What Moms Wish They Knew About Getting Pregnant for the First Time

What Moms Wish They Knew About Getting Pregnant for the First Time

pregnancyUpdated June 17, 2022


Whether it’s something that just happens or something we plan for, pregnancy is one of the biggest events a woman will go through in their life. For many, we have an idea of what it means to be pregnant, but while it is a miracle, new mothers tend not to talk about a lot of the less-than-ideal things. But these brave mothers came clean and divulged what they wish they had known when they were pregnant for the first time, from the pain to the aftermath!

Getting pregnant doesn’t always happen when you think it will.

“You don’t just have sex and a baby appears. You have to know when you are ovulating and that that is the only time you can get pregnant.” – Dani, new mom of one

Getting off birth control does not equate to getting pregnant right away and your body can actually have a withdrawal from the birth control that can mimic pregnancy symptoms.” – Ashley, new mom of one

“For some, it can take years of ‘trying,’ while for others, it only takes a few days. So be prepared for either”. – Crystal, currently pregnant for the first time

“It’s not as much in your control as you think. I thought if I did XYZ then I would have a baby… and I did, the first time, which bolstered my ego of how I was in control. But the second time, it took over a year for me to get pregnant (with help.) I think when a person is trying to get pregnant the first time, it’s helpful to know how it isn’t always easy.” – Sarah, mom of two

Morning sickness isn’t just for the morning.

Morning sickness isn’t just in the morning. It’s all day!” – Cami, mom of two

“Morning sickness is BS. It’s all day, everyday.” – Crystal, currently pregnant for the first time

You will feel pain.

“Everything hurts when you’re pregnant. Not all at the same time and not just the ‘normal’ pain you’d expect (back pain from a growing belly). And it gets worse towards the end. No one even mentioned that to me, ever!” – Ashley, new mom of one

“Being in pain, uncomfortable, not being able to breath when you sleep. It’s like you’re a different person with all the changes. And  these fake contractions that go on all day long when you least expect it. They are not enough for you to be in labor, but enough to be a pain.” – Shakira, expecting her first baby

“How tired you feel during pregnancy. Nothing will prepare you for that!” – Stephanie, mom of two

You’re going to be getting a lot of attention.

“Everyone is going to stop you and ask you when the baby’s due date is and try to touch your stomach. (Insert eye roll here.)” – Dani, new mom of one

You can’t assume your pregnancy or birth will go a certain way.

“C-sections are common and even if you have an amazing pregnancy and no complications, you may still have a C-section. I would have liked to know what a C-section was like and what the recovery was like so I could have been more prepared.” – Dani, new mom of one

Symptoms don’t end once the baby is born.

“I would have appreciated being more educated on postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety.” – Colleen, new mom of one 

It will all be worth it.

“Being pregnant was easy, oh so easy. Getting to the point of being able to become pregnant was the true struggle. I had a long journey, but holding my son and looking into his sweet eyes makes it all seem so remote and distant. Like someone else lived it, like it wasn’t me going through it and I was always meant to be his mommy.” – Carmen, new mom of one

Thank you to all the mamas who were open to sharing their experiences with us. We can relate to many of these points and know this will help other new mothers.

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