13 Ways to Celebrate a New Mom Other Than a Baby Shower
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13 Ways to Celebrate a New Mom Other Than a Baby Shower

There is more than one way to celebrate a new mom and her baby. Check out these 13 ideas (that AREN'T baby showers) to celebrate her!

Published July 27, 2021

Celebrating a new mom is a great excuse to throw a baby shower, but that is not the only way to celebrate a new mom. Depending on individual circumstances and the wishes of the mom-to-be, there are plenty of other ways to mark the occasion. You can branch off the traditional baby showers and create your own experience with something memorable that reflects the mom-to-be.

13 Ways to Celebrate a New Mom

1. A Baby Sprinkle

Consider a baby sprinkle if you do not want a full-blown baby shower! This type of celebration is like a mini baby shower. It is more low-key and can be a great idea for moms who already have kids. The food and games are easy and fun. It can also have a reduced guest list to take some of the pressure off.

2. A Sip-and-See

This type of celebration is for after the baby is born. A sip-and-see is more focused on seeing the baby, and the presents are primarily for the baby instead of the mother. This one could be tricky because the timing needs to be right. If the new mom is comfortable, this can be planned for after the birth.

3. A Girls’ Night

Since it will be hard to get away after the baby is born, you could consider a girls’ night with your friends before the baby arrives. This night does not have to be going out. You could frame it as a sleepover instead. Get some of your favorite movies and snacks and hang out with your girlfriends before this get-together becomes too hard to coordinate.

4. A Blessingway

A blessingway is a tradition inspired by Navajo ceremonies. It celebrates a woman’s passage into motherhood. Like traditional baby showers, blessingways are just for women. You can include whatever you like. This celebration could mean pampering, sharing birth stories, prayers, gifts, and any other way you would like to celebrate.

5. A Co-Ed Shower

If you want to go a more nontraditional route but still have it similar to a baby shower, consider inviting the guys. A co-ed shower includes the important men in the mother-to-be’s life and the women. You may need to tweak the games and theme, but this can be fun for everyone to celebrate the new baby.

6. Postpartum Party

A postpartum party is similar to a sip-and-see but focused on the mom instead of the new baby. Once the new mom has had some time to recover, you can plan a get-together with her friends or an activity she misses. This party will help her have a change of scenery and get a break to feel like herself again after the baby comes.

7. Sleep-a-thon

It is no secret that it will be challenging to get enough sleep after the baby is here, and the pregnant mom may have difficulty getting rest now. A sleep-a-thon is a great way to help her rest and relax. This event could be a day or an entire weekend, focusing on rest and relaxation.

8. A Babymoon

Another great way to celebrate a mom-to-be is by taking her on a babymoon. This type of getaway is a trip where the parents-to-be can take some time away to enjoy themselves before the baby arrives. This trip could be a weekend in a hotel or something further away. It is all up to what the parents want to do.

9. A Meal Train

Instead of a sip-and-see, you could arrange for a meal train event. It will be hard to cook with a new baby, so having family and friends bring you meals can help you get through those first few weeks. Bonus points for guests who bring freezer meals.

10. Decorate the Nursery Party

There are a lot of things that you need to do to get ready for a new baby. You could invite guests over for some food and painting. This party could also be geared toward stocking the nursery, such as diapers, bedding, and decorations.

11. A Virtual Shower

Instead of having a large group for a shower, you could consider a virtual baby shower. This type of get-together would allow you to still visit with friends and family without decorating or going anywhere.

12. Baby Barbecue

If the mama-to-be is not into the traditional baby shower, take things outside with a Baby Barbecue. This method is a great way to have a co-ed shower and take some of the focus off of the mom-to-be. They are also affordable since you will be grilling your own food and will not need to pay for a venue. Just set things up in the backyard.

13. A Day of Pampering

It will be a long time before mama can return to the spa, so plan a spa day for her before the baby’s arrival. It will help the new mom relax and focus on herself. She can get a massage, a haircut, or a mani/pedi.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate a new mom other than a baby shower. The important thing is to check with her about what she wants to do and how she wants to celebrate. It is all about her and the new baby.

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