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6 Ways to Include Men in Baby Showers

Here are six ideas for incorporating dads into baby showers so that they can be a part of the baby’s life from the start of all the fun!

Published June 23, 2015

by Quinn Kelly

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As women, we are wonderful at hosting baby showers or sprinkles for moms to celebrate their growing bellies and the life they are carrying inside them. But often, they forget that many dads may also want a place in the baby showers. Unfortunately, they may feel it’s culturally acceptable (or manly) to get hyped up about their baby.

So today, I wanted to share my favorite ideas for incorporating dads into baby showers so they can be a part of the baby’s life from the start of ALL the fun! After all, if we want them to be excited about being a father, we have to make them feel a part of the experience from the beginning. And they likely will not ask to be a part of it themselves. Plus, the more involved dads are, the happier their partners are. So it’s mutually beneficial for us all.

6 Ways to Include Men in Baby Showers

The best way of incorporating dad into baby showers that aren’t just for diapers is to have a dual-gender baby shower. This means having the normal shower for the girl but inviting the husband and his friends. And then, of course, have fun finding ways to involve the men. Here are 6 of my favorite ideas:

Come Up with a Fun Theme for Both Men and Women

Join us for the “Women Friend and Men Kin Shower.” Have the invitation explain that the nature of the shower is to include both sexes. “We want our baby to know that they are surrounded with love and care from not only women in our lives but the men. We want you to be not only friends but also family. So please come and join us. Both of you….”

Another idea would be a “Boys and Toys and Gals and Towels” shower. With this theme, the men can bring their favorite baby toy, and the girls can bring soft things like blankets, burp cloths, or clothing. “Men, take time to find a toy you think every baby needs, from blocks to baseballs. We want to see what you think. And women, bring something soft and cozy for the baby to use after playtime.”

Or lastly, incorporate food and gifts into the shower theme with a play on words for a “Chilly Cookoff.The invitation could read, “Join us for a “Chilly” Cookoff Shower in honor of baby Preston and his chilly due date of December 2021. Let’s get him ready for the winter with clothes and blankets while we keep his mommy and daddy warm with your favorite chili recipe.”

Serve Non-Traditional Food

Men may not enjoy quiche and baby-shaped cookies quite as much as we do. So, for the menu, pick a food theme that seems a little more geared toward men than women. I recently attended a baby sprinkle where we had a crawfish boil. It gave the men a chance to bond and get to know one another while the women chatted. This can take off the edge for men who feel a little reluctant about coming to a baby shower. 😉 And especially if you give the men a role in preparing the food. “Hey, would you mind being the one to watch over the boiling?”

6 Ways to Include Men in Baby Showers

Create Gift Fun

Don’t assume all men are only capable of buying diapers. If they’ve had babies, they likely have the go-to supplies they think are best. It is fun to ask men to bring their favorite go-to baby item. And have their wife do the same! Then, let the couples in attendance surprise each other with what they got. As their friends open the gifts, they can explain to the guests why this is their favorite gift. If they do not have children, seeing what they pick can be even more fun.

6 Ways to Include Men in Baby Showers

Make the Men Get Mushy

As one of the shower activities, have both the men and women write the best lesson they ever learned from their parents. The therapist in me loves this! Men are usually less likely to talk about their feelings without being prompted, but they can often surprise us with their insight and emotion when asked. After the advice is written down, you can have the guest of honor read the advice and guess who gave it. Some will be funny, but some will be serious. It lets the men feel included and will likely bond the women to the men when hearing things they have probably never shared.

Make the Men Get Creative With a Lullaby

For a fun and creative baby shower game, pick three songs that are hits on the radio. Then, have the women and the men divide into groups and choose their favorite song. Next, tell them that their job is to come up with a lullaby to the rhythm and tune of that song. This is a fun way to challenge the men to connect with their inner comfort and nurturing side. If they’re competitive, you might be surprised what they come up with if they know they are competing against the ladies.

Change up the Diaper Shower Theme

And if your husband only feels comfortable with the traditional diaper shower and doesn’t want to hang with the ladies, give the diaper shower a twist by transforming it into something even more manly. And call it a MUDSLIDE!

6 Ways to Include Men in Baby Showers

Since all things baby-related seem related to weather, make the name of the diaper shower a diaper mudslide and use a play on words saying the diapers are getting ready for the ‘MUDSLIDE’ in the baby’s diaper. Because even grown men think talking about poop is funny. So why not incorporate it into one of the biggest realities of newborns? Changing poopy diapers! Ask the men to wear brown, bring dark beer, and then serve them chocolate ice cream mudslides.

Well, that about wraps up my favorite ideas! Have fun getting creative by including your favorite men. Let us know how it goes.

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