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5 Creative Ways to Get Dad Involved in Baby Care

13 Ways Dads Can Be Involved in Baby Care

An experienced dad is sharing tips for how to be more involved and help out with baby care when your new baby arrives.

Why Sons Need Their Fathers

Why Sons Need Involved Fathers

The relationship between sons and fathers is so important too! Here are a few reasons why sons need their fathers.

Father playing with his daughter

What I Deal With as a Stay-at-Home Dad

This stay-at-home dad says one of the best ways to further normalize stay-at-home parenting is to share it with others confidently.

kis play with toys scattered all over and tired exhausted father, difficult parenting

Parental Burnout and Why Stay-at-Home Parents Deserve a Break

Learn how to best use your limited free time to prevent burnout. Get tips and tricks from a former reporter and stay-at-home parent.

A young mother with little daughter preaparing for bike ride, putting on helmets.

20 Signs You’re a Good Parent

Do you wonder if you're doing a good job with your kids Check out these 20 signs you're a good parent, worthy of an A+.

Dad Goes Viral for Tweet About the Struggles of Parenting

Father and podcast host Jay Acunzo went viral by offering his thoughts on modern parenting. Read about the confessions and advice he shared.

Collage of Diaper Bags for Dads

Best Diaper Bags for Dads

Discover diaper bags for dads that offer various styles for all types of dads out there and could make great Father's Day gifts.

Happy single father having fun while dancing with his small daughter after moving into a new apartment.

100 Father’s Day Quotes to Show Appreciation

Many of these Father's Day quotes show how being a father is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs ever.

Kevin Hart and kids on the couch

21 Celebrity Dads Who Make Fatherhood Look Easy

Parenting isn't always easy, but these 21 celebrity dads make raising kind and hardworking children look like a breeze.

Father Playing With toddler Son In Living Room

Studies Show Babies Who Get More Playtime With Dad Learn Faster

Discover how father-child playtime enhances learning and emotional development in children, based on 40 years of research.

Dad sitting back holding his baby boy. His baby boy has his eyes wide open looking down at his dad in awe.

A Dad Shares His Funniest Parenting Mistakes

Dozens of parenting mistakes can be made, but kids don't come with a handbook. Discover common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Father and daughter enjoying conversation together at home. Sitting on bed and reading book together.

Can We Stop Calling Dads Babysitters?

A stay-at-home dad wants to nix the way society calls dads babysitters. Instead, remember it's what thousands of stay-at-home dads do daily.

A loving father of African descent sits on the couch at home and reads a storybook to his preschool age daughter. The child is sitting on her father's lap and is smiling while looking at the book.

How to Cherish the Little Moments With Your Children

One stay-at-home dad discusses how it's just as important to cherish the little moments as it is the big milestone ones.

Happy parent talking to his toddler daughter

Today’s Dads are More Involved Than Ever

Dads today are taking a more active role in parenting and being involved in raising their kids beyond just providing financially.

Photo of young father holding his son, tired baseball player after the training is over

Ways Dads Show Their Love

Get one stay-at-home dad's take on ways dads show their love - from hugs and kisses to unexpected gestures.

Man and little boy with shaving foam on their faces looking into the bathroom mirror and laughing. Father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom.

Father and Son: The Real Facts of What Makes this Relationship Special

Building a strong father-and-son relationship requires time and effort but can be incredibly rewarding. Discover the ways to bond.

Handsome young man at home with his little cute girl. They have their foreheads together and eyes closed and arms around each other.

What Every Daughter Needs from Her Father

Every daughter has needs that must be met by her dad. Here are some reasons why it's important to focus on the father-daughter bond.

Middle age Caucasian father kissing sleeping newborn baby girl. Parent holding rocking child daughter son in hands. Authentic lifestyle parenting fatherhood moment. Single dad family home life.

104 Dad Quotes That Will Make You Smile

Whether you're looking for something sweet, inspiring, or funny, we have a great list of the best dad quotes! Check them out!

An ethnic dad gently kisses his newborn daughter on the cheek. He is holding her cradled in his arms as she is swaddled up comfortably for her nap.

Paternity Leave: Why Dads Should Take the Full Amount Off

Taking time off to support your family is just as important for fathers as it is for moms. Here is why paternity leave should be encouraged.

Shot of a young boy and his father spending some quality time at home being silly

140+ Best Dad Jokes

Love or hate them, dad jokes are a thing for a reason. Dads love them! Here are over 140 of the best dad jokes around.

Shot of a beautiful young couple welcoming their newly born baby girl in the hospital

Why Dads Are Being Diagnosed With Delivery Room PTSD

Delivery room PTSD is becoming a more common diagnosis in dads these days. What is it, and why is it happening. We break it down here.

Father and daughter spend quality time together

Father and Daughter: What Makes This Relationship Special

The father and daughter bond is one that cannot be replaced. It is special in many ways. Here, one father shares his experience.

Middle age Caucasian father trying to calm down newborn baby. Man parent holding rocking child on his hands. Authentic lifestyle family moment.

Postpartum Depression in Men: Is It a Thing?

Postpartum depression in men? It's a thing. Surprisingly, it's not uncommon. Here one dad shares his experience.

Father blow-drying his daughter's hair and brushing it.

How a Father is Growing a Stronger Relationship With His Toddler Daughter

Becoming a stay-at-home dad can be difficult in the face of a strong mother-daughter relationship. Here, one dad shares his story.

Father and baby son sleeping

7 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Special and Helpful After Having a Baby

Your partner is often the first thing to get put on the back-burner after baby arrives. Here's how to make your partner feel special!

Happy family with newborn in hands

Dear Baby: I Love You, But I Love Your Mother More

"I love you more than anything, but I love your mother more." One father shares his heartfelt thoughts about his love for his baby and wife.

Father trying to work from home but kids are around him smiling.

Why Do Kids Behave Better With Dad?

Discover why a child might behave better with one parent over another, including how parenting style and brain development can play a role.

Beautiful young couple embracing their newborn baby on the sofa. Smiling young parents with their baby girl at home.

How Parenting Changed My Relationship With My Spouse

Whether you like it or not, becoming a parent with inevitably change your relationship with your spouse. Here, one mom shares her experience.

Affectionate love between father and newborn baby, father holding his son in arms in apartment

Why It’s Important to Let Your Spouse Have Time With Baby

For your spouse, spending quality time with baby is just as important as it is for you. Here's why and some tips for how to help.

Happy father kissing baby girl

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

Stay-at-home dads are becoming more common recently. How is the experience different than a moms? Here are confessions of a stay-at-home dad.