Natural Postpartum Healing with Momotaro – Podcast Ep 77 - Baby Chick

Natural Postpartum Healing with Momotaro – Podcast Ep 77

So much happens to our bodies after childbirth. Thankfully there are gentle products that can help us like Momotaro Apotheca.

Published January 18, 2022

by Nina Spears

The Baby Chick®: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Expert
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So much happens to our bodies after childbirth—whether we’ve had a vaginal or cesarean birth. And caring for our bodies before giving birth and after is vital. Thankfully there are gentle products that can help us with natural healing, like Momotaro Apotheca. This certified organic and cruelty-free vulvovaginal care line supports your body’s natural ability to heal. We always want to be kind to our bodies, especially during this vulnerable time. That’s why we’re chatting with Lindsay Wynn, Co-Founder and CEO of Momotaro Apotheca.

Natural Postpartum Healing with Momotaro – Podcast Ep 77

Lindsay founded Momotaro out of necessity in her own life. (You can learn more about her story in this episode.) Along with her business partner, Taylor, they built the brand, hoping that we all can rethink how we talk about our sexual health issues, support each other in wellness, and understand our bodies. They’ve developed some groundbreaking proactive plant-based products that work gently yet effectively. They systemically address symptoms associated with common vulvovaginal issues stemming from infection and general irritation without interfering with pH balance, hormones, pheromones, or medication. It’s all pretty amazing, and we’re so glad they’re helping people care for their bodies in places that might not be getting the love or attention they deserve.

Black postpartum underwear with momotaro spray.

I had the best time chatting with Lindsay on this episode. She is making what some may consider a “taboo topic” normal and comfortable—as it should be! She has shared some of her experiences, wonderful knowledge, and tips on how we can better love and take care of our bodies naturally. I love that and her products. That’s why we’re uncovering these topics and sharing all of this with you.

Momotaro Salve
Momotaro tonic

To learn more about natural postpartum healing, listen to this episode. You’ll learn valuable tips and how to use each of their Momotaro products to help you before, during, and after the postpartum period.

And to check out and purchase Momotaro products, visit these stores:

Momotaro Apotheca | Amazon | Verishop | Organic Bunny

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