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Parenting Pep Talks We All Need to Hear

Trust us: You're doing a great job raising your tiny humans. Get some parenting pep talks to boost your confidence.

Published April 3, 2023

Attention moms, dads, and parents everywhere: If you need to hear it today, you’re doing amazing. Trust me; as a mama of two under two, I understand it is sometimes easier said (or read or heard) than believed. But really, you’re doing a great job. As parents, we’re constantly questioning ourselves and could use some parenting pep talks. Are we doing this whole human-raising thing right? Are we doing enough? WHAT are we even doing, anyway? While I don’t know your unique parenting journey, you likely care a lot about being the best parent you can be. That alone says yes, you’re doing this right. You’re doing enough, and you’re doing amazing!

Never forget that.

Embrace Your Confidence

Being responsible for tiny humans is among the greatest honors, but it’s no secret that it’s a lot of work. It’s hard, and it’s messy. It’s exhausting, challenging, trying, and chaotic. It is chaos.

But even with all that, you’ve got this.

Nobody in the world knows your child(ren) better than you. Rest confidently in that truth. Even more, embrace your confidence as your child’s keeper. You may not always have all the answers, but you know them better than anyone else on the planet does.

Seriously, you’ve got this.

You’re the one your kiddo retreats to – even (and especially!) when they’re scared, sad, uncertain, or, yes, mad and throwing a tantrum. You’re the one your kiddo turns to when they need a safe place to rest, a cheerleader who makes them believe they are unstoppable. You are their home, their world. You know what you’re doing, and they know you’re doing your best.

Be confident. You’ve got this.

It’s OK to Trust Yourself

It’s wise to trust yourself regarding your parenting. After all, your kiddo depends on you for that. You know your child: you are their best advocate, biggest fan, first teacher, and greatest protector.

You see, you’ve got this.

You’ve got this parenting thing down and an intuition unlike any other when looking out for your tiny human. Trust me; it’s OK to trust yourself. After all, your child looks to you for comfort for a reason. Have you ever seen anyone else look at you with the same level of pride and unconditional love?

I promise you’ve got this.

Go Ahead and Pep Yourself Up

Parenting isn’t always comfortable, but you are worthy of finding comfort in the reality that you’re giving it your all. That alone is enough. That alone is more than enough. It’s applaudable, admirable, incredible, and praiseworthy. Even when it feels impossible, you keep going. You don’t stop. You don’t give up.

Give yourself the hype you deserve and the parenting pep talk you need. You’ve got this.

Even when it feels like you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, you’re trying, and you’re doing amazing. When you start to doubt that, take the time to pep yourself up. Really, truly pep yourself up. Call out your accomplishments. Honor your growth. Speak life into your legacy.

Parenting is tough, but you’ve got this.

Change Your Mindset

Your kiddo is pretty incredible, right? Pat yourself on the back. Seriously! You owe it to yourself to see the best in yourself, just as you see the best in your kids. You’ve done amazing. You’re doing amazing. You are amazing.

You’ve got this.

You don’t have to be perfect to hang the moon and stars. In your child’s eyes, you already have. Read that again. Believe it. To them, you’re enough. Though the days are long, and the nights can be endless, remember this: you’re bringing them through it all. You’re getting through it all.

The bar is set high, and the hurdles are unending, but you’ve got this.

Let go of the pressure to be everything possible to be enough for the tiny human(s) you call your own. You see, in their eyes, you already are. In a world that’s wildly imperfect, there isn’t another who could be a better fit for the one(s) who call you “mom” or “dad.”

It’s you. It’s always been you. You’ve got this.

You’re Doing Amazing

As parents, it’s easy to be hard on ourselves. We can be quick to question ourselves. We might even feel like we’re winging this whole parenting thing half the time, but we’re doing it. You’re doing it. And you’re doing amazing. There’s no other parent on the planet exactly like you. You’re capable, you’re seen, you’re valued, and you’re invaluable.

Mom or dad, I hope you’ll take the time to give yourself a parenting pep talk daily. At the very least, I hope you’ll take it from me.

You’ve got this.

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