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5 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day When You’re Expecting

Here is a list of 5 things you can do on Mother’s Day while you're expecting that all tie together for a super, special day.

Published May 9, 2015

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

So you don’t have your baby in your arms YET. But you are most definitely a mother. There’s no denying that reality. All it takes is one look down at your burgeoning belly to be reminded that you have life inside you. But on this Mother’s Day, you are still waiting and anticipating the day you will have your little bundle in your arms. So, should you still celebrate Mother’s Day even though you’re “only pregnant”? Um…YES! Of course.

But as for how to celebrate that role . . . well, you’re at a loss. The good news is . . . we are not. We want to help you celebrate this Mother’s Day while you’re expecting by celebrating your body that is growing life and your spirit by creating new traditions to be used in the years to come!

Here is a list of 5 Things to Do this Mother’s Day That all Tie Together for a super, special day:

1. Mani/Pedi Spa Day

Is there any woman on earth who doesn’t enjoy a good mani-pedi? Well, maybe one or two?! However, I’m convinced there is NO pregnant woman who doesn’t think it sounds fabulous to have someone manicure her much-neglected feet (and hands while they’re at it). And what better occasion to have this done than Mother’s Day? Especially if that mother is near delivery and will soon have a whole team of medical staff seeing those beautiful toes on display while she is pushing. (I kid you not; my doctor complimented my nails while I was delivering my second son, which briefly distracted me from the contractions. 😉 )

2. Maternity Photoshoot

What better way to celebrate the life inside of you than with a maternity shoot documenting your growth as a mother? Some women feel beautiful when pregnant. And some do not. But regardless, there is something so sweet about having the opportunity to let another capture you with your growing belly. And while you feel your belly may always be big, it will not. So why not have an excuse to dress up and get beautiful while another person captures you this year?

3. T-Shirt Infinity Scarf Keepsake

This idea is to give you a keepsake full of sentimentality from your first Mother’s Day because you will use the t-shirt worn in your maternity shoot to make an infinity scarf. After all, we “love our babies until infinity.” Before you start, buy a fun and funky button that would look cute on a scarf representing your first Mother’s Day. Then, use THIS VIDEO to create a no-sew T-shirt infinity scarf with that shirt. Then, pick the perfect accent spot for your button. You can wear that scarf on the following Mother’s Day, and each year, add another button to symbolize your years as a mom. You can create a tradition of picking out buttons with your kiddo. The buttons can represent their likes and dislikes. Each year after, add a button and take a picture of you wearing your scarf with your babe.

4. Memory Box

Find a memory box at Hobby Lobby or another of your favorite craft stores. This will serve as your future Mother’s Day keepsake box for years to come. If you’re a crafty mom, find ways to decorate this so that it has meaning. Then, use it to put your maternity pictures in and store your scarf. This is also the place to store the pictures of you wearing your infinity scarf each Mother’s Day. Can you imagine how fun it will be to look back on your pics through the years? I can cry just thinking about it.

5 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day When You’re Expecting

5. Journal

Go and buy a journal with blank pages. On this Mother’s Day, while you’re expecting, write a letter to your baby guessing what they will look like, their personality, what activities they will like, what things will make them laugh, etc. Just makes guesses. Detail as many things about their personality as you can. Then, each following year, on Mother’s Day, fill out the same things about them with the facts. As they get old enough to write, have them begin to fill out the journal themselves. It will forever be a beautiful reminder of your growth and their growth as a team. Keep this in your Mother’s Day memory box.

5 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day When You’re Expecting

I hope these ideas make you feel special and beautiful this Mother’s Day while you’re expecting. And I look forward to the joy you will experience through creating traditions and memories for years to come!

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