Padsicles Recipe: What Every Mama Needs Postpartum

Padsicles Recipe: What Every Mama Needs Postpartum | Baby Chick

Padsicles Recipe: What Every Mama Needs Postpartum

I just gave birth to my beautiful baby boy almost two weeks ago. (I am so in love.) There were several items that have really helped me during this postpartum time. And I will tell you, padsicles were definitely one of them. After pushing a human being out of your body, your bottom is going to be sore. And swollen. I was lucky that I only had a tiny tear from pushing out my son and didn’t need any stitches, but I was still pretty swollen and had bad hemorrhoids. Not fun! That will happen after three hours of pushing, which is how long it took me to give birth to my baby boy. So padsicles quickly became my new best friend.

Below is my Facebook Live video breaking down how I made my postpartum padsicles, but I’m here to break it down for you and provide all the links to help you make your own.

Items You Need to Make This Recipe


  1. Boil some water on the stove.
  2. Steep a bag of your postpartum herbs for 5 minutes in the boiled water.
  3. Once the herbs are ready, get your overnight pad ready–I recommend an organic option that doesn’t have chemicals.
  4. Generously pour some of your postpartum herbs on to your overnight pads from top to bottom.
  5. Next shake up your new mama bottom spray and spray your overnight pad–spray the entire length of the pad.
  6. Get your 100% aloe vera and squeeze a good amount of it from the top and bottom of your pad.
  7. Now pour several drops of your lavender essential oil on your pad.
  8. Grab a spoon and evenly smooth the aloe vera on your pad.
  9. Next you’re going to fold up your overnight pad. Be sure that you do not remove the paper to leave the back side sticky.
  10. Then place your folded up padsicle inside your pad’s original bag and then put that inside your ziplock baggy.
  11. Your padsicles are now ready to go in your freezer.
  12. Once you had had your baby and are ready to use your padsicles, transfer them (one at a time 8 hours before needed) to the fridge to thaw, but still be chilled. Enjoy!

I made these when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I didn’t want to make them too early and have them sit or too late–since baby can safely arrive at 37 weeks. If you’re wondering how many you should make, I personally made 20 padsicles for myself postpartum and that was the perfect amount. Some people need more and some people need less. It’s completely up to you. I think 20 is a safe number.

Postpartum Recovery Items

I also talked abut some other products that are great for postpartum recovery. Here are the links to those items as well.

Hope you have the best and easiest recovery after birth! 🙂

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