Giving birth is a profound and transformative moment in a person’s life. We want you to feel ready and knowledgeable for your labor and baby’s debut! Here you can explore expert advice on topics like vaginal unmedicated and medicated births, C-section births, home births, birth center births, and adoption. Read inspiring birth stories, helpful tips, and essential product recommendations that can support you through this life-changing journey.

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Mother with her newborn baby girl in the hospital.

25 Birth Affirmations To Help You Through Your Labor

Here are some benefits of birth affirmations, how to use them effectively, and 25 birth affirmations to try.

Obstetricians cutting the umbilical cord of a newborn baby boy after an caesarean section birth at a modern hospital. Baby is lying on mother's thigh.

Delayed Cord Clamping: What It Is, Benefits, and Risks

Learn how delaying umbilical cord clamping a bit longer can benefit your newborn.

The Power of Birth Photography

The Power of Birth Photography

Have you ever considered birth photography? One mom shares her beautiful "birth story" of her baby and the power of birth photography!

11 Ways to Avoid a C-Section

11 Helpful Ways To Avoid a C-Section

An expert offers 11 tips to avoid or lower your chances of having an unnecessary C-section.

Products to Help Prepare Your Body for Labor & Birth

Products To Help Prepare Your Body for Labor and Birth

Prepare your body for labor and birth with these 10 products. They can help you have a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

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Pregnant woman doing an asymmetrical lunge.

Best Positions To Do In Active Labor

Once you reach active labor, there are positions that can help you speed things up and keep you more comfortable.

Pregnant young woman pushes to give birth in hospital, obstetrician doctor assisting

How to Be Your Own Advocate During Labor and Birth

Learn why advocating for yourself during labor and birth is important. Gain tips on how to be your own advocate.

A mother is cradling her newborn baby. They are indoors in a hospital room.

Why Birth Is More Mental and Tips to Mentally Prepare for Labor

A common misconception is that preparing for labor should be physically focused. Here's why birth is more mental than physical.

Mother embracing her baby girl while leaning back and resting.

What is Birth Trauma? And How to Move Forward

Nearly a quarter of all pregnant moms experience birth trauma. What is it? How do you move forward? One mom shares her story.

Young pregnant woman suffering from backache and prodromal labor.

What Is Prodromal Labor and How Do You Manage It?

Prodromal labor is a common experience for a lot of pregnant mamas. What exactly is it and how do you manage it? Here are the details.

Expectant mother practicing lotus pose for wellbeing of fetus at home and meditating, practicing visualization for birth.

Visualization During Birth: How To Stay Focused

Visualization during birth can be an effective, natural tool to help you through the pain, and sometimes fear, of labor. Here's how it works.

Pregnant woman suffering lower back pain. Woman getting a contraction and backache at home in the living room. Concept of pregnancy, maternity, health care, gynecology, medicine.

What Do Contractions Feel Like? What You Need To Know About Labor Pains

Are you a first time mom wondering what contractions will really feel like? Here is what you need to know about contractions during labor.

Pregnant woman standing near window and hands embraces a round belly.

Best Positions to Do in Early Labor

If you're wondering what to do at the beginning of labor, these are the best positions to do in early labor to help you and baby.

A mother smiles as she holds her newly born infant for the very first time on her chest.

Perineal Tearing: How to Reduce Your Chance of Tearing & Heal After Baby

Perineal tearing can cause many complications in your postpartum recovery. Here are tips to reduce your chance of tearing and speed healing.

A woman getting epidural anesthesia in a surgery room.

32 Things Women Wish They Had Known Before Getting an Epidural

We asked moms what they wish they had known before getting an epidural and these were their responses. They are eye-opening!

A woman holds the hand of a support person while in the throws of labor and trying to work through the pain of contractions.

The 5 Love Languages of Labor and Delivery

If you want to show your partner your love and support during the birth of your child, here are the 5 love languages of labor and delivery.

A smiling, happy woman in labor prepares to give birth in a clean white hospital setting. She holds the hand of her partner or husband as they look lovingly at each other. A depiction of a positive pregnancy and delivery.

How to Make Your Birth Fun (Or At Least Tolerable!)

Adding some enjoyable elements to your labor and delivery can make your birth fun. Yes, FUN! Try these tips as you plan the big day.

A pregnant woman in protective mask against infectious diseases and flu showing stop gesture with glove. Health care concept.

Preparing for Birth During COVID-19 – Podcast Ep 31

If you are currently expecting, here is everything you need to know about preparing for your baby's birth during COVID-19.

The man is a husband worried about his wife's pregnancy, childbirth greatly.

How to Show Love to Your Partner in Labor

Creating a loving and supportive birthing environment is important for both partners. Here's how to show love to your partner during labor.

A newly born baby laying with his mother on her chest doing skin-to-skin.

What is a Baby Friendly Hospital & Why to Give Birth at One

We're breaking down what a Baby Friendly Hospital is and why you may want to give birth at one. Also, how you can go about finding one.

New born opening eyes for the first time after birth.

Is Baby Coming Soon? Signs of Labor

Knowing the signs of labor and what to expect can take away a lot of the stress associated with the spontaneity of labor.

Woman about to give birth and how to decide who should be in the room with you when you deliver.

How to Decide Who is in the Room During Delivery

So, how do you decide who is in the room during delivery? Weigh these different considerations and read on for tips on how to tell people no.

Birth Photography: Capturing The Moment You First Became a Mother

Birth Photography: Capturing The Moment You First Became a Mother

Considering hiring a birth photographer to capture the birth of your baby & the day you become a mom? Here's why to consider birth photography.

How to Create YOUR Perfect Birth Plan

How to Create YOUR Perfect Birth Plan (Includes Template)

Creating a birth plan is a great exercise for learning about your options during labor, birth, and recovery. Here's a guide to create yours!

How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for Childbirth

How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for Childbirth – Podcast Ep 9

I’m chatting with Kerry Tuschhoff, the Founder, Director & Owner of Hypnobabies, about how to prepare your mind for childbirth.

9 Tips for an Easier Labor & Birth

9 Tips for an Easier and Faster Labor and Birth

Childbirth is unpredictable. Learn what you can do to help you increase your chances of having an easier and faster labor and birth.

Choosing Where to Give Birth: Do You Know All of Your Birth Options?

Where To Give Birth: What Are All of Your Birth Options?

Explore the pros and cons of four birthing options: a hospital, a freestanding birth center, a birth center within a hospital, and your home.

newborn laying on a hospital swaddle blanket

7 Things NOT To Do During Labor

7 tips on what expecting moms should NOT do during labor so you can really avoid some unnecessary labor interventions and outcomes.

natural pain relief options

20 Natural Pain Relief Options to Help Ease Labor Pain

Every pregnant woman needs to have tools to keep herself comfortable during labor. Here are 20 natural pain relief options that she can use.

What To Do In Early Labor

What To Do in Early Labor

We're walking you through some of the best things to do during early labor! These tips can help ensure you have a good labor and delivery.

6 Tips On What To Do In Active Labor

6 Tips on What To Do in Active Labor

Here's what to expect in active labor and what options are available so that you can make the best choices for you and your baby.

6 Tips On What To Do In Transition Labor

6 Tips on What To Do in Transition Labor

To help you through this phase and get you to pushing, I've listed six tips for what to do in transition labor. Review some common questions.

Positions & Tips on Pushing During Childbirth

Positions and Tips on Pushing During Childbirth

Pushing during childbirth may not be as easy and simple as you think. Here's a list of different positions and tips for pushing baby out.

Mom holding baby after water birth

13 Reasons to Consider a Home Birth

Having gone to hundreds of births over the past 11 years, here are some reasons why you should consider having a home birth.

12 Tips for a Happier and Healthier Birth

Things you can do to have the vaginal birth experience you want. Here are the first 6 tips to a happier and healthier birth!