Our Gender Reveal + Baby Chick’s Two Year Anniversary

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Our Gender Reveal + Baby Chick’s Two Year Anniversary

Happy hump day! Or should I say, bump day. ūüėČ

Today is Baby Chick’s two year anniversary, guys! It’s nuts to think that two years ago today we launched this site. We¬†worked so hard for our launch and website¬†reveal, and now we have an even bigger announcement to reveal¬†today.

As you might have seen, we announced our pregnancy¬†two months ago and we have been anxiously waiting to¬†find out whether we¬†are having a girl or a boy. This is our first baby and I just couldn’t wait any longer to find out the gender. Hats off to all of you parents that have the patience and can wait for such an amazing surprise. Y’all are incredible. We just had to know what this little baby is.

The first time I went to the sonographer’s office, my baby’s legs were crossed. And no matter what I did they wouldn’t uncross. So frustrating! I literally would wiggle my hips and even flipped backwards on the table to see if baby would show us what we were looking for. But nothing. Still crossed. (Stubborn like its dad. ūüėČ ) Finally, the other day I went back and we found out what we are having. There was no denying.¬†It’s a . . .

it's a boy, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal

it's a boy, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal

gender reveal, it's a boy, oh boy

It’s a boy!! We are completely overjoyed! This is the best present that we could ask for on our second year anniversary of Baby Chick¬ģ–finding out the gender of our baby.

I have to admit, I was shocked for a bit when I was told it’s a boy. Ever since we announced to our family and friends¬†that we were pregnant, every single person has told me that they thought I was having a girl. Literally everyone. People I work with. My mom. Brian’s parents and family. Friends. You name it. I’ve only had one person out of dozens say that they thought I was having a boy. I thought that maybe everyone knew something, and that I should listen to their intuition. After hearing it quite a few times, I began to believe them. When we got the news that it was a boy, it took me a second to switch my mind frame. Now, I already have a whole bunch of ideas for his room and for our baby registry. As for names, I will need some help, guys. Any advice or recommendations? They are all appreciated!! Naming someone is way harder than I thought.

Thank you for joining us on celebrating a great 2 year milestone for our business and the news of our baby boy. ūüôā

it's a boy, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal

it's a boy, pregnancy announcement, gender reveal

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  • Colleen
    May 10, 2017

    One of the more helpful things with picking a name was figuring out how many syllables I liked in a name. I found that I was generally gravitating to 2 syllable names, so that helped narrow the search, A LOT.

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