Tips for Moving Homes While Pregnant: 10 Ways to Decrease the Stress

Tips for Moving Homes While Pregnant: 10 Ways to Decrease the Stress

pregnancyPublished July 11, 2018

by Mary Alice Carpenter

Licensed & Certified Professional Midwife


It may feel like the worst timing in the world, but if you find yourself moving homes when pregnant, your situation is not all that uncommon! People often move during pregnancy to prepare for all the changes that having a baby will bring. Perhaps you need more space, want to move to a new suburb, or want to be closer to family.

Whatever the reason, we have put together a list of the top 10 things to do to prepare for your move and make the process as stress-free as possible.

Tips for Moving Homes While Pregnant:

1. Plan and organize

By mapping out your move ahead of time, you will take a lot of the stress out of moving day itself. You want to minimize stress during pregnancy, so booking movers, scheduling your packing, and enlisting the help of friends in advance will keep you calm.

2. Be safe

It is important to remember that your body is changing and you may not be able to do the things you could before. Heed all advise from your healthcare provider about what you should and shouldn’t do during your move. If you find yourself lifting something, remember to use safe lifting techniques like bending your knees, and not your waist to pick up an object. Keep your back straight and don’t make any sudden or jerky movements. These techniques are even more important in pregnancy because your skeletal system and muscles are moving and are more susceptible to strains and problems.

3. Pack early and label everything

Pregnancy brain doesn’t go away just because you are moving! Remember to pack early and label everything so you don’t have the stress of trying to remember where each item is when you get to the new place. By labelling as you pack, your boxes will easily find their way to their new home, and you will be able to focus on other things during the move. If you don’t want to have to get rid of the boxes once you have finished moving, you can often hire boxers instead of buying them.

4. Call in the professionals

While you might want to tackle everything alone, it is not a good idea to try and move by yourself during pregnancy. You are likely to get tired more quickly and you can’t do all the things you could before. Getting professional help will make the whole process run much more smoothly and will be worth it in the long run. We recommend searching for an experienced removal company that have positive google reviews and have insurance. We also recommend the services of a professional packing company.

5. Breathe

If you are feeling stressed out at any point, give yourself a time out, take some deep breathes, and remember it is okay to take breaks and ask for help when you need it.

6. Research doctors and midwives in your new area

If you are moving close by, this might not be relevant, but if you are moving further afield, it is a good idea to research doctors and midwives in your new neighborhood and have the contact details close by should you need them. It will be crucial to form a new relationship for during and after your pregnancy.

7. Pack a hospital bag

If you are close to your due date and planning a hospital birth, you should pack a hospital bag and keep it close by. If you need to make an emergency trip to the hospital, you don’t want to have to be looking among boxes and furniture to find your important items. Have your essentials ready just in case.

8. Eat well

Even when you are busy it is important to maintain good nutrition before, during and after your move. Your body will become tired more easily while pregnant, and giving it the correct fuel will keep you healthy during the moving process.

9. Take breaks

On moving day, remember to take regular breaks. It is tempting to race through and get it all done as quickly as possible, but scheduling regular breaks into your plan will mean you won’t have to spend extra time recovering from the rush post move.

10. Drink water

Staying hydrated is crucial while pregnant, so keep water on you at all times and drink up!

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