, I hope they write, 'Here lies a "On my headstone, I hope they write, 'Here lies a devoted mother who suffocated under her enormous laundry pile.' #kiddingnotkidding⁠
I'm trying to be more mindful about laundry and use it as a meditation practice (my main squeeze Thich Nhat Hanh talks about washing your dishes like you're bathing baby Buddha. 😊) Sometimes I can do it and feel grateful and grounded (I find cloth diapers particularly soothing for some reason. 🤷‍♀️) And sometimes I consider just turning our living room into one huge laundry pile and letting everyone forage for their clothes each morning. #wildstyle⁠
So tell me, wise women of the world--how do you do laundry? Are you a load-a-day type or do you wait until it piles up and tackle it all at once?"⁠
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It's called balance. And motherhood. And it's the It's called balance. And motherhood. And it's the weekend. 💁‍♀️🤪 Cheers!
Want to jazz up breakfast or lunch for the kids (o Want to jazz up breakfast or lunch for the kids (or yourself 😉) in an easy way? Animal Face Toast! 😍⁠
Pop an emoji for your favorite animal!🐱🦉🦊🐻🐷🐵⁠
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Staying safe for mom and baby has never been tough Staying safe for mom and baby has never been tougher than it is now. 😷 Shout out to all the pregnant moms and moms with newborns!! You are amazing. 🙇‍♀️ You are strong. 💪 And our hearts are with you. ❤️⁠
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The Ultimate List of Grandma Names 👵⁠ ⁠.⁠ The Ultimate List of Grandma Names 👵⁠
When I found out I was pregnant, one of the many things I began to wonder was, "What are my parents and in-laws going to go by as their grandparent names?" Grandparents are not just going with the classic "Grandma and Grandpa" names anymore. Some are now getting creative and are coming up with new ideas. If your mother or mother-in-law are unsure of what they want their special Grandma names to be, we're sharing our ultimate list of over 100 Grandma names to choose from!⁠ ❤️ ⁠{Click 🔗 in bio to continue reading!}⁠
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