A Letter to My Unborn Baby on Mother’s Day

A Letter to My Unborn Baby on Mother's Day | Baby Chick

A Letter to My Unborn Baby on Mother’s Day

My Dearest Son,

It’s unbelievable to me that you are inside my belly and that I am writing to you–our very first letter!–days before Mother’s Day. You are about the size of a sweet potato right now. That’s your father’s favorite vegetable, I’m convinced. Even though at this time you would be able to fit inside the palm of my hand, you have already completely filled my heart.

I knew ever since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a mother. I would help take care of my twin brother–your Uncle Ian–growing up, and I hoped that one day I would have the privilege of being called “mom.” It’s a bit surreal to know that this dream of mine is actually happening. I can’t thank you enough for choosing me and your father as your parents. (If you couldn’t tell from my reaction when I found out we were expecting you. 😉 ) You are our first baby, so we will all learn a lot from each other, I’m sure. Of course, your dad and I know that our lives are about to change forever as soon as you arrive, and we are ready. We can’t wait for that special day.

it's a boy, gender reveal, a letter to my unborn baby

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I can’t wait to teach you things. Like how to give good hugs, how to dance, how to be kind to others, to respect your elders, to say “yes ma’am and no ma’am,” to open doors for others, to treat women with respect, to work hard, to put the toilet seat down, to listen, to be humble, and to never give up. I know that we, as parents, will teach you a lot, and I look forward to having you help me grow and teach me new things, too. For example, all the boy things. Everyone thought you were going to be a girl and that might be because I am a very girly girl, but I promise to try and be the best boy mom for you.

I want you to know just how badly you are wanted and loved. For years I have been waiting for you and praying for you and I feel so blessed to know that you are on your way to us. Even though you are only inside my tummy, my love for you is strong. I want to protect you, take care of you, nurture you, provide for you, and–above all–love you. I hear that there is no type of love like a mother’s love for her son and a son’s love for his mother. You can sure bet that I will try to make you a mama’s boy ;), but I am also determined to help you become an independent, smart, kind, and good man. We will always be here to support you and guide you as you grow into the boy and man you are meant to become. My biggest dream was always to have you, so you have already made my dreams come true.

This may sound silly, but I am already praying for your future wife. You may think for a while that girls are icky, but one day you may not feel that way. She may just be a sparkle in her parents’ eyes right now, but I’m thinking of her too. I’m praying that you both will be raised with the right tools to be kind, caring, and patient with one another. I pray that God protects her and takes good care of her and that you both meet when you both are ready in God’s time. Ultimately whoever you choose to love–regardless of age, gender, size, race–we love you and support you and want you to be happy.

Son, for this Mother’s Day, if I were to ask for anything I ask for you to be patient with me as I grow into the mother you need me to be. I ask that you forgive my imperfections and know that I am doing my best every day and that I love you. It’s incredible that we haven’t met yet and I already feel like I would walk through fire for you. I can’t wait until we meet, until I can hold you and hug you. Just remember, I will forever be the first woman who ever loved you. That will never change. Ultimately, for this Mother’s Day, you have already given me the greatest gift–it’s knowing that you are on your way into my arms.

All of my love,

Your mother–Nina

it's a boy, gender reveal, a letter to my unborn baby

it's a boy, gender reveal, a letter to my unborn baby

it's a boy, gender reveal, a letter to my unborn baby

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