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5 Baby Shower Themes That Actually Benefit a New Mom

Celebrating a new baby is always fun. But what about celebrating the mom? Here are 5 baby shower themes that will actually benefit a new mom.

Updated March 31, 2024

by Hailee Schollaardt

Certified Sleep Consultant

A baby brings joy into the world like nothing else. And the birth of a new child should be celebrated. I also love celebrating the new woman who comes to light following the birth of her child. The woman who feels empowered and prouder than she has ever been. The woman who is a friggin’ ROCK STAR!! And the woman who is now a mother and needs the help of her friends and family. So, while a baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate that new baby, certain themes can benefit the new mom!

5 Baby Shower Themes That Benefit Mama

Hosting baby showers with themes is the perfect way to celebrate the new baby and help the new mom. After having three babies in 4 years and attending others’ baby showers, I realized that the cute outfit that baby will wear once is not doing anyone any favors! They are adorable and there is a place for them. But what if you could purchase something truly helpful for the family instead of randomly picking some cute outfits? You could support the family with things they feel embarrassed to ask for, making their days much easier! I know, right? SIGN ME UP! These are my favorite (and strongly suggested) top 5 baby shower themes!

Fill Up the Freezer

This is at the top for a reason: it is the best! Everyone who is attending brings one freezer meal as a gift. If they like, they can also throw in something cute that they found. The freezer meal can be homemade or store-bought. The exhausted parents wouldn’t care if it was leftovers if it meant they didn’t have to cook!

Diaper Theme

If the baby is here already, find out what kind of diapers mom likes and make this the party’s theme. GENIUS! All attendees bring one box or package of diapers of any size. Add in a cute baby toy that they like as well. But diapers are helping the parents with a great expense over the years! And we all know how much it sucks to find out you are on the last diaper!!

Book Theme

Do you know how much cards cost these days? It is crazy! Instead of spending that much money on a sweet card, how about doing a book theme instead? Find a book you want to gift to mom and baby and write your message on the book’s first page. This will encourage cuddling and allow mom to slow down for a minute and read a book with her little one. Flipping to see that lovely message on the first page can be just what she needs to read on that day. Words of encouragement are always great things to read when you’re sleep-deprived!

Share Your Recipe

Finding easy things to cook can be challenging when you are exhausted and feeling overwhelmed. A simple baby shower theme can replace a congratulatory card with a recipe card. Share your favorite EASY and QUICK recipe with the new mom so that she always has ideas on hand. Have a little wooden box everyone can sign and put their recipe card in when they attend!

Gift Card Tree

I love combining this theme with the recipe card theme. Everyone brings one gift card to a place of their choice and puts it on the gift card tree at the party location. This way, the amounts can be small or large, but everyone can contribute to helping mom out when she needs it. They can have their name on the gift card envelope or keep it blank. If the attendees want to give a little gift, they are more than welcome, but that little gift card goes a LONG WAY!

Instead of a gift card, you can also give an IOU. This would be a homemade card with an IOU of $X.00 for the parents to put towards a baby or helpful parenting service they choose. I know of a new mom who had a random woman contact her from a baby sleep service. One of her lovely friends paid for it as a gift! I thought this was brilliant and incredibly thoughtful. You never know when the mom might be struggling; this is the perfect way to support her in any way needed. Whether she needs lactation support, sleep support, parenting classes, a breastfeeding education class, bringing baby home seminar, a prenatal class, a sleep information seminar, or infant CPR/child CPR, this is a great idea!!

Of course, you can create a unique theme based on the mama you’re throwing the shower for. But these baby shower themes are a great start if you’re looking for inspiration. It is wonderful to get gifts from loved ones, but the best gifts are always something you can use!

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