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30 Personalized Baby Gifts We Love

Celebrate a new baby with a personalized gift. From clothing items and accessories to practical items, here are 30 options we love.

Updated April 27, 2024

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A new baby is always something to celebrate, and it is so much fun to buy a gift for the mom-to-be that you know they’ll love. I especially love giving something personalized. This not only makes it more special, but it can also become a keepsake. There are so many categories of personalized gifts to choose from. Clothing items and accessories are always a sweet choice, and there are many beautiful decor options you can personalize. You can also choose from a variety of practical, everyday items. The baby’s family will love whatever personalized gift you choose to celebrate the occasion.

30 Personalized Baby Gifts

Because you can never have too many options, I’m excited to share a list of 30 personalized baby gifts we love!

1. Baby Name Swaddle Blanket

Personalized baby blankets
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Parents can use a personalized swaddle blanket from day one. This one comes in 13 gorgeous colors. It also comes with the baby’s name in script or block and script writing. These blankets are perfect for getting great newborn photos or everyday use.

2. Custom Name Blocks

Pink wood block with letter H
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These custom, decorative wooden name blocks come in six colors. You can choose the number of blocks needed according to their name. These would be a sweet addition to any nursery theme.

3. Initial Block Stroller Blanket and Knitted Hat Set

Monogrammed baby blankets and hats
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This adorable initial block stroller blanket is perfect for home or on the go. It would also look great as part of your nursery décor draped over a chair. It comes with a personalized knitted hat which is great for keeping the baby warm when out and about.

4. Custom Knit Pullover Name Sweater

Personalized sweater
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I love these classic knitted name sweaters. I feel like this is such a fantastic keepsake. These start at newborn sizes, and you could easily purchase a match for siblings as a gift. They would make for some precious photos.

5. Custom Gift Basket

Personalized woven baskets
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You can never have enough storage in the nursery. These rope baskets are beautifully customized with a rope name. They are available in four sizes, with more than 15 color choices for the name.

6. Busy Board

Personalized busy board
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Although this might not be used by a newborn immediately, it would look great as part of the nursery décor. This personalized name puzzle contains shapes and a variety of colors. You can choose pastel, rainbow, natural, dark wood, and more themes, making it easy to customize to the nursery theme.

7. Baby Name Pillow

Personalized pillow
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This customized name pillow is perfect for the rocker or glider in the nursery. I think white always looks great, but if you prefer a different fabric color, there are ten others to choose from. There are also a variety of thread colors and font variations. I can see this gift being used for many years as the baby grows.

8. First Birthday Book

Baby reading personalized book
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Help add to the new baby’s library with a personalized book! This nursery rhyme-themed nursery includes plenty of classics, including Jack and Jill and Little Bo Peep. It will look beautiful displayed on any shelf.

9. Knit Leather Patch Beanie

Personalized baby beanies
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This is an excellent gift for a girl or boy! These beanies have a leather patch you can personalize with their name, and they come in a variety of neutral colors and pink. You can also choose from six font options.

10. Sunset Silicone Soothing Ring

Personalized teether rings
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Babies love to chew on everything. A silicone teething ring is a perfect item to have on hand. This would be a great gift since you can also personalize it with their name. Choose from a variety of fonts and colors.

11. Stuffed Bunny Rabbit

Personalized stuffed bunny rabbit toy
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A stuffed animal is such a sweet and lovable gift for any baby. These bunnies are so soft and come in various colors. You can personalize the ear with the child’s name for an extra touch.

12. Embroidered Heirloom Keepsake Quilt

Personalized baby quilt
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We have had one of these as decor in my son’s room since birth, and I always get compliments on it. These quilts are classic pieces. Each can be monogrammed with the baby’s name. Parents can easily use them as the child grows older as well.

13. Wooden Letter Piggy Bank

Personalized letter piggy bank
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Why not start saving money from birth? This wooden piggy bank is such a great gift idea. It comes in the shape of the first letter of their name. It also has the baby’s name on the front. I love how you can see through it to see how much money has been saved.

14. Embroidered Bib

Personalized baby big
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Bibs are always a good idea. You can never have enough, especially in the early days of drool and spit-up. These muslin bibs come in various colors at a very affordable price. Choose a thread color for personalization, and you are set.

15. Baby Announcement Sign

Personalized wooden baby name sign
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Parents can use this gift at the hospital, birth center, or their home after birth and for later decoration in their baby’s room. The announcement sign is made of wood and personalized with the child’s name. I love the 3D effect of the first name. There is also a spot to add their date, time, weight, and length.

16. Moon and Stars Night Light

Personalized name sign
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Another practical and cute baby gift idea, you can customize this night light with the baby’s name. It lights up, which is so helpful for those late-night feeding sessions. I love the sweet stars and moon motif as well.

17. Gingham Baby Hooded Towel

Babies in personalized hooded towels
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Gingham is such a classic print that is always in style. These hooded baby towels come trimmed with a print that you can choose from six colors. You can personalize it with a name or monogram of your choosing.

18. Elephant Critter Nursery Rocker

Personalized rocking elephant
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Having a nursery rocker is so adorable. This is a pricier gift but one they can cherish for many years. The baby’s name or monogram can be added to the wooden leg on one side for a personalized touch.

19. Jewelry Box

Pink personalized jewelry boxes
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Every little girl needs a beautiful place to keep her jewelry and trinkets. With these, you can choose from three sizes. The two smaller boxes have a ballet dancer inside. You can also add the baby’s name or initials to each one.

20. Picture Frame

Personalized picture frame
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This would be a fabulous gift to give after the baby is born. You can add their name and birthdate to this silver frame. We love the oval shape too. It’s a beautiful frame for adding a sweet photo of their newborn.

21. Keepsake Box

Personalized keepsake box
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This keepsake box is such a neat concept. There are folders to keep important documents and other papers that pertain to the baby. It has 50 labels to help you know what to save and where to find it. You can personalize the box with the child’s name on the front.

22. Baby’s First Ornament

Personalized name ornaments
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An ornament with the baby’s name is such a precious gift. I love these ceramic animal-shaped ornaments. They come with the baby’s name and the year they were born.

23. Wooden Baby Brush

Personalized baby brush
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This is a practical yet timeless gift idea for a girl or boy. These wooden baby brushes are very affordable. You can personalize them with the baby’s name on the paddle.

24. Wooden Name Announcement Block

Personalized wooden name block
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This is another excellent baby gift that moms can use right after birth and in the nursery later. These wooden announcement blocks are perfect for birth announcement photos. We love the personal touch it adds with their name.

25. Stitched Newborn Baby Knot Gown

Personalized baby knot gown
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Gowns are so easy and convenient to put on your baby during the first few months of life. This would be a wonderful personalized baby gift. You can choose from three warm neutral shades. These gowns knot at the bottom and are stitched with the baby’s name.

26. Build-Your-Own Wooden Letters Train

Personalized wooden name train
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This decorative gift can also double as a toy as the child ages. These build-your-own trains can be put together using the baby’s name or initials. We love the beautiful wooden design. This would look great in any nursery or playroom.

27. Wooden Growth Chart

Personalized growth chart
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Our babies genuinely grow so quickly. It’s hard to keep track most of the time! This personalized growth chart would be precious in a nursery to document as you watch your baby grow. We love the functional purpose it serves as well.

28. Romper and Hat

Personalized onesie and hat
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This personalized romper and hat set is too darling. We adore the neutral colors and design of the personalization. A baby can wear these pieces together or separately for ample wear.

29. Antique Silver Spoon

Personalized silver spoon
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This is truly a classic, personalized baby gift. We don’t see silver spoons given much as a baby gift anymore, but we think they are such unique keepsakes. You can add the baby’s name to these for a gift they can have for a lifetime.

30. Wooden Name Sign

Personalized wooden name sign
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Having a customized name sign in a baby’s nursery is so cute and has become very popular. It adds a personal touch to the room and is a great focal point on the wall. With this sign, we think the script is a beautiful design for a girl or boy.

Before clicking “purchase,” double-check the spelling of names and initials when creating your personalized baby gifts. It is also a good idea to check their baby registry and see if they’ve already added anything personalized. Knowing if the new baby’s nursery has a specific theme or color scheme is also very helpful. You could combine multiple items to create a custom gift basket, and don’t forget to add a handwritten note with the gift of your good wishes for the baby!

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