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5 Money Saving Tips for Pregnant and New Moms

Pregnancy is super exciting, and can be financially stressful! We're sharing some money saving tips for new moms.

Published June 5, 2018

Becoming a new mom is an exciting time, with years of caring for and loving your child to look forward to. But, despite this, it is also a time when moms worry and become anxious about a variety of different things—one of the biggest worries being money and how they will pay for their child to have the best life that they possibly can.

With clothing, toys, food, baby products, and transport, amongst many other things to pay for, becoming a mother can be challenging financially. Although costs are inevitable, we look below at how new moms can save money to help them put what money they have to better use.

1. Begin saving as soon as possible.

Pregnancy is often considered a time of aches and pains, with struggles coming from carrying extra weight around you. However, some people fail to realize that pregnancy provides mothers with an opportunity to prepare everything for when their child arrives.

A big part of this can be saving money. It is very wise for moms to save during their pregnancy to be sure that they have some emergency money that they can use for the baby if they need to. In addition, as pregnancy provides restrictions on what a mom can and can’t do, especially further down the line, moms can save the money they would have used for certain things, putting it to better use when the baby comes along. Once the baby arrives, you may also be accustomed to spending less money on things you don’t need, which will also help you have more spare money moving forward.

2. Buy diapers suited to your baby.

Many diaper companies provide guidance on which diapers babies should be wearing at different stages, yet this can often be one of the main reasons why buying diapers can be expensive. However, if you monitor how diapers are working for your baby, you may be able to save a few dollars a week by not having to buy bigger or more expensive alternatives.

3. Ask family and friends for help.

New moms often feel as though they have to do everything by themselves and believe that asking for help may seem like they cannot cope. This is certainly not the case, as your family and friends will almost certainly be there to help you in any way that they can. In addition, for family members and friends that have previously had children of their own, it is likely that they will have items that they no longer need but that you could make good use of.

If you just simply ask them, they may allow you to borrow clothing or other products for your baby — and they may even give them to you for free! This is a great way for you to save money as you may no longer need to buy certain things, but it also proves that you have a good support network around you and that you aren’t on your own.

4. Take advantage of free products.

Many companies offer free samples for various products, such as diapers, wipes, baby food, accessories, and other products. This means that you can get your hands on things you need for free. Although it may only be a free product every now and again, it may help you save a couple of dollars a month, and all savings will add up.

5. Buy gender-neutral baby products.

Although it isn’t a quick way to save money in the short term, buying neutral baby products can help you to save money when having any more children in the future. For example, if you were to have a baby boy the first time around, but your second child was a girl, you would usually have to buy completely different things for each of them. However, if you bought neutral clothing and toys for your first child, you would be able to save money when the second child is born, as you will already have the majority of what you need.

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