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How to Throw a Drive Through Baby Shower

Worried you'll miss your baby shower due to social distancing? Maybe not! Here's how to have a special and unique drive-through baby shower!

Published November 3, 2020

This year has brought many changes, including how we celebrate special occasions. If you’re pregnant or had a baby during the pandemic, you may already be familiar with the idea of a drive-through baby shower. It is certainly not the same as the in-person celebrations we are all used to! While it may not feel exactly the same, there are some creative ways to make drive-through baby showers extra special. Here’s how.

How to Throw a Drive-Through Baby Shower

Step #1 Invitations Can Still Be a Thing

The first step in planning a baby shower is the invitation. And sending out baby shower invitations can still be a super fun part of planning a drive-through baby shower. On the invitation, let your guests know it’s not your standard baby shower. And don’t forget to let them know what time it will begin. If necessary, leave a quick note about any necessary important information on-street parking.

Step #2 You Can Still Have a Baby Registry

Just because your baby shower may not be the one you had imagined doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put together a baby registry. Your guests will still be showering you with baby shower gifts. So you might as well suggest things you know you will love and want and that your bundle of joy could get some great use out of.

Step #3 Decorations & Party Favors

You can also still decorate! Think giant balloons and yard signs. Feel free to get just as creative with party favors as you would if you were throwing a regular baby shower. Just be sure that the shower gifts you make are easy to pack up and hand off to guests as they drive up to your shower.

Step #4 Consider Having Backup Help

Whether your spouse or another loved one, have someone help you with the gifts. You can still set up a table in the front yard or wherever you are hosting the baby shower and place all the gifts you receive for guests to see. Having an extra set of hands will allow you more time to chat with your guests that are pulling up to greet you. This will also take some added pressure off yourself and enable you to enjoy this new baby shower experience.

Step #5 Keep Comfort in Mind

As a pregnant mama-to-be, keeping your comfort in mind is important. Think about the weather conditions and what you want to wear to your baby shower. Also, consider a comfy lawn chair to sit on as your guests drive up and shower you with gifts. Keeping these little things in mind can make a big difference in your overall comfort levels as you enjoy your shower.

Step #6 Ask Someone to Take Pictures or Even a Video

While it’s not the usual baby shower, it’s an experience that you will want to remember! Having someone there to take photos or even a video of your drive-through shower will bring you so much happiness when you watch it. Hey, when you’re little one is old enough to share the photos or videos with, it will undoubtedly make a good story about how unique your baby shower was!

Bonus Tip: Make it Virtual!

If the thought of a drive-through baby shower isn’t all that appealing to you, or if the weather is just too cold, you can always have a virtual baby shower (check out our editor-in-chief’s tv segment here). So many people have started to do these instead of a “regular” shower this year. Set up a Google Hangout or Zoom call and have your closest family and friends join the call. You open gifts that they may have already dropped off or sent in the mail to you. This can also be a very low-key, relaxing way to enjoy your baby shower from the comfort of your couch!

Even Though Times Are Strange, You Can Still Enjoy Your Baby Shower

While this year has brought on tons of change, there’s still room for celebration. And a baby shower is a big deal. Don’t let this unusual time take away from the excitement baby showers bring and all the pampering mamas-to-be deserve. Whether you’re expecting or know someone expecting, consider a drive-through shower or even a virtual baby shower. It will still be exciting and memorable.

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