How to Host the Most Elegant Baby Shower Tea Party

How to Host the Most Elegant Baby Shower Tea Party | Baby Chick

How to Host the Most Elegant Baby Shower Tea Party

My older sister is having her first baby this month. So it was only natural that I wanted to throw her an extra special shower to celebrate her growing bundle of baby this Spring.

But because I live in a different state than she does, I was not able to host a shower for her in my own home or city. So my amazing friends (who happen to be the most beautiful twins you’ve ever met) volunteered to host the shower at their house. And they suggested the idea of having a tea party instead of traditional shower so we could let the phrase: “A Baby is Brewing” serve as the shower or tea theme.

So that is exactly what we did. And let me just tell you, it could not have been any lovelier! Or elegant. The only thing missing was Downton Abbey in the background. 😉 So for all of you who might be in charge of hosting a baby shower in your future, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to transform a normal baby shower into an elegant tea party:

1. Choose a Tea-Themed Invite

As I searched online, I found many fun tea-themed invitations. But I wanted to choose one that had the right feel. And as soon we saw this invite on Zazzle, we all agreed it was the perfect fit! The old fashioned picture of a baby boy in a tea cup, seemed to be the perfect choice for our vintage tea party theme! Link to Invite HERE.


2. Pick a Menu True to Teas

For a tea party, it is fun to have food that keeps in the theme of classy and elegant. So our tea included fun finger foods:

  1. Cucumber Sandwiches with fresh dill {here}
  2. Egg Salad Sandwiches on Marble Rye {here}
  3. Fruit Salad with Basil, Lime and Honey {here}
  4. Homemade Biscuits and Jam
  5. Homemade Chocolate Chip and Lemon Strawberry Scones
  6. Macaroons in Several Flavors
  7. Cheesecake Bites
  8. Tea and Mimosas


3. Offer a Wide Array of Teas for Sipping

In order to draw out the tea theme, it is fun to offer a wide variety of tea choices. For my sister’s shower, one of the hostesses drove to a local coffee brewery and picked out several of her favorite kinds of tea. This served as a great conversation starter as guests told the hostesses what kind of tea they wanted to drink because it let them say a little about themselves. Are you a “Breakfast in Paris” tea type of girl or a “Mojito Mint” type? 😉


4. Use Fresh Flowers

What is a tea party without flowers? In an ideal world, you could host the tea party outside near a garden, but with the time of year we hosted, we were unsure of rain. So we chose to sit indoors and bring the flowers inside. And boy did we ever! The hostesses bought flowers, flowers and more flowers and adorned the tables with them. They were beautiful and feminine and fragrant.


5. Wear Fascinator Hats

On the invitation, we included the phrase, “Please wear your best tea party attire.” So the hostess of the shower thought it would be fun if the three hostesses and mommy of honor all wore fascinator hats. So we did. She ordered them from Light in the Box. And if I do say so myself, they looked so chic and festive.


6. Be Great Hostesses

I think one of the best ways to make an event seem extra special is to truly host the event. And the hostesses of the event did a great job doing just that. From the moment guests entered the door, they asked what they would like to drink and brought them a warm cup of tea or a refreshing mimosa. Throughout the event, the hostesses made sure to refill people’s plates with food and kept their drinks filled. An extra special touch that makes such a difference!




7. Have Guests Sit at Tables with Real China and Tableware

At many showers, guests are just standing and talking while munching on food or sitting in chairs for opening gifts. But for a tea party, it is much more fun to let guests sit and eat from a table. It invites for more conversation amongst the group and allows the party to feel dressier. As for the tableware, using real china (or at least plates that are not plastic) makes such a difference in creating an elegant feel. For this tea, we used family heirloom plates and napkins from my mother in combination with some tableware my friends bought at an auction. It came together beautifully.



8. Adorn tables with Floral or Lace Tablecloths

Flowers and lace always add a tea theme to a party. So we wanted our tablecloths to be floral or lace. However, we struggled to find the right size and length of tablecloths we needed for both tables. So we used one floral table cloth on one table and then a plain colored table cloth on the other covered by a lace curtain. We just picked out the hem of the curtains to make them long enough. 😉



9. Play a Classy Game

Shower games can be fun but for a tea shower, the games should fit the feel. So, for this shower, we chose a different type of game. Before opening presents, we had everyone in the room tell the group how their parents chose their name or how they chose the names of their children. And let me say this is one of the best games I have ever played at a shower.

It immediately breaks the ice and allows people to get to know each other instantly. And if the mommy of honor already has her baby’s name picked out (like my sister did), she gets a chance to tell all her family and friends why they chose the name she did. And if she is like most expecting mommies, there is a lot of meaning and thought put into name choosing, so it’s very rewarding to share!


All in all, the shower went off without a hitch and the guests had a great time! It was memorable, elegant and classy. But like anything in motherhood, no matter how elegant or classy the event, when the kids get involved, real life comes back in full swing! And the heels come off.


Cheers to Elegant Teas that Start in Heels and End in Sandals!



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